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  1. Thanks! Definitely start your own thread! Show us what you've got, i'm sure it's fine. And don't hesitate to ask for tips and advice if you want it!
  2. I just want to say that I'm jealous your family enjoys these with you. My wife doesn't, friends that do we could only get together once a week and that's been killed because of pandemic. Playing alone or over the net in various ways isnt the same at all. It's the fun of these games with the in person experience that makes them.
  3. Reaper 77216: Companion Animals... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YI774A0... Skeleton Breakers https://www.amazon.com/.../ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_eBGEFaGOxvIJF https://www.shapeways.com/.../summoned-stone-tokens-3-pcs Brightblaze is from Dungeonquest.
  4. I didn’t find it too bad doing them assembly line style. I did take a week break from painting after finishing them though before doing the heroes 😄
  5. And, finally, the last of 2nd edition stuff! Bonds of the Wild And some summoned stones to finish out the last of my proxies
  6. Oh man. That dwarf fig for Brother Glyr... with the huge forehead and tiny eye area he looks like he has downs. And I don't mean that as a short joke 😂
  7. Lots of possibilities if you can mod the RtL app. Would it be possible to create new content and add it to the app this way? Instead of people having create a campaign in Valkyrie, could you adapt one of the standard campaigns to RtL play and load it into the app this way? Separate from the work to convert the storylines and concepts and get it all plotted and written for how it should flow, do you have a feel for how much work it would take to code the content into a mod? Is it worth pursuing vs writing quests/campaigns in Valkyrie?
  8. Oh for sure, I have plenty of figures that don't have source art I want them matched to, I just choose whatever I like for those. One suggestion to combat eye fatigue with painting is LIGHT! I bought two wall mounted lamps for my painting corner desk that could take 100w LED equivalent bulbs. Made a huge difference. Also, a lighted magnifier really does make a world of difference. A magnifier isn't only for poor vision, it's also about the amount of strain it takes on eyes and mind to process all the tiny detail in some of these figures. I found it reduced fatigue quite a bit, and that's with 20/20 vision. Having the additional movable light is nice as well. I've had a couple, happiest with this one so far: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B016LTTS8S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Thanks! I use Vallejo Game Color, but it’s easy to find a conversion chart for equivalent color in all the popular ranges. For the Naga, it’s only 3 colors. Squid pink for the under scales, Warlord Purple for the mid scales (all the dots), and Hexed Lichen for the fins. Then I washed with GW Drakenof Nightshade. After washing I dry brushed pink back on the under scales, and hand dotted Warlord Purple on each and every bloody one of those tiny main scales. Be sparing when you do that, you just want a dot in the center of each scale so you keep some of the blue wash as a transition. Then brushed the Hexed Lichen around on the fins. Mainly along the edges. Since the wash darkens everything, you can get away with highlighting with the same base color. I’m glad you like them and Kel. Because I hate them both 😂. My wife chose all the colors (she always does, I’m colorblind), but on those 2 in particular (and the ice wyrms, and the shades) they look like crap to my eyes. The Nagas are just boring blue all over, and Kel is this really ugly green. I just painted them by theory since I can’t see hardly any of the colors properly that went into those. On Kel I rebelled and painted the back lower feathers the color green I thought they should be. I was informed that what I chose was fluorescent green and it looked terrible so I gave in and redid it. That’s part of why some of model detail is obscured, to many layers of paint.
  10. Don't forget this fun combo...Lorekeeper/Disciple Leoric. With All-Knowing, Prayer of Healing, Divine Fury and Armor of Faith he can cast his heal on Ravager/Berserker Tinashi with Momentum, Charging Assault, and Whirlwind. Assuming Leoric gets zero surges to recover fatigue during his turn, he can still likely cast Prayer of Healing 5 times on Tinashi. That gives Tinashi an additional 5 yellow dice on her next attack this round, and an additional 5 brown dice in her defense pool until the start of her next turn. Tinashi can then take a move action to gain 4 move points, spend 3 of them to power Charging Assault, fatigue move up to 4 spaces if needed, and trigger Whirlwind to attack all adjacent monsters for weapon dice plus 5!!! yellow dice of damage, plus an additional 3 damage. Even with the Berserker starting weapon, that could be 20 points of damage, each to all adjacent monsters (20 to one, 10 to all the rest if using Road to Legend app). Minimum damage would still be 7, but you would need to roll 1 heart on blue, 1 on red, then only a surge on all 5 yellows. Highly unlikely. Average minimum is more likely in the 10-12 damage. With a starting weapon. She then gains movement points equal to the number of total damage suffered to all monsters damaged in the attack. Which is probably enough to do a few laps around the entire dungeon before putting herself in position to be the target of any remaining monsters left in the round, with her gray + 5 brown defensive dice.
  11. I’m really not a fan of the way gear is handled in Delves. Mainly the limit on only being allowed to keep one weapon per phase. Anyone have custom gear rules they find is more fun without being unbalanced?
  12. I agree with your conclusion, that's how we played it. We always default to whatever is harder for the heroes anyway. RtL isn't usually hard enough to offer a challenge, especially if you take advantage of every little thing you can like this.
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