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  1. I appreciate the detailed breakdown quoting the quest! There is at least one more screwy mess of behavior in this quest that we came across as well. A master zombie attacked the closest captive, which was one that wasn't freed yet. The master grabbed the captive, causing Stun. So, following the way this quest works, and the way stun works, captives don't activate and get actions until they are freed. So, that bound captive sat there stunned for 3 turns because he didn't get to activate to clear the stun. Kind of strange. We played it following the common guidance that monsters don't use special features in RtL unless specifically noted. So, no open doors or portcullis, no going through rifts, etc. That means Tristayn's teleport stayed in that one map section. It was pretty brutal honestly. Tristayn gets 2 attacks per turn because of ravage, and since he wasn't leaving the room at all he was mowing down captives. Combined with the 5 zombie spawns plus the shambling colossus, we felt lucky we managed to save 2 out of 8. There were just two many attacks on captives happening before it was possible to smash the monsters that are there from the start. The offset was that we left the beastmaster with his wolf choke-pointing the nearest entrance to the rift, so he was solo'ing all the zombies each turn as they appeared, giving captives a clear run to the entrance once they got through the rift. I'm not sure that would have worked as well if the zombies would have been following their instructions to continuously head for the prisoners through the rift. They wouldn't have hung around clumped up to be slaughtered. I think the whole thing would have flowed better if we had played it the other way, teleport working across both sections and zombies able to walk through the rift. Definitely a weird one. If you think of the rift in this one as an open doorway instead of a special terrain feature, the whole thing does make sense I guess.
  2. In SoC, a main quest line that had us fighting Tristayn Olliven with the objective to free prisoners came up last night. It's actually a two piece map, with the two sections connected by a portal (portal requires 1 movement point to go through, not an action). The prisoners are treated as heroes, and once freed will get 2 move actions of 4 movement points per action, with the instructions to travel from one map section to another through the portal and then head for the nearest entrance. One of Tristayns instructions that comes up is to have him switch places with the furthest hero. Some monsters say to specifically go engage prisoners. The questions that came up: When Tristayn swaps with furthest hero, is that furthest in that map section? Or in both? Would his teleport swap take him to the other section? For monsters with an engage prisoner instruction, if the monster is in one section and all prisoners are in the other, would they skip that instruction or would they head for the portal and walk through in their attempt to engage a prisoner?
  3. The Shadow Rune project stalls because it's a single developer making the app the content runs on. It isn't content for RtL, it's content for Valkyrie. When Valkyrie bugs out and doesn't get addressed, content building stops. If there was a supported editor for RtL you would not be seeing the slowdowns like you are with the Shadow Rune Project.
  4. No worries, I didn't take it as condescending The lighting on these shots is indeed bad and I'm just grabbing quick shots with my phone. Once I finish everything I'll set my photography area back up and light things properly, good backdrops, and use a real camera to make a nice finished album with. I have the gear for full high quality macro work, but don't want to do it piecemeal. These models in general don't thrill me. I just like the game and like painted figures better than plain plastic in games that are all about the figures like Descent. If I don't really like the model I don't have the motivation to spend excess time on it. My custom 40K marines and terminators got almost 2 weeks of work, each. Custom moulding and hand crafted 3d flamework, etc. Descent models just don't interest me enough to put that much time into is all. Each to their own though!
  5. Your stuff looks good to me for Descent! I put faaaar more time into my 40K miniatures when I was painting and playing Warhammer. Descent mini's are not Warhammer mini's, exactly. If someone enjoys going the extra mile on these (darkstarminis work is amazing), more power to them. I don't think they are worth it. I just want a fun good looking set to put on the table. These aren't going on a display shelf or being entered into a contest.
  6. I've said a few times that it's just Descent, I'm not going crazy with the paint jobs. Higher levels of highlight and OSL aren't really noticeable on the table for Descent over what I've done. That said, these would look significantly different without highlighting, far more washed (lol) out. There is at least one level of highlighting everywhere, with another on metal areas and extra on certain figures that I felt like doing a little more on. The nice thing is that if I ever decide to turn these from game pieces into art pieces I can just pick up any piece and continue adding more layers of highlighting and object source lighting to get them there. I doubt I'll ever bother though.
  7. These are seriously amazing pieces of art. Just fantastic work start to finish. Making me feel bad about the hack job I'm doing on mine ?
  8. Thanks! The entire game really is daunting to think about tackling. My 2 cents, don't force it. As much as I would like to have the whole game done, remember there is so much that you will usually only see a fraction of figures in any given game. So no point burning out on painting by forcing yourself to do it like its a job when you won't really even end up changing your gaming experience at the end. My group pretty much only uses the app, so what I did was painted the base game, then went through the boxed expansions one by one (lieutenants done as part of each relevant box), then moved on to H&M's. I added each expansion to the app as I finished painting, so our games just got more and more options as I painted. Everyone really enjoyed that, yet so many times comments would happen like "oooh, never seen that, that must be newly done"! No, that monster group had been done months ago, the app just hadn't chosen them yet for us. So no point rushing it all! I think I have 4 or 5 more hero and monster packs to finish. I finished the medusas out of my next H&M pack and then seem to have just gone on sabbatical. I'll get back to it when the mood strikes me (new job that has me traveling for a week or 2 a month and most of my creative juices doesn't help). I'm doing a very simple job on these. Takes 4-5 hours per hero, and about the same amount of time per monster group. If you would like any tips based on my process feel free to ask, happy to share lessons learned with anyone. Just don't ask me for color recommendations ;)
  9. Yeah, I see what happened. There is a small area on the side of the face in the cheek area of the mask that is green, that's what was labeled for me. I thought my guide was just saying the mask is green. Oops! I'm colorblind, I enlarge and print the picture from the original artwork and then have my wife label the colors based on the Vallejo paint line I use, I don't pick the colors myself. They would look all sorts of screwy if I tried.
  10. That's what his face is supposed to look like. All my figures are just color matched against their official artwork. He is wearing a half mask, its sculpted into the figure.
  11. Visions of Dawn. I love the Ogre and Troll sculpts in this one!
  12. v1.8 is posted. I fixed a few typo's, and added a Denying Destiny variant rule option to the variant rules page.
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