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  1. I like this game, but I've said this about every FFG game, the small cards are a really bad idea. I know I'm not alone on this. For people like me with large hands (I need custom made gloves) and dealing with these small cards is difficult, at best. I really wish they would make them standard playing card size. This would also allow for larger print, which would be nice since at my age I now need cheaters to be able to read anything and tiny print is very difficult. I really wish FFG would consider using larger cards.
  2. I've always believed that Rule of 6 should apply to everything. This easily solves any infinite loop problem and doesn't change the game in any major way.
  3. Does the Rule of Six apply to this card? I know there is one where it doesn't an forget which one you said it was.
  4. I owned a store when MtG came out. We did a lot of play testing for a number of companies inclding Decipher, Steve JAckson and Chaosium. MtG was king but Star Wars was a strong #2 and Jyhad/VtES #3. The original L5R was very strong as well as Star Trek, X-Files and Highlander. Mythos. Dune and Guardians also got a lot of play. I still have all the beta and playtest decks in storage. If someone was going to unseat MtG, this would have been the time to do it.
  5. There were three maverick cards that turned up during the launch event I ran. They are the only ones I've seen so far.
  6. 10Ten, This is how he operates and once he gets called out on his BS, he goes and cries to the mods.
  7. They really aren't that rare. A guy I know has gotten two and we had 4 turn up at the launch event. I go to three differing gaming stores to play games and each has at two or three players with a horseman deck.
  8. Power is equal to health, so if power goes to zero, the creature is destroyed.
  9. It can, and is, referring to the active player. It doesn't say "owner of the card may". The logic isn't obvious, but it's there.
  10. ahh, I missed that. Thanks!
  11. You would be doing your players a disservice if you do that because they will not be ready for major tournaments, if that is their intent. I know I'd be unhappy to find out I had been playing under "house" rules and never true tournament rules.
  12. Why? Rule of Six is the exception to the Golden Rule. This is from the rule book: THE RULE OF SIX Occasionally, a situation may emerge in which, through a combination of abilities, the same card may be played or used repeatedly during the same turn. A player cannot play and/or use the same card and/or other copies of that card (by title) more than six times during a given turn.
  13. That is something that is done as a result of rule or game outcome. It's not done like that every single time you use it. It's like asking the asking the dictionary to become a book that is written in legalese. The part of the tournament guide that states "...are resistant to accidental modification..." should have ended this discussion, because there is no arguing that a spin-down cannot be accidentally modified. Doesn't matter if it's technically die or not, it can be accidentally modified, thus it cannot be used.
  14. from the dictionary die (noun) an item marked on each face with numbers or symbols and used in various games and in gambling by being shaken and thrown to come to rest at random on a flat surface. Your spin-down meets the definition of a die. Now admit you are wrong.
  15. And I dare you to come to a tournament I'm running and try to pass off this line of BS. You'd be out the door in with your third objection. I don't put up with wannabe lawyers types that don't listen to reason, and you are definitely one of them. What's really pathetic about your post is your need to make claims about accolades. Guess who's actually looking for praise and recognition? As I said, grow up, be a man and admit you are wrong. It won't be the end of the world for you.
  16. Once again, pot....meet kettle. Take your advice. It's just a game. Negative assumptions? Casting aspersions? It's called describing accurately both you and what you are doing carrying on this losing argument. As I said, man up and admit you are wrong. People would actually respect that.
  17. A load die that is weighted to come up a certain number is still a die. Once again, you prove to have faulty logic. Seriously, give it up. Be an adult and just admit you are wrong.
  18. Pot.....meet kettle. You really are clueless.
  19. lol, grow up little boy, and learn to deal with criticism that is warranted. You've earned every bit in this thread. If I was a baby like you, I'd probably report you for being toxic because of your unwarranted, stubborn stance on dice and what they are. *smdh*
  20. Awwwwww...don't like your flaws being exposed? Then don't make ridiculous posts. Keep making them, I'll keep exposing them. Likewise, you can ignore me if you don't like reading about your flaws. Your advice works both ways.
  21. Hammers are not designed or intended to be murder weapons, but they can still be used as one. Your logic is flawed, as is most of your arguments.
  22. Nothing rare about horsemen decks. WE had a our launch tournament today (SAt) and 3 people got them. Only friend of mine had bout 10 decks and 4. It's a cool theme, but it's not rare or any good. We did have two players get Maverick cards. That's far more impressive.
  23. Given all the other posts I've read from you, you come across as a person who has nothing better to do than nit pick rules and make things more complicated than they need to be. That, and you really do need to stop trying to force MtG nonse upon this game. Go play that game if that's what you like so much.
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