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  1. Same my deck is unopposed based, but I had wanted to try out a new deck type to see how to use greyjoy in different ways.
  2. This makes choke decks seem much weaker than I first thought.
  3. How does the timing of choke cards such as cragon or ice fishermen work, in a choke deck► As I read the marshalling timing it appears first player buys something then i can make a choke action, then he buys something else, and i make another choke action so on and so forth. When I was playing my friend, he managed to use all of his gold on the first buy before I could use my choke. Are we playing correctly► Or should I be making all my choke actions, then he begins buying cards. Any help will be appeciated thanks!
  4. Balerion's text reads: After Balerion has been played kneel all non dragon cards in play. Does this apply when his duplicate is played? Because as my friend has pointed out, while text and traits are blanked on duplicates name is not. Therefore a Balerion is being played even if it is as a duplicate, triggering the in play Balerion's ability. Is there something wrong with this? It doesn't seem as though Balerion's ability should reapply each time a duplicate is played, that ability seems as though it was just meant to be the initial summoning. Thanks for any help.
  5. Whoops also forgot to say that the secret should be taken after the trigger is finished to prevent "accidental" peeking.
  6. I think the secrets should be generic while the triggers should be specific to each character, tailored either to their story or to their abilities. However one important thing is to keep it seperate from their personal story, you don't want Darrell having to collect 5 clue tokens for his trigger then fail his personal story. Also would all the secrets be bad?
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