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  1. so for ships the Imperials need the Vindicator Class ( which the Interdictor was of the many variants built from this frame) the Rebels need the Dreadnought Class ( which the MK I & MK II Assault Frigates were converted from). the Dreadnoughts could also be the 1st multi faction release as they were part of the GAR at the end of the Clone Wars. as for squadrons the Empire could receive 2x Tie Striker, 2x Tie Reaper, 2x Delta class shuttle t-3c, 2x Zeta Class Transports. the Rebel squadrons could be 2(or 3)x U-wing, 1 (?)x X-wing (blue Squadron), 1(?)x Y-wing (Green Squadron), 1(?) a- wing (phoenix Squadron). sooner or later the MC75
  2. Well let's see. in the original cannon (which is now "Legends") the Quasar Fire bulk cruisers were used as Escort Carriers. The Flurry was in "The Truce at Bakura" which took place immediately after the Battle of Endor. So I do not have a problem with cross faction ships but there use should be agreed upon by both sides, of course FFG could release the Corporate Sector or Mining Guild factions which would allow them to create cross faction cards so that we have official versions to use. A Lothal Campaign set could have a single cross faction Quasar Fire in it for the Rebels.
  3. so is there a 3 meat upgrade or is it only a cheese MK I and pepperoni MK II (yes I had to go there).
  4. your braver souls than I am, don't trust myself on a bike let alone my mini's.
  5. call it what you will. I was not making an argument I was just pointing out the fact that Mel has it available. as for it being difficult to get someone to play with unofficial stuff. who says it will be any easier with an official one. the ship will be expensive to field and the Rebels will have to take a massive force to bring her Down which will discourage most people from playing against it ( not to mention the fact it will probably never be allowed in tournament play official or otherwise) . Nice Nemechian though.
  6. maybe it's an I wing Class Gunship or Gunboat ( just spit balling here).
  7. As much as I want the SSD the ship as far as I can tell has yet to appear in the RPG ( although I do not own all the RPG books). to date the largest Imperial Starship to see Rpg stats is the Praetor II class . Assuming that SWM20 being missing is not just an oversight then it could be a Praetor class ship (which are Cannon. the Shield generator on hoth is from a Praetor). as for Epic scale, I Do not see a need for it. no matter how you stat the SSD their will be players who are unhappy with her. since there were only 13 of them and no one has anything cannon to date to match her size and firepower I can't see creating a new set of rules and a new scale for a "one Off" ship class. it would be easier to modify the ship card for 6 facing, add a rules mod for there firing Arc;s and add a couple of Defense tokens and A.S. dice. now I think we can all agree that we all want what's best for the game right? so if you can't wait for the SSD order one from Mel and Create your own stats or print some from KDY Shipyard. for that matter there are ship cards in the SSD threads that might satisfy you. as for Beatty, well he's just voicing what a lot of us are thinking but do not want to say so try not to take offence. some one has to be the Devil's advocate while we all dream big. in this case that's Beatty.
  8. I saw Star Wars at a drive in the Summer of 77 for my 12th birthday ( yes I am older than dirt).
  9. what did you use for stats for your Venator ?
  10. nice work. have you used them yet ?
  11. according to the novelization of the BSG pilot (Saga of a Star World) the last battlestar Destroyed near Cimtar Was the battlestar Solaria.
  12. according to ILM (or as I like to call them I love money) the SSD model is 282cm in length. from what I read on StarWars.com the Brass ISD makes the SSD's length at 13,569 if I remember correctly. as for the beer for Beatty i'm in the Pacific NW so I could honor that.
  13. as long as it is done right and works as intended i will wait as long as it takes,
  14. i don't want them to rush out a big E expansion either at the risk of killing the game.
  15. i would love to send the Death squadron against a rebel armada. have a rebel wolf pack hunt a lone SSD or play out the battle of Endor. which is part of the reason i still have both my SSD's from that other game. do i think we need an Epic Scale game? no i don't, there are very few ships in star wars that are this size ( Executer only had 12 sisters) and i believe the game can handle these ships as is. to me the question is one of how much hull, firepower etc... i love the Inexorable and while she is not meant to be Big E i believe that she could be one of the Asserter Class Dreadnoughts and that the Bellator on down could be set between there and the ISD.
  16. well i thought this was an open discussion and i was voicing how i felt about an old tired argument . you among others have repeatedly objected to this ship on the basis of scale. that has been your only argument (as far as I can remember without going back thru the older threads). we are all well aware of yours and others who agree with you on how you feel about this. I will always welcome open discussion about the SSD or anything else where this game is concerned. FFG either will make this ship or they won't and they will not be Strong armed into do it by any of us here on the forum. as I said I am tired of those who oppose it using the "Scale" argument for their justification. this point has been made by several already. if that's how you feel than feel free to voice it. i am simply stating that i am tired of hearing this same thing over and over again. if the only reason for it not to be done is scale then i believe it is only a matter of time before it is released. i'm not here to just ignore your opinion and claim that mine is the only valid one or to convince you that your wrong and i'm right.. i am a diehard fan of this game (which i have made a substantial investment in) who wishes to see it continue to be successful and grow so that i may enjoy playing it for a very long time. so please everyone discuss away.
  17. if your only reason for not wanting the SSD is one of scale that's fine. don't buy one. there are plenty of us that do want one, and I for one am tired of reading the same old argument about scale. It has been beaten like a dead horse. if this seems harsh then I am sorry. it is not intended to be but I am wary of the same old reason for not doing it being scale.
  18. X wing and Armada would work well for a B5 setting. I suppose if you wanted to use one of the many B5 Star maps out there you could possibly use Rebellion (not sure though since I have yet to play Rebellion).
  19. I was so looking forward to the Clone wars. maybe it is time for some of us to pick up where you have left off.
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