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    Game Night Kit

    Oh well good to hear! Hope everything goes well for you. Usually on the Meetup they have they post most of the information.
  2. Natesroom

    Game Night Kit

    Shadow this coming tuesday night at Sci-Fi City we're breaking out the Xwing!
  3. So you think they should rewrite the FAQ answer? The FAQ says if they are trying to use Proton Torpedos on someone else and Biggs is within range one of the other ship (and within the firing arc) then they would not be allowed to use their secondary weapon and must fire with their primary one at biggs.
  4. Natesroom


    I would definately be down for a Dust Style Star Wars Tactics game… I would love it if they would produce terrain too for them or better yet champion the Game Customizers. Back in the day you had magazine articles and stuff and that all cost money. Now you could just produce or run a Blog and I think it would be a hit (all for a lower overhead then managing and editing a monthly magazine.
  5. I would love to figure out a way to RPG this game… Have your own characters level up if they win and stuff like that… it would be awesome if we could figure this out.
  6. http://moseisleyradio.com/category/x-wing/ Use these images for higher resolution
  7. Why dont after you get one built you just use your own body and hold your hands out to the side of you and be the xwing?
  8. WHOAH!!! Crits count as 1 damage + extra??? wow i've been playing that worng. DId i miss it in the rules? Also it did seem off flying around with 2 shield 1 hull and 5 crit cards (one was 2 damage to the hull)
  9. Evening 6 to 9… it started with 4 and it got to about 25 now its usually 16-20 (revolving) if your there we might break out Xwing!
  10. What about a ghtroc freighter? They were very hugely pushed as one of the only alternatives to the yt-1300 in the RPG and were used all over the place in the EU even being flown by Luke himself with his xwing stored in it.
  11. What part of orlando do you live by …UCF? I live in South Orlando and sci-fi is closer to me then any others. CS i go to to pick up purchases but they are very indifferent to peole there and 90% of the people there are Magic players. If you come out Today or any other tuesday to Sci-Fi i will be there along with about 20 other gamers and we play X-wing and almost any other FFG game.
  12. ArcticSnake said: If your ship has a [barrel roll] icon, the second sentence in Expert Handling does nothing. If your ship does not have an enemy Target Lock Icon, the third sentence does nothing. So if Vader has no enemy Target Locks and he performed the Expert Handling's action, the only thing he can do is the perform a barrel roll part: Me: "I wanna perform Vader's Expert Handling action." Me doing the action: Perform a barrel roll. (done. check.) If your ship does not have a [barrel roll] action icon, receive a stress. (false. no effect.) If your ship has an enemy target lock, remove it. (false. no effect.) Can I still do the other barrel roll action? EDIT: Sounds OP to me if I can… that's like allowing him a straight three movement to the side. I don't care if he is the best pilot in the galaxy, nobody should be allowed to barrel roll using a straight three maneuver template whilst moving an extra straight one forward or backward. Taking your same line of thought Me: "I wanna perform Vader's Expert Handling action." Me (performing the maneuver of a barrel roll) Check to see if my ship has the Icon of a barrel roll If your ship does not have a [barrel roll] action icon, receive a stress. (false. no effect.) If your ship has an enemy target lock, remove it. (false. no effect.)
  13. AidenDouglass said: Here's another perspective… You say "I perform the Action : Expert Handling, which allows me to do two barrel rolls…" but, do you say "I perform the Action : Swarm Tactics which allows me to improve another pilot's skill" If you DO say Swarm Tactics is an "Action", then you have just used up your Action for that round, yes? But, wait. Swarm Tactics doesn't say Action:, so it doesn't cost an Action step to perform. Do you say I Perform Action : R2-D2, so after executing this green maneuver, I may recover 1 shield"? NOPE! it just says "Do this : Get this" R2 is an Upgrade. These are Upgrade cards, not Action cards. Some Upgrade cards allow you to perform Actions, others don't. That's why they say "Action: do something" So, the Action you are permitted to perform is Action : barrel roll, which -since you are so awesome that you can be referred to as having "Expert Handling" abilities, causes your enemy to lose their target lock on you. You're just that skilled a pilot. If you are in a Tie fighter, you have lost a Target Lock, but the barrel roll wasn't especially difficult as your ship is designed to do them, your wing mates do them all the time, but you can do it with such Expert Handling, that you can actually cause a computer to lose it's Target Lock on you, whereas they remain target locked even if they do perform barrel rolls. Now, if you're in an X-Wing, you're an even more skilled pilot, because your ship isn't designed to do that maneuver, thus you take some stress from actually being Expert enough with your Handling of this star fighter that you can make it do a barrel roll, while your wing mates are unable to even execute that maneuver. You lose your Target Lock also, but at the cost of taking some stress. So, Upgrades are not Actions. Some upgrades permit you to perform Actions. And Since Darth Vader is allowed to perform 2 Actions, He can perform one Action: barrel roll, and some other action. If he has Expert Handling, then he will lose a target lock by performing a barrel roll at any time. But he cannot perform 2 consecutive barrel rolls, as the rulebook clearly states that "a ship cannot perform the same action more than once" This is well thought out and almost convinced me to switch positions. However as the poster below you said, it ambiguous enough that we need FFG to clarify what they exactly meant. I'd say that if your expert at handling why couldn't you perform the standard Barrel roll and an Expert Handling Barrel Roll also, since they are not "Exactly" the same action.
  14. I agree, I've already backed it at 125 because i collect AGOT, Thunderstone, Dominion, Netrunner and now this star wars LCG
  15. KarmikazeKidd said: Also, I'd very much like to see some additional options in future sets in terms of appearance. Leave the contents identical, it's fine by me, just make some of the models look different. Just like alternate covers for comics. I would easily be more enticed to buy two X-wing expansion packs, though the contents might both have Corran Horn and Face Loran, if I could get one in Rogue colors and the other in Wraith colors. Just sayin'. I know some of you are good at adding your own detail, but this guy has two thumbs and no painting talent whatsoever. So I'd love some variation. How about seeing it in CORSEC green?
  16. How about seeing it in CORSEC green?
  17. AngryMojo said: Natesroom said: Yeah i love ordering from CSI… after i order i just drive down the street after work and pick it right up! Funny thing, so do I. Haha… i wish i could find more Orlando Players!
  18. very cool… looks very very nice!!!
  19. Yeah i love ordering from CSI… after i order i just drive down the street after work and pick it right up!
  20. yeah they could do that and then add the Cloud Cars, and other Repulsorlit vehicles to the battle…. Ummm if they do that can we forsee 1/270th AT-AT to go with the snowspeeders????
  21. I'd love to see the Outrider made famous by dash rendar
  22. I doublt they would make a z-95 headhunter… Only because they look almost like Xwings with their S-Foils in closed position. Also the fact that INCOM made both of them is why they are so similar.. Granted i see some differences but they look so close i doubt they would make them
  23. Whoops i think i sent a private message to you and not a reply in the thread! I saw Dust played once at a con and it looked fun but i have a certain amount of people who will join for other games so this was one i couldnt justify buying at the time. But i am always down to learn new games all the time, and i have a second person who will almost always be willing to try new games also. (my wife just likes her favorites so i had to convert another friend)
  24. I dont know much about the game, i've only played about 8-10 times though i Have bought all the expansions and the core. I've only built 3 decks so far but i dont really have anyone to play against. I think i'm not sure if i favor anyone in particular but i really like all the houses so far and enjoy how thematically they reflect the books.
  25. I sent an email, but i hadnt heard back from you yet… Did it go to your spam? I did put the Subject Greyjoy Resin
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