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  1. My replacement parts finally came in last night! Now to incorporate the new stuff with the old...
  2. You can get it on Amazon.com for like $30. Keep in mind it'll still be the non-revised version, though.
  3. Dam said: "Monster Figures: The keeper may never have more monster figures on the game board than those provided in the game. If an ability lets him place a figure, and all of that type are already on the game board, he may optionally kill one of his monsters in order to place it elsewhere." (p. 25) So in other words: Yes, the Keeper has to kill one of his other Zombies if the event makes him summon a new one? I think this is the only scenario so far where this sort of thing crops up (normally any event monsters are different from the ones you'd have running around on the board).
  4. So I played Return of the Reanimator the other night, and a question came up about Event 3: "Fire & Damnation" . When the event happens, a super-strong Zombie named Clapham-Lee shows up at the front door & lights the room on fire. Problem is, I already had all 4 zombie figures out on the board (3 starting corpses plus Event 1). What am I supposed to do when another zombie suddenly shows up? Monsters are figure-limited, right? Way I see it, I either have to use a different figure (cult leader, perhaps) for Clapham-Lee, or I kill one of the existing zombies & replace it with a corpse marker. I ended up using the second option. Thoughts? Oh and if anyone's curious, the investigators all died horribly in a fire.
  5. So with the new Monster Figures announced, we can probably assume that the next Big Box expansion will probably be Dunwich/Black Goat of the Woods themed. Along with the existing monsters they also have Dark Young, Dark Druid, Goat Spawn, Child of Goat, Wizard Whatley, The Dunwich Horror, and Hunting Horror? (hmm doesn't quite fit the theme, but whatever...) If Forbidden Alchemy is the equivalent of AH's small box expansions (2 monsters, 3 scenarios) I'd expect the Dunwich expansion to be the same size as the base box, (assuming we get all those monsters at once.) It'll probably feature several outdoorsy tile locations like Sentinel Hill, a ruined farmhouse, the Dark Forest, a sacrificial altar, etc. On another note, I certainly hope at least a couple PoD expansions after FA make use of elements from the expansion, especially the puzzle types. I think it'd make sense if each expansion had one or two PoD scenarios following it up. Be a shame otherwise.
  6. I'm more excited about these as a preview of what we can expect in the next Big Box expansion for MoM rather than for any use in AH. I do kind of like the idea of a giant Dunwich Horror looming over the board though... I think at $4 a figure, the cultist are just plain impractical. If you want them represented on the board you can just go ahead & use the 8 or so grey ones included in Mansions. I can maybe see getting one or two of the more monstrous figures for people that're too lazy to paint them themselves (like me). They could make good decorative pieces, and the Dark Young & others could be used for some custom scenarios for MoM for a particularly enterprising individual.
  7. Hey Everybody! Pre-painted Monster figures! http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2994 I'm surprised they didn't announce this in the MoM webpage, seeing as this is the game where you could actually USE them! Aside from the Monsters from the Base set & FA, they seem to also have: Dark Young Hunting Horror Dark Druid Child of the Goat Goat Spawn Wizard Whatley The friggin' Dunwhich Horror?! I guess we can speculate what kind of expansions we're likely to get in the not-too distant future. Dunwich/Black Goat theme, Anyone?
  8. I'd have to look it up to be 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure the rulebook says something about the "Keeper makes all decisions" when an investigator gets possessed.
  9. I'd say that if they haven't found Keziah (and Clue 1C) by the time that last event comes around, they're pretty much screwed already. (Too late, The witch already sacrificed Nola while you were all rummaging through every drawer & closet.) Usually the fourth event will reveal the objective, while the last event simply ends the game. Short answer: read the cards. In this case the 3 tokens on the event card are basically so you can go into "overtime" If the investigators are in the midst of the final battle with her as the last few seconds for the ritual run out. My last game went right down to the wire like this, as an insane Ashcan Pete barely pulled a win by plugging Keziah with the shotgun in the 1st "bonus" round as the decapited body of Sister Mary cooled at his feet and two Shoggoths and a Hound closed in from both sides. If your investigators are spending a bit too much time poking into every nook and cranny, I sometimes find it helpful to point out that time is running out on them, and they should consider legging it if the want to find the last Clue. Yeah, the freezer ending sucks. I am never doing that one again. After all the time we spent setting up the biggest map in the game, everyone felt gypped when it just ended just like that.
  10. I've played several games so far as keeper, and I've been treating all "stair" cards as one category the whole time. Hasn't been a problem for me so far.
  11. Yeah, I'm still super-excited to get FA, but they really shouldn't have even let it out with the amount of typos that are being reported. Hopefully it'll be fixed & ready to go soon.
  12. 1. I'd say no evade from the monster you are fighting, since the movement is a result of that combat. 2. Yes, new characters can use their special ability, even if the player already used a previous (dead) character's ability.
  13. They just did! "Forbidden Alchemy" is the next box set: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp It's got a Mad-Science theme, 4 new Investigators, 2 new monsters, and a bunch of other stuff! What do you guys think?
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