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  1. there are 2 new Cylon ships. the Phobos is a nastier version of the Nemesis. The Cerastes is a viper killing Destroyer. the Colonials Received the Berzerk class Assault Carrier and the Janus class Heavy Cruiser. space dock did a proving ground video for all 4 of them. I'm hoping someone will create these ships on shapeways so I can play on something other than my PS4.
  2. 2pm Friday in 3d thanks to my wife, i.m currently driving everyone here nuts with Rudolph and star wars ,
  3. lets see I have for the Rebels: 4xCR90, 4xNebulon B, 2xPelta, 1xGR75 flotilla, 3xMC30, 2xMC80L, 2xMC80H1, 2xHammerhead For the Empire I have: 2xRaider, 1xGozanti flotilla, 3xGladiator, 2xInterdictor, 3xVictory, 2xISD, 3x Arqutiens I will eventually purchase another Rouge & villain ( I have 1 ) and either a couple of more Squadron packs for both sides ( or just the squads I need from them). currently I only plan on buying 1 Chimaera and 1 MC75.
  4. before I forget I just received my TOS Vipers and TOS Raiders last night . THEY ARE AWESOME! I will have to order more soon!
  5. if I may suggest Mel, the wider one is The Executor and the narrower one if you shorten it a bit could be the Assertor Class.
  6. this scale issue keeps coming up. does the CR-90 fit into the docking bay of the ISD mini? yet everyone still use's them. the problem is not one of scale. the problem is how do you properly stat the ship. something this massive carries a lot of firepower. how do we do it justice?
  7. the AF Mk II, that ship just seems "Wrong" to me. I don't like the solar panels on the Raider class and I agree that they try to be a Jack of all trades and ended up a master of none. FFG should either release new mission specific type ( along the lines of the ISD refits) or give us the Lancer, Broadside, etc...(preferred) to meet our needs.
  8. I would love to see the clone wars ships included. does anyone know how well received the ARC-170 was in X wing? if it is selling well then there is hope for CW era Armada ships. if not then it will be hard to convince FFG to make something they believe will not sell well.
  9. "Darth Mouse" will have to forgive me for this but they need to open their eyes and see how much money they are leaving on the table by not doing CW Era . there are multiple waves worth of ships that could be released. As for episode 7 and beyond. whether you like it or don't sooner or later Darth Mouse will be producing them for your pleasure (or torment). I hope they will flesh out the FO era more before this happens. in the mean time FFG could ( and I believe should) be looking for other settings ( WWI & II ,modern and age of sail naval games. other space settings like Halo, BSG, B 5, Twilight Imperium or a setting created from scratch).
  10. while there were only 13 SSD's According to (new ) cannon I would like one so that I can play out The battles of Hoth and Endor from start to finish. with the pending release of SW: Legion all I need is an SSD. while I would prefer an "Official" one I guess I should start stashing money for one from Mel.
  11. not every one has Saturday and Sunday as their weekend. scheduling Tournaments for Saturday / Sunday only leaves a lot of people unable to attend let alone compete,
  12. well I would prefer to wait until episode IX for the FO era. there is still allot of GCW out there, along with CW era. FO needs a little more fleshing out. then there's the rumors of episode's X-XII. there are plenty of factions in GCW ( Hutts, CSA, Zann consortium, Black Sun, etc..) that can be fleshed out if Disney would stop Retconing everything.
  13. I have been waiting for a large scale Ground combat game also. that's the main reason I have not played IA yet. if they should do a Sequel starter for Armada I would think we will be teased about it until the Last Jedi release's. although I could be wrong.
  14. I'm sure they are. mainly because they can't use their IA mini's with Legion. Since I have yet to see anything from FFG about scale yet they need to just breathe and wait and see like the rest of us. as for the play tester comment if that is true than we may have a New Starter set coming. if that's the case I am hoping for clone wars. if they are working on "Epic Play" then the clone wars are a good resource for the Rebels to obtain ships that might last more than 2 minutes against Big E and her sisters.
  15. so if you take the moore verse. the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock will have at least 8 ships and 4 squadrons while the Cylons will have at least 6 ships and 3 squadrons. this game is set 4 years into the war. I would think this would be a good start for a game.
  16. spacedock has dome a proving ground video for the Manticore fast attack corvette as a promo for Deadlock.
  17. thank you Grand Admiral Crunch.
  18. above Scarif as the zeta class shuttle SW0608 descends through the shield gate there is what appears to be a larger version with 8 wings. anyone know what type of ship that is ?
  19. I do not believe we will see Sequel trilogy ships before summer 2018. there is just not enough of them revealed yet. we are still waiting for stuff from the original trilogy: Marauder class Corvette DP-20 class Corellian Gunship Dreadnought class Heavy Cruiser Strike Class Cruiser Assault Frigate Mk I Vindicator class (SD) Heavy Cruiser (Interdictor uses this Space Frame) Tector class Star Destroyer (Imperial class Variant) Broadside class (use's the Gladiator Space Frame) etc.... then there's the Prequel Trilogy (Venator Class, etc...) and for those of you who don't like squadrons. I am sorry but there will be more coming. I do not see them running out of option for ships anytime soon. to me the question is how many ships per wave and how many wave's a year.
  20. a Lothal campaign with the chance to capture a Quasar Fire over Ryloth. a Scarif campaign which introduces planetary shield and infantry combat ( along with a tie in for X wing. yes I know i'm dreaming) a Hoth Campaign with planetary blockade, planetary ion cannons, and a ground base assault which could coincide with the Release of The EXECUTOR Star Dreadnought ( if your going to dream, DREAM HUGE!).
  21. considering we got squadrons in wave 1 & 5 I could see them turning up in wave 9. i'm guessing a wave 7 announcement in august with a release sometime around the release of the last jedi in theaters. as for the wave 7 release: the Empire: Vindicator Class I and II Dreadnought Class or Gozanti Flotilla 2 (scout/comm & transport) The Rebellion: Dreadnought Class DP-20 Flotilla (Gunship & scout/raider) (3rd faction: Dreadnought Class) (Marauder Class Corvette (strike & missile) (DP-20 Flotilla [gunship & raider]) the 3rd faction is just wishful thinking.
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