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  1. Kshatriya said: It's not going to be easy for the other players to confront the Librarian IC on this without metagaming (and I question the appropriateness of doing so OOC - the Librarian's PC may be playing his character true to form and that should not be discouraged). The other PCs would need Psyniscience and probably FL Psykers to know that some of the phenomena are "extreme (barring summoning a daemon). They'd need to know that the Librarian was taking risks above and beyond necessary. They'd need to know or suspect he was doing so intentionally, not that it was a normal byproduct of using powers. Or they'd need to consult with another Librarian about it. That's a lot of IC knowledge especially since most characters won't ever have Psyniscience or FL Psykers. I call shenanigans! you don't need to be a trained psyker to know that the pictures and statues crying blood is a really bad thing! And remember we are discussing the world of 40k here where just the suggestion of being corrupt can lead to serious censure. rest assured, marines have been there and done that so to speak and they would have a pretty good idea if every time said libby pulled out the emperor's tarot something spooky happened that the libby was a bit out of control.
  2. any chance you take on commission work? those are great!!
  3. Andhrimnr

    Group Sketch

    I sent you an email about possible commission work btw...
  4. I thought i was clearly saying that I found it to be too good... lol and i know it has a 75% chance , I wrote that in one of my posts already...
  5. Andhrimnr

    Group Sketch

    I was just gonna ask about commission work but I found it on your blog... nice work man!
  6. borithan said: Officially: Unlimited reloads unless the GM rules otherwise. The Devastator has one backpack load (200 rounds) but then can reload with normal magazines (60 rounds). Guidance given if wanting to have limits: Above mentioned rule of 3 (which was the suggestion for Rogue Trader). In my mind this will be fine for single session combat intensive mission (if we are presuming several hordes, which burn through ammo really quickly), a medium intensity 3 or 4 session mission, or any length of non-combat focussed mission. However, for any longer than that 3 is not enough (it was for Rogue Trader when you are usually doing compartively short expeditions between resupplies back on ship). We are doing a rather sustained (4 sessions and counting) Ork mission and I have used roughly a magazine per battle (of which there have been 3 so far). They also recommend that if you want to make people feel short of ammo maybe limit it to 2 magazines. Personally I would never load more than one magazine of the same type of ammo into a fire selector. It just feels... wrong to just use it prevent from having to reload, rather than just to use different types of ammunition. when you say "reload with normal magazines" do you mean regular bolter mags? I only ask because in the book it states the heavy bolter is a larger round...
  7. ItsUncertainWho said: Siranui said: /slap The Legions were broken down into Chapters, then each Chapter further broken down into Companies, etc. Go /slap yourself. Narkasis Broon said: Oh and one last thing, possibly as much as 4/5ths of the crusade fleets had no astartes presence at all, I'm sure for fleets like that a crack team of death commandos could prove useful This isn't a bad idea, and makes it a bit more feasible in the time frame. no the whole chapter thing started after Guilliman wrote the codex... a legion was a legion and it contained companies of marines. and the expeditionary fleets that had marines with them contained everybody (legion wise) except for whatever support and training staff left behind on whatever homeworld they had. hence all those dark angels getting butt hurt over being left behind. **** ultramarines ruined everything.. lol
  8. it's all covered in my edited above statement... you read it before i clarified my reasons
  9. I have indeed seen a claymore in person... and? it's huge and slow... c'mon seriously??? have you ever swung a sword? something that big having less of a penalty that a one handed sword is preposterous... sorry .... historically claymores were used to attack a mounted opponent , and they weren't all that sharp in real life. now ever guy in a plaid mini skirt thinks he's got excalibur there in his hands... we could debate that all day and still not get anywhere.. but.... I guess my issue goes back to every other gaming system I have ever used where big ass butter knives were slow and your initiative suffered... that part will take some getting used to. I know the deal with the power sword having deeper penetration , but all that aside you are still gonna sit there and try to tell me that a 2m long piece of "steel" with nothing special going on for it could potentially harm a guy more than a powered sword that just smacking it against somebody else sword gives you a 75% chance of breaking it?? trust me , I know the perils of the whole rolling horrid thing... I just think they went a little overboard with the whole braveheart thing here... in the original rules posted for the sample adventures it played as a "two handed combat knife doing +4 dmg" I have read almost every book BL has put out and most of the time , hugely muscled orks with big ass cleavers have their stuff clatter off of the armor in the first place. I know some of this is for narrative effect , but seriously. I guess at the end of the day I just wont be happy since I have to suffer through a new chapter when there were so many established chapters already to develop and we don't get. lol anyway , thanks for the debate... I just really needed to vent
  10. and by regular sword I mean the goofy ass SACRIS CLAYMORE...
  11. a power sword does less damage than a regular sword simply because it's not as long and heavy?? oh yeah and said long ass sword is faster to use than a power sword as well??? I admit I completely skipped the whole STORM WARDENS section until recently , because I thought the whole braveheart thing was well over rated to begin with , but come on now... that's just ridiculous... did I miss a retraction in the errata or something?
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