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  1. This is the no-brainer safest marketing choice. There's a lot of people that are very outspoken about not liking the prequel movies. There's a lot of people that are very outspoken about not liking the sequel movies. Everybody likes the original movies. It's the most logical thing to do if FFG wants to sell a lot of Legion.
  2. For Skirmish, Imperials maybe being playable again. For Campaign, a storyline that's totally independent from the movies.
  3. With injection molded miniatures specifically, tooling and making just the mold to cast them bears an up-front cost that can go into hundreds of thousands of dollars. The profit for a set of miniature is in the negative not until you sell a unit, but until you sell several hundred, if not thousands of units.
  4. You don't categorize a game as 'skirmish' by model count, because like you just noticed, there's no way to have a consensus on where to draw the line. Is it 5 models? 10? 15? 20? The actual definition of a skirmish game is a game in which you resolve the actions of each individual miniature. Infinity or Malifaux are that kind of game. Legion is not, because you only check line of sight and movement from the leader are seldom worried about the placement of individual rank-and-file troopers and pool all their dice for attacks. 40k is kind of a weird hybrid thing. It started off as a 'proper' skirmish game, but over the decades and different editions it go bloated in regards to figure count, but retained primarily skirmish gameplay mechanics - you had several 10-20 man units, but you still had to move and attack with each one individually. That's the major contributing factor as to why 40k is so slow, clunky and unintuitive - it has the model count of a platoon or company sized game, but skirmish game mechanics. They cleaned it up a bit in the new edition, but the crux of the problem still remains unaltered. The larger problem being that 40k is the most succesful tabletop wargame in history, which makes it a prime target for imitation. Games like Bolt Action, Maelstrom, Warmachine etc. keep copying 40k's fundamental activation and scale mechanics, without realizing how flawed the concept is at its core. This further muddies the waters on what is and isn't a 'skirmish' game and what you call a game that isn't 'skirmish', and even what you call a game that's 'kinda skirmish but not really'.
  5. Yes, that's exactly my point. I'm sorry it went over your head. By the logic of the lawsuit, it should've cost you pennies to do that. The fact that it did not shows that the logic is flawed, to put it mildly.
  6. The Red Glowstick Rave Emperor Palpatine 8 Darth Vader 18 The Grand Inquisitor 9 Maul 7 Driven by Hatred -5 Temporary Alliance 1 Channel the Force 1 either Motivation or Rule by Fear, depending on how many new juicy Force User cards are in the next wave 1 Most probably will be terribad, but I'll play it a couple times anyway.
  7. But we already have all the relevant information. This is the 21st century, you have the accumulated knowledge of the entire human race at your fingertips for the price of bringing your laptop to a cafe and ordering a latte. You can very easily (albeit it would take you a fair bit of time I imagine) research the logistics of the model-making industry and get fairly precise figures about production line setup cost, mould costs, labour costs, packaging, shipment, marketing and distribution costs etc. You can even use specific financial data provided by Games Workshop themselves to figure out their profit margins with decent accuracy when supported with all your other research. You could also go and chat up the guy at your local store. If you're on friendly terms and he's knowledgable in the industry and not just a counter drone, he can provide you a lot of the relevant figures. I know, I used to be one. Or you can just count up the raw materials cost separate from everything else like the clown with the lawsuit and hope that no one notices your argument has no grounds in reality. There is no Illuminati 'the company doesn't want you to know the truth' bull going on here. The only kind of bull going on here is people being incredibly ignorant, but history shows there's no cure for that, hence conspiracies. Bottom line is, if someone's up in arms over how little money in plastic price goes into producing Geedub's product, I can't figure out why they're not FURIOUS and chaining themselves up to the door at FFG HQ right this second, given how little paper and cardboard costs.
  8. Yes, yes it will. You can argue all you want about there being different games for different niches, but at the end of the day there will be player overlap and at the end of the day, each player has limited game time/budget. Different niches and types of games are all well and good, but when it first launched, we already saw Destiny cannibalizing the Imperial Assault playerbase in various regions, and I'm sure other Star Wars games took a hit as well.
  9. It's some kind of weird 32-34mmish scale. Your existing 28mm terrain should work if you squint whenever a figure stands next to a door.
  10. He costs 15pts and has 13HP, which in the crazy Hunter world we live in is a joke. And he has absolutely no trait synergy with anything in the Imperial faction besides the red nuns that were nerfed below sea level. Yeah, no.
  11. I won Nationals with the Royal Guard Champion, back when IA skirmish was all about people in red dresses with sticks. I'd love for him to be good again. Or just viable. I'd be okay with viable.
  12. - Unknown as of yet. 'Early 2018' is the only official line. - A box with a complete unit + upgrade figures and various upgrade cards. So a box of five troopers + two diffrent heavy weapons, a box of 2 speeder bikes, a box with the walker etc. Going by previous exprience, unit boxes will contain upgrade cards not found in the core set. - At Gencon, the chief designer mentioned AT-STs and (Snow)speeders while winking. - The official line from the designer is OT for the foreseeable future, but nothing's off the table.
  13. The problem being that if any of your units has less than six upgrade cards attached (and so far we've seen four upgrade slots at most), you'll most likely end up taking up even more table real estate with these.
  14. Until you build a 'proper' 800pts army with, say, four Rebel Trooper squads, each with a heavy weapon, extra trooper and an equipment upgrade. That's sixteen cards already for less than half your force. I agree having a card for every single thing is a tad clunky. But you know what? Just don't use the cards. Sans exhaustible cards (which AFAIK are limited to a couple Force powers in the core set and maybe some sort of a grenade card), we've yet to see anything in the game that would absolutely require you to physically have every single card to track any sort of information. This isn't like X-Wing or Armada where you have to track various information on your ship cards with tokens, damage cards, order dials and whatnot, it's not even like Imperial Assault where you track activations on the deployment cards because your miniatures are all over the place. Everything is tracked with presumably low quantities of presumably small sized tokens placed by the actual miniatures. You could just as easily write yourself an army list or fill out a roster sheet table like all we wargamers have been doing for decades. I wouldn't bat an eye at a casual game. I bet no one at a local tournament would bat an eye. I bet no one at an OP tournament would bat an eye, unless FFG staff is somehow involved. If anyone does bat an eye, you pull out the stack of cards from your bag and put it on the side so they're happy. I can already tell you myself that there is no way I am cluttering the play area by laying out dozens of redundant cards. If I play several trooper squads with the same loadout, I'm bringing just one set of cards. If you want to be 'that guy' and give me grief about it, I'll happily concede the game to you because it obviously won't be any fun for either of us.
  15. Out of curiosity, how many Age of Sigmar novels and/or Battletome lore sections have you read?