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  1. Played three games tonight and it was never clear what they are actually used for?
  2. How do starks not start with an illegal area? they have one more army than they are allowed if ships are an army as well.
  3. Do routed units ever stand again? It doesn't mention this in the book at all. Furthermore do boats become routed and do they count towards supply? If they do, Starks start with an illegal army size.
  4. From the description it says it adds some expansion components like ports, which I know are in a clash of kings. Does this make that expansion or both obsolete?
  5. Wow ok! Thanks a lot, I was wondering what was up!
  6. I noticed with my Lurker at the threshold expansion, the cards have a symbol on the cards to differentiate them. But my KIY has no marks, why is this? Seems like it will be a pain to separate the cards... Or am I just missing some subtle marker?
  7. With the shadowy figure, does he ALWAYS move to the nearest clue? Meaning does he completely disregard how far it is ect?
  8. My gaming circle just made pretty easy work of Nyarlathotep and his minions. Is cthullu the hardest ancient one in the base Arkham horror? We have the king in yellow and were wondering how long it would be we are ready to implement this. what is the order of difficulty for expansions easiest to hardest?
  9. Hello everyone, my friend originally got this game thinking it came with 16 pre painted minis(oh how wrong) to use for customs in Heroscape, but when we discovered it in fact was cardboard we tried the game out. And wow I definitely love it, it's strategic, challenging, and team oriented. But when playing a few questions came up, both with concrete answers, and without. 1. We were fighting Ithaqua, who may discard items. Is discarding considered different than losing? Would having an item which can't be lost or stolen not be able to be destroyed? 2. We were playing a two player game in which it became quickly apparent we were not going to win and would have to fight Ithaqua. It became kind of awkward as I felt I had little goal all of a sudden. What should usually be done in this case? Neglect the gates and try to obtain spells/items? Just try not to be damaged? 3. Everything but Lore and luck is fairly easy to decide, in what cases should I balance these? Should I only focus on lore when I am about to close a gate, assuming I have higher Lore than Fight? 4. Game is great, we already picked up the King in Yellow. How much harder than this than a normal game vs. Ithaqua for example? And what other expansions are good for future consideration.
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