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  1. Happy New Wave friday

    good hunting !
  2. Dear FFG

    the Big surprise? probably a new edition which updates everything and provides a way to use this games version of "Huge ships". most likely set in the sequel trilogy. I would prefer a new campaign system that covers from Lothal to Jakku and gives us a decent frame work to use to create our own campaigns.
  3. My oldest son just popped the question!

  4. What will Wave 8 bring?

    for the Empire I would like: Tector class ISD, Vindicator Class Cruiser, Acclamator Class Assault Ship, Venator Class Attack Cruiser, For the Rebels I would like: DP-20 Gunship, Marauder Class Corvette, Dreadnought Class Heavy Cruiser, Wingless Liberty MC80L that's just off the top of my head.
  5. If the rebels get's another medium ship?

    The Dreadnought Class.
  6. If the empire get's another small ship?

    refits for the Arquitens or a successor class. the Tartan and the Broadside maybe. the Empire wasn't big on small based ships.
  7. Buying Two or More Chimaera Expansions?

    I'm only buying 1 at this time. When I can obtain an SSD I will look into 3 more ISD's for the Death Squadron/ 7th Fleet. if we had a Hoth/lothal - Atollon Campaign or something that would justify having more than 3 who knows?
  8. Chimaera Unboxing

    I don't know who is drooling more. Me or my wife!
  9. Wave 7 - What remains Unspoiled

    and as of yesterday they are on the Boat. hopefully we can have them by my wedding anniversary (2/23) so I can have my wife get them for me as a gift. anyone have any idea what Sovereign can do?
  10. the Artemis class is their representation of the 78 Battlestars. there is a proving ground video for them.
  11. there are 2 new Cylon ships. the Phobos is a nastier version of the Nemesis. The Cerastes is a viper killing Destroyer. the Colonials Received the Berzerk class Assault Carrier and the Janus class Heavy Cruiser. space dock did a proving ground video for all 4 of them. I'm hoping someone will create these ships on shapeways so I can play on something other than my PS4.
  12. 2pm Friday in 3d thanks to my wife, i.m currently driving everyone here nuts with Rudolph and star wars ,