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    PrimarchX got a reaction from Gridash in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    I wasn't really looking for a huge revamp and in fact like that it's a revision of DH1 to essentially 40kRPG 1.5 (OW).  As a GM I have an easier time utilizing the hundreds of dollars of books I already have that at least have some level of compatibility with this system utilizing just a bit modification to fit.  A new system would be more cumbersome for me to adapt.
    In the end, game dynamics serve the story.  A good GM needs to make sure the game system (and none of them are perfect) gets in the way of this.  DH2 seems perfectly fine from that perspective.
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    PrimarchX got a reaction from Covered in Weasels in Currency in DH2   
    Having gone over the Requisition system a bit more, I'm considering simply making 'Faxes into items with a fixed Availability that can be used for Trading to get the roll bonuses.
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    PrimarchX got a reaction from yggZ in Headshot Test   
    This game obviously requires multiple wounds (hits) to take down even the lowliest of opponents.  The Novice-class NPC requires 2 wounds to kill.  I would argue that one of the beauties of 1st Ed was that most weapons (especially with righteous fury) could result in 1-hit kills.  Not so here.
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