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  1. Of course no one is stopping anyone. If I don't want to play Snowtroopers on my woodland table, I won't buy them and no one is forcing me to do otherwise. Problem is, with such a theme-specific unit released so early in the game's lifecycle, not fielding that unit due to thematic reasons means denying myself 25% of the entire product line for my faction. I don't have a problem with FFG releasing Snowtroopers for the game, it was bound to happen. However, I do have a problem with FFG releasing Snowtroopers before any of the dozen or so units that any one of us can think off the top of our heads that are completely 'environment agnostic' and to boot, would be way more interesting than the same kind of trooper with the same gun, only in a dress.
  2. No, they're not. I should know, I painted a dozen of the buggers. The one on the far right is very close though.
  3. How much different though? They're still a trooper unit with similar upgrade slots, and anti-tank weapon and an anti-personnel weapon. Plus they're very climate-specific and will stick out like a sore thumb on most tables and alongside other units. It's nice we're getting new stuff announced, but I'd prefer the first couple waves included stuff that's different from the core box and stuff that's less specific thematically. Royal Guards come to mind. And if they abslutely had to have a second 'trooper' unit, why not Death Troopers for a more elite choice with different equipment or dismounted Scout Troopers with some cool recon abilities?
  4. It's a fancy name for a .pdf file that contains a list of all products legal for a particular Organized Play format.
  5. Last time I heard they were using a card deck instead of attack/defence dice, but anyway, it's nice to know that the design team is still doing their internal testing on an entirely different game to the one they are actually designing...
  6. Dunno about being OP or not, but you managed to cram an impressive amount of typos into a very confined space. Also, you don't exhaust Command Cards. You play them. You're probably thinking about Deployment Cards.
  7. It used to be INSANE with the old Imperial Officer. Good times.
  8. Honestly, at this stage of the game's life and at this stage of the skirmish game's evolution, I'd say it's not worth it if you won't be playing campaign at all.
  9. There is no such thing as 'Skirmish Upgrade' in campaign play. The campaign fix for older Mercenary and Imperial uniques is the villain class deck in Jabba's Realm. The campaign fix for older Rebel uniques... well, there is none, because the mechanic of taking a threat hit in order to bring an ally is broken in the first place and there's no easy way to fix that, other than re-writing that part of the rules.
  10. I'd like Agent Kallus, but the old cool evil sideburns Imperial version, not the current idiotic 'I did that 'Enemy Mine' thing for a 20min episode and I'm now totally one-eighty goody two shoes' version, the chances of which I realize are fairly slim at this point.
  11. Not having space for tokens is weaksauce. Not having space for tokens AND not having space for two decks AND having an overabundance of dice slots isn't just weaksauce, it speaks of a very poorly thought-out product. This should either have the current configuration, but a larger card compartment, or the little 9-dice space next to the card compartment should have been axed in favour of a removable token tray. In this current incarnation, I can't figure out what the purpose of the product is. Is it meant to store and transport your deck to events in an organized fashion? Then why all the surplus dice slots and no token space? Is it meant to store your stuff for trade display? Then why is there no way to display cards, which are much easier to read at a glance than dice? Is it meant to store and organize your collection? Then where do you put Neutrals, since these seem to be colour-coded according to card colours? Besides, how many of these would you need? A dozen? Two dozen? At 15$ a pop?
  12. This is the no-brainer safest marketing choice. There's a lot of people that are very outspoken about not liking the prequel movies. There's a lot of people that are very outspoken about not liking the sequel movies. Everybody likes the original movies. It's the most logical thing to do if FFG wants to sell a lot of Legion.
  13. For Skirmish, Imperials maybe being playable again. For Campaign, a storyline that's totally independent from the movies.
  14. With injection molded miniatures specifically, tooling and making just the mold to cast them bears an up-front cost that can go into hundreds of thousands of dollars. The profit for a set of miniature is in the negative not until you sell a unit, but until you sell several hundred, if not thousands of units.
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