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  1. I sent an email, but i hadnt heard back from you yet… Did it go to your spam? I did put the Subject Greyjoy Resin
  2. Awesome i've bought all my cards from there too! Yeah let me kjnow i would love to meet up there and rock some AGOT
  3. I just started playing and would be interested!
  4. This is so funny i just started one for Orlando, Florida. I think winter haven is about 45 minutes away from me, so i dont know if id ever get a chance to game with you.
  5. I just got into this game and i have one other friend who will play occasionally but i'm looking for other players who Might live in the Orlando area!
  6. Could you pm me also if youd like to offload the other one?
  7. So can someone explain to me is it a PvP - 2 player only? or is it PvP 2-4 like Game of thrones? If its strictly a 2p only game then yeah i'm probably skipping it, however if its in the same vein as AGOT then i will definately pick this bad boy up!
  8. In all games and RPG's the Millenium Falcon have always been classified as a Starship Scale... The millenium falcon is only 26 meters long and the xwing is 12.5.
  9. There's no place to ask questions about the possible SW RPG that they have the license to.. If you ask anybody who has played it most ppl Dislike WOTC d20 system of the RPG. I say there is such a plethora of material for the d6 system still out there online and other places that it would make sense for FFG to take that availability and package into something that makes it relevant again and not just a re-print to make money. I hope the LCG of SW makes alot of headway. I still love to play EPIC DUELS to this day (i think thats really a miniature/CG even though released by hasbro under the eir BG license) that might not really qualify as a board game.
  10. Can you send me an email regarding these tuckboxes?
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