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  1. I thought I had heard of all the strange marketing strategies I could ever imagine with Wizards of the Coast and their latest D&D products. But I see that man is indeed an animal that trips twice on the same stone. I guess FFG has made some research on what kind of people would buy this, but I can't see it.
  2. I was eagerly waiting for this game, along with the other SW releases from FFG, but my disappointment only grew as news came out. I first took a glimpse at the rules and found out that they were rather easy and that the game would be fast paced. I hadn't set my hands on Wings of War and thought this could be a great addition to my game shelf, being also a major SW fan. However, when I realized that there were only 3 miniatures in each core set, hand-painted or not, my high spirits fell to the bottom. Three miniatures, even with different pilots meant few different scenarios. If you take that and then see the price of the core set, 40$ the result is total catastrophe. Too much money for what is inside, and spending that money would only result in spending more money in expansions.
  3. Well, according to the google-translated interview, the german page is going to have a solo scenario. So I guess the solitarie potential is there. Still, there is not much info on this game to have a clear idea of what it's really going to be.
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