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  1. Sjapie, if I'm seeying well the cards are sleeved. Great job, of course. I'll do something inspired on it soon!
  2. I like ambient dark or black metal, like Alerseeleen, Arcturus (match perfect to me), Jesu, maybe Corvus Corax (eletronic mixed with medieval compositions), to the baroque setting of The Emperium i like Jordi Savall, real baroque, the soundtrack of The Mission film, can be nice for a religious and sad climax, like the film. on Youtube
  3. Corvus Corax match very well, and i likethis band a lot, but i like Arcturus a lot for Stellar Travel sessions, frenetic and very dark.
  4. First, if my english becomes terrible, is because I'm brazilian, and is aquite hard to write in english ^___^ Well, I have the same problems with the FFG char-sheet,and because that I having worked in one char-sheet black & white, clean style just like the 2 pages char-sheet of Dark Heresy, print friendly it totally re-designed. And, because I like the a lot the Origen Path, I included one Background page, so the sheet is goin to 4 pages... : but I trying to down the number u____u tomorrow I'll put my finished work here (I can do it here, right?) , today I just have my NPC sheet to share :
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