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  1. solaria

    Any bets.

    any one else have the sinking feeling that FFG will announce Armada Second edition at Gen con. first Legion comes out with force abilities and now X wing. It would not surprise me to see an announcement at Gen Con for a Q4 2.0 starter, conversion kits and expansions for the Holidays.
  2. solaria

    If games went up to 600 points....

    Hmm, 600 points. If I'm playing the Empire its 3 ISD with support.
  3. solaria

    Why only 2?

    flotilla spam is a "Rules Lawyers" way to play. they don't require allot of skill or thought to use. combat fleets are not a Hodgepodge of whatever is handy at the time.
  4. looking forward to this and the Alpha strike: Commanders edition. then there's Ilclan.
  5. solaria

    rules reference

    am I the only one who's core set did not come with the rules reference book?
  6. solaria


    Played a Demo Game at Zulu's board game café in Bothell, WA today. even though I lost I was ready to play again right after. we used 2 starter sets. 2 speeder bikes and 2 squads of Storm Troopers vs 2 Rebel Squads and 1 AT RT. we skipped using Vader and Luke to keep it simple and because even with 2 starters there was not enough dice for some of what they could do. so I suggest you have 9 of each Dice ( 1starter and 2 dice packs or 2 starters and 1 dice pack).
  7. solaria

    What would you like to see in the future

    so many good idea's. a campaign book along the following lines, example: Battle of Endor Legion scenario: Battle of the Shield generator Imperial Assault scenario's: Destroy the Generator controls, Battle in the Throne room. X wing: Ground support, Fleet support Armada: Assault on DS2, Fleet Action at Endor Clone Wars Era Please.
  8. solaria

    BattleStar Galactica

    sorry, I have no pictures yet, I bought BSG 78 viper and raiders to go with my 3 x 7+ inch TOS Battlestars ( Galactica , Pegasus & Prometheus) and 3 x TOS Basestars. I am working on stats for these and for the BSG Deadlock Ships.
  9. solaria

    BattleStar Galactica

    I get mine from Mel. They are FANTASTIC!
  10. solaria

    Happy New Wave friday

    good hunting !
  11. solaria

    Dear FFG

    the Big surprise? probably a new edition which updates everything and provides a way to use this games version of "Huge ships". most likely set in the sequel trilogy. I would prefer a new campaign system that covers from Lothal to Jakku and gives us a decent frame work to use to create our own campaigns.
  12. solaria

    My oldest son just popped the question!

  13. solaria

    What will Wave 8 bring?

    for the Empire I would like: Tector class ISD, Vindicator Class Cruiser, Acclamator Class Assault Ship, Venator Class Attack Cruiser, For the Rebels I would like: DP-20 Gunship, Marauder Class Corvette, Dreadnought Class Heavy Cruiser, Wingless Liberty MC80L that's just off the top of my head.
  14. solaria

    If the rebels get's another medium ship?

    The Dreadnought Class.