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  1. So I just want to make sure I am understanding the app correctly. Even though I include all my expansions from 1st edition as "enabled" there are currently only 6 scenarios available? (There were 4 until the update today... which adds 2). Is this correct? If so - how often are you guys at FF looking at adding scenarios? We absolutely LOVE this game and the integration with the app is flawlessly done. Would love for more variety of missions... As a player I am even willing to purchase DLC for more missions. Thanks!
  2. This is actually a really great idea for the smaller boxes!
  3. Thanks for the information folks. Ordered all 10 of the deluxe expansions... I'll pick up Asylum packs as I can.
  4. I'm using a plano box to contain all my tokens and bits - the cards I am currently keeping separate in bags. It all fits in the box, though the lid doesn't close completely. But it makes set up quite a bit faster.
  5. Since the game is coming to an end - I am thinking of scooping up as much as I can but I am confused. Deluxe Expansions and Asylum packs are two entirely different things right? Deluxe expansions don't just contain reprints of the Asylum pack cards? Can someone explain the difference to me? Thanks!
  6. For the record Forsaken Lore is easily attainable (in the United States) through Amazon...
  7. Thank you so much for your incredibly helpful reply! I have played a BUNCH of Arkham Horror over the years but only a couple of games of Eldritch Horror - so I just wanted to make sure I was completely correct in integrating the expansions. We still haven't won a game yet (of just the base game) but are now playing with the expansions as well. Loving every minute of it! Thanks again.
  8. Pardon me if this has been covered somewhere but I am a bit confused. I have purchased Eldritch Horror as well as all three expansions out so far. I understand that when using any of the expansions it says something to the effect of "When using this expansion include X cards, etc etc.." Usually this contains instructions to leave certain cards OUT when some earlier effect, prelude card or specific old one isn't in play. My question is - Is there any reason to NOT just mix in the rest of the cards with my basic set? Characters, items, unique artifacts, etc? Is there any problem with using all of those in a game of Eldritch Horror? (I think there is NOT a problem with it - but I just want to confirm.) Thanks, Carl
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