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  1. I'm pretty sure it's 1 Advancement for each unfulfilled career advancement, +1 advancement to make the transition. So if you're changing careers and have 5 unused advancement slots, it'd cost you 6 to pick up a new career. 5 for a Reiklander. I THINK
  2. ezeqiel said: Hey Pevs86, Did you contact Blue Boar Games and confirm that they have a copy (or more!) in stock? I found a couple of online retailers who each list the game as in stock and available on the website, but when contacted directly they've advised me that they did not have the item in stock but that the way they worked was that they would take the order, source it from elsewhere (probably a suppliers) and then send it on to me. This method would obviously be open to any delays applicable to sourcing the game in question... for games still in production/print any delay is probably quite minor, but for what I've so far found to be a notoriously hard to come by game, would expect A Game of Thrones BG delays to be quite lenghty! I wasn't prepared to place an order and pay for something that may end up never being sourced - I'm not sure Blue Boar Games was one of the companies I contacted, as I deleted all my responses in frustration! If you have any more luck than me, then let me know as I have long been after a copy of this game. I'm hopeful that FFG will use their heads and coincide a reprint & release cin and around the HBO show airing this year, it makes sense right? I'd hope and pray they have it out before HBO start airing the show, it'd be a huge missed opportunity if they didn't! I haven't received my copy yet, so I'm guessing the website was lying I was emailed yesterday saying my order was "now being processed" - so maybe they've gotten their hands on one from somewhere JUST to accomodate my order, or gotten a new shipment in I don't know - but it may be worth emailing them sooner rather than later, just incase!
  3. ezeqiel said: Hey there Pevs86, where have you been able to order it in the UK and is it confirmed as in stock? I've been looking for almost 2 months for a copy of the game, but bar 1 copy that I found on ebay (and missed out on) I've not seen it anywhere else that actually has it in stock. Would love to have a version of the game prior to the premiere of the HBO series coming up in April Hi Ezeqiel! It did take some searching, but I ended up getting it from Blue Boar Games - looks like they have stock I saw a copy on eBay for $431.00, which I assumed was a typo but still...!
  4. Cheers Grafik, I have just ordered it! Not many places have it in the UK it seems... which is a shame. Also read that PBEM is an option, which is great!
  5. Hi guys, I recently bought the AGoT LCG, as a fan of the books I loved it... but much to my amazement so did my friends who had never read the books, which was a result Anyway, pressure was on for a board game and obviously I came straight here for some advice. Firstly, how playable is it with 3 players? I want to get my moneys worth (cheapest I've found in the UK is £50, after delivery) and obviously it's much easier to gather 2 friends than 4. Secondly, is it fine to play without the expansion packs? I've read several posts about adapted rules that make the game more interesting, but from what I gather most require one of the expansion packs. *If* I can get my friends playing frequently, obviously I'll pick one or both of the expansions up, but I just want to make sure that the standard game is going to intoxicate them Lastly, relating to tweaked rules, is there some resource website with these listed? Or are they in the manual/FAQ? I haven't looked very hard yet as I obviously don't know how the standard game works, but I'd like to be able to meet and complaints with "Ah, but we can always use "X" rules!" Any help appreciated, cheers!
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