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  1. This may have already been mentioned, but I do not see any Conquest products under the "reprint" filter in the "Upcoming" section on this site.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I almost went last year (for the first time), but it was my mother-in-law's 60th birthday party. This year I really hope to go. Between this, MoM 2nd Edition, and all the other great games, Arkham Nights will be a great time!
  3. I'm not sure I agree with your Luke example. To me, based on the rules, he failed because he was not experienced enough yet (he did not have enough Strength upgrades in the Move power to move something the size of a ship). He is able to move rocks and R2-D2. Not bad for a beginner, as earlier in the movie he was only able to move a lightsaber. I'm not trying to argue as each GM can do their own thing, but I'll run it like "taking 20", and if its a time issue, then something like Rakaydos' example.
  4. Thank you for confirming this for me. I'm hoping my session goes well.
  5. Thanks everyone. I was thinking time would be an issue, but its good to know that if time is no concern then let the PC's succeed at what they are attempting to do. I hate to say this, but its like "taking 20" in D&D 3.0.
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but my searching of the forum didn't return the results I was looking for. I'm running my first game next week and had a question regarding using the Force. I may have just missed it, but I couldn't see why a character couldn't keep attempting to roll a light side result for a test. For example, a character needs to reach something (out of their reach), and attempts to use the Move Force power. The first roll results in a dark side point. Couldn't the player attempt again (and again) until they get a light side result?
  7. I will be running my first game next week, and it will consist of one character using Edge of the Empire and two using Force and Destiny. I had a good grasp on how Obligation works, but with the mixed group, I'm a little unsure. I know the starting Obligation is 15 (per player and not taken in account for any +'s for XP/Credits) for a three party group, but I wouldn't include the characters that do not have Obligation. So would it look like this: EotE Character: 1-15 FaD Character 1: - FaD Character 2: - I would roll my d100, and if a 12 came up, then the Obligation would be triggered, and everyone would take the strain penalty. Can someone please confirm this for me?
  8. Thanks everyone for your input, all of it was valuable! I will go with the Beginner's Box. I was slightly leaning towards it cause the extra set of dice, if the GM adventure was superb to the Beginners Box, then I would have gone that way. Speaking of dice, is 3 sets enough for 4 players and myself?
  9. Since I'm still waiting on the core book, how is the adventure in there? I did see the follow-up adventure online, and was going to start reading it until I learned it was a follow-up. Based on everyone's comments, we have the Core book adventure + the GM Kit follow-up, and the Beginners Game adventure + the online follow-up. Are people opinion still the Beginners Game + the follow-up?
  10. I'm looking to start playing a Star Wars game with my group. I own Edge of the Empire (Core book, Beginners Set, and GM Kit), an additional pack of dice, and I'm waiting on my copy of Force and Destiny Core book to arrive. I was thinking of picking up either the Beginners set for F&D or the GM Kit, mostly for the module. I'm wondering which one has the better adventure inside. If both are good, I'll need to weigh out the other perks (i.e. another set of dice vs. another GM screen and the Knight fluff - don't recall exactly what it is, so I'll call it fluff).
  11. Yes, the sale is done, but it seems http://coolstuffinc.com/ is having a similar sale. Some items are already sold out, like the core book. I would have loved to get into this RPG, but I no longer have the time to commit to RPG's anymore. Its too bad I didn't know about this 10 years ago when I had all the time in the world.
  12. Jimson

    Start Time

    I'm also curious how late it goes, and what time the events are. I'm really interested in the Mountains of Madness preview event.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Next step, finding someone to play with me.
  14. Hey everyone. I'm looking at getting into Netrunner, but one thing through me off. I don't recall where I saw/read this, but do most players not include Ice Breakers in their deck? I think it was in a video on BoardGameGeek. If that is the case, it kind of puts me off. Not sure why though. Perhaps it's cards that are great for theme, but not for use?
  15. Some times its easier for me to read from an iPad, or a PC, like when there is a slow day at work.
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