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  1. Money is not the problem. I bought into this before the essential packs came out, and I do not want duplicate packs. So, would rather get them singly at this point.
  2. Yay! This is an awesome expansion. I will save for when it ships!
  3. I hope FFG reprints these individually. I have 9 card-only epansions now and the essential collection has duplicates. I like buying them indivdually.
  4. Please move to another thread if one exists. Here is my wish for another card-only expansion. Expansion Ideas: Here is an idea for yet another Arkham Horror card-only expansion. It is difficult to come up with new ideas since most of the card decks are rather large. These ideas are theme-oriented and do not drastically alter the game play or balance. 1. Add Location Cards to all expansion board locations, there are a total of nine location neighborhoods and possibly adding eight cards to each will add 72 Location Cards. These are for locations in Dunwich/Kingsport/Innsmouth. 2. Add Mythos Cards for the Dunwich and Innsmouth boards, possibly doubling the number of Mythos Cards for these boards. As it currently stands, there is a low chance of drawing a gate card for the unstable areas on these boards. 3. Cursed Items and Spells Some items and spells may be Cursed. Cursed items and spells must be activated. Only one of each, item and spell, needs be activated. (If a player has 2 cursed items and 2 cursed spells, only 1 of each needs to be activated.) Cursed items cannot be traded or sold and may only be discarded under location card/personal story situations. All cursed items and spells are removed if the player receives a Blessing. In this case the blessing only removes the cursed cards. Cursed bonus dice only succeed on a die roll of 6. Examples: Location Card Innsmouth: While checking the exhibits on display at the front of the Esotoric Order of Dagon, you notice one display case is open. Reaching inside you discover a very strange item, except that it is Cursed! Sift through the Unique Item deck and find and take the first Cursed item located. Choose a worthy location in Dunwich/Kingsport/Innsmouth for the following: A sister of the order approaches you silently. She says, “I see you are in need of purging. Let me assist thee.” You may remove all cursed items and spells from your inventory. If you do not have any cursed items or spells, you may keep this card until necessary. This card may be traded. Choose a worthy location in Dunwich/Kingsport/Innsmouth for the following: Something catches your eye on the beach (sand/street). You investigate and find the Curse of the Azure Bond. Place this card between you and the player to your left. That player is cursed until blessed. Cursed Common Item: Adds +2 dice, magical, one-handed, cursed. Value = ??? Cursed Common Item: Adds +2 dice, physical, one-handed, cursed. Value = ??? Cursed Unique Item: Adds +1 die, magical or physical, no hands required, cursed Cursed Unique Item: Adds +3 dice, magical, one-handed, cursed Cursed Spell: Adds +3 dice, magical, one-handed, 0 sanity cost, cursed combat check Cursed Skill: +1 maximum sanity, -1 maximum stamina, removed by any blessing Cursed Skill: +1 maximum stamina, -1 maximum sanity, removed by any blessing These are still bonuses compared to not having an item, however, they are not that great, eh? 4. Herald Sheet (acts like a herald) Curse of the Mad Arab One: On any Gate Burst, roll one die. On a roll of 5 or 6 increase the Terror Track by one. Two: All Cursed items and spells cannot be removed by an ordinary blessing. Furthermore, all tomes are cursed and cannot be traded. This does not affect the tome skill check rolls. Three: At the end of the Mythos phase, roll one die. On a roll of 1, the following takes place: All Investigators roll two dice. The Investigator with the highest roll is devoured. "... and he was torn apart in the street by unseen figures." (er, can't actually remember the incident, you get the idea.) 5. New Monsters I am certain some new monsters may be added. I do not have the Dunwich expansion yet, but are there any Mummies? A few new monsters would round out this card-only expansion nicely.
  5. How About: The last token for a rift activation is where the rift appears, in Kingsport. Rifts always spawn a monster. Since the terror track mey be increasing due to more monsters, when the Rift moves it does not add to the track.
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