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  1. It is a bit annoying, but we just always assume a boss has two phases. Its usually pretty obvious due to how frail their stats are.
  2. At the end of the day, the miniatures are just for quality of life. For some, myself included, the idea of using a barbarian as the big bad is so comical and cheap I would sooner proxy something cool, or in this case have a special model for him. The real value are the cards included in the set which isn't a tremendous amount but for a dedicated fan will still be worth it. It's definitely not the highest value product though.
  3. Theres no guarantee the games ending forever, and they regularly do reprints.
  4. I've long been saying how insane it would be for them to not at least bring it back when the Amazon series airs, we've seen with the Witcher the amount of profit that can be generated by a mainstream series drawing attention to a property. To a somewhat lesser extent, Journeys in Middle Earth also seems to be a focus of theirs, drawing attention to not only LOTR properties of theirs, but even their invented characters. I just don't see how or why they'd stop the LCG forever under such circumstances.
  5. Really good examples above ^ though I will say I believe those dale characters(at least brand), were announced to be NPC's in the DLC expansion thats coming out so we won't get them, same for Thranduil. Eowyn is a no brainer since she's iconic, they loved her in the LCG, and she's a canon female character. Boromir is high up on my list, as well as Theoden, though I could see them saving him as a non player character. Treebeard or any ent are very cool ideas, would be great to see down the road as a big shake up and would go a long way in preventing overly similar heroes. In the same vein, though I stronggggly doubt it would happen, they could take a page out of the LCG and give an unexpected Saruman/Grima heroes. While this wouldn't be likely unless the game gets a lot of expansions, it could easily open the door to fascinating and mechanics that would really break the mold even more than ent heroes, such as harming yourself/allies for gain much like the LCG "doomed" keyword. I think its great they are adding more merit to races and the synergies present there, so more hobbits are a no brainer, as well as inevitable considering how many of them there are among the main characters.
  6. These look great, I modeled my Shadow men on yours though I lightened them a bit. Also went with that look for Arwen since I think your more elegant/noble look is a lot better than the herbalist/wanderer look the card/people in general seem to go for.
  7. Not sure if it is a general bug that can happen or it is specific to the beginning of chapter 5, but upon beginning the chapter, all that happened was the starting tile was displayed as dropping and nothing else. The only option that could be selected was to end the turn, which did not result in our heroes being placed or any more tiles being placed, but instead just raised threat and spawned enemies. Upon closing and trying to reload the app would just crash. Really unfortunate to see a bug of this scope, especially a little ways into the campaign.
  8. Yikes, how bad are the bugs? Game breaking or just annoying? Exactly. Even with painting the base game, and not playing super frequently in the interest of maximizing the number of players, I had played Bones of Arnor several times. In the long term, with a lot of expansions sure the original campaigns will be altered a good deal due to new enemies, possibly new events on the app, and new options for building your team to make them worth replaying- But in an ideal world the first time tackling a campaign would be the most epic.
  9. Really a shame they decided to go this route again. While I liked the villain packs, its really annoying that if you're an excited player you will have already played the content thoroughly before you get the "proper" models. I wish they either packaged the models with the big box, or released them at the same time. The cards that come with them would be fine to release as a expansion to string together the big box expansions, but I think this release strategy is just baffling.
  10. I will say nightmare mode fixes quite a few of the say/meh quests
  11. I think this pack is totally fine, the disappointment people feel probably is mostly because this could potentially be the final AP ever which is a lot to live up to and the first thing we see is that Aragorn.. Which is a totally welcome and serviceable Aragorn- It just doesn't "wow" at all and has tragically poor art. I think if this was released in a different AP or had epic art in this one, people wouldn't be so down on it. I am hoping that a promo or quality alter pops up on the market at some point for sure. The contract seems pretty interesting/Strong, albeit with obvious drawbacks but also a lot of possibilities. Not only does your board state start off stronger but you are getting more mana(admittedly not color matching mana) so you can churn out a lot of board presence easily, either small and cheap allys or using cards like a good harvest to boost out bigger guys. Also anything that benefits from multiple things that share types etc. is great here, not to mention valor action decks. Haleth seems awesome- as good as the master of the forge is, I think I might like a beefier version of him with some relevant types/stats- Also a very intriguing choice for messenger of kings Westfold Lancer isn't that good in general, but with Theodens discount, and more importantly Lothriel cheating him in, he is quite strong IMO Misty mountain Journeyman is really solid for relevant decks Thorongil has a lot of possibilities that I haven't considered once you factor in messenger of kings, but immediately loreagorn and Eowyn stand out as powerful targets. I think one of the more interesting ways of playing this will be to have multiple heroes that could benefit from it, thus having it be a toolbox of sorts, for example if you draw it on the cusp of threating out, get loreagorn to save you, if you get it early on, put it on Arwen, if you are fighting a tough enemy put it on Eowyn, etc.- I'd bet there are far more interesting uses but those blunt ones come to mind. Not sure I like tireless thoroughbred but there are a lot of warrior characters in the game. This is probably the dud of the set for me, but perhaps I am undervaluing how nice it will be to have in four player games where those keywords value is higher. Shining shield isn't flashy, but I like it. Dunedain Warning is an incredible card, and while this is obviously more narrow, it has the upside of having the ability to be twice as potent. Its niche, but not bad by any means. Knowledge of the enemy is a bit weird since you can only use it during the planning phase, but it has an insane ceiling and could be quite interesting in Dunedain decks and the like. Woodman lore is not something I expected, but I dig it. It will often be 1 mana to untapped your board, more or less, and its even more appealing with Haleth being added to the game. Perhaps I am overvaluing it from how powerful other mass-readying cards can be A desperate path is insanely powerful, but obviously a double edged sword. It really comes down to how devastating the encounters treacheries are. For example it would be totally not viable vs. battle of Carin dum, but in some cases keeping a board combat ready and getting a boost to quest will far outweigh the average treachery. I like that, by design, its an "oh crap" button, which might sometimes be worth pressing even vs. harsh encounter decks if you're on a turn you'll lose anyways. All in all its a good and exciting pack, but naturally I too would prefer seeing more, which I hope we get when the LOTR amazon series airs and they have the sense to ride the hype wave. We shall see
  12. I would be shocked if they don't release some kind of products consistently coinciding with the amazon LOTR series tbh. Just such a massive waste, look at how immense of a boost The Witcher 3 got to sales from the Netflix show.
  13. Question thats a bit off topic- I saw that you had some amazing proxies for messenger of king ally to hero upgrades, however theres some typos. Would you be interested in me combing over and compiling a list of those for you or is that project behind you? Incredible stuff btw, I need to upgrade my printer so I can print and play.
  14. Brilliant idea. I think this game has so much to enjoy for both hardcore players who love challenge and deck building, as well as a much more casual audience, so its a great idea to bring those two sides together. Hope its a success!
  15. I suspect that the Thane will be possessed by Sauron/channel his power or something to that effect. All I hope is that it matches how awesome of a quest temple of doom was.
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