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  1. Looking forward to this. I am beyond fashionably late at getting this game. I just picked up Doom: the boardgame, and Doom: the expansion both new and unopened. I originally passed when this game first came out figuring it was a cheap cash grab board game. Little did I know that it was actually very well developed. Thanks to BGG I hunted down the game thanks to some reviews and overviews of the mechanics. Anyways, I am collecting some scenarios and such and I must say yours seems to go the direction I would like things to go, and feels very official for me. I will be watching for your completed updates. Thanks.
  2. Coming from Warhammer 40k where you pay around $6 (or more) for little plasitic models you have to assemble, prime, paint, wash, sealcoat, and flock. This is a very attractive pricing. I will probably get the whole line after I get all the expansions. I've started with TRYING to hunt down a copy of Dunwich.
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