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  1. Hiya! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fenyx4.arkham is feelings its age and Google has sent warnings that it may be removed from the store if it isn't updated to a newer version of the Android SDK. But I can't just bump up the SDK version as they have removed a lot of the UI elements that were used in the app. Aaaaand I haven't done Android development in, like, 9 years. And Android UI is not a skill I want to pick up again. (Especially since I heavily skinned the UI to give it that Arkham feel so it wouldn't be just learning some basics.) If anyone out there is an Android UI developer and would like to help out the code is open source https://github.com/Fenyx4/arkham-companion. If someone starts pitching in on the UI I would be willing to pitch in on updating the backend and of course I can do the signing and release of the app.
  2. Marie's ability on here character card, "Smoky Velvet", gives another investigator the action Marie just performed. Her starting possession, "Witch Blood", let's Marie perform an action she has already performed this round. "Witch Blood" is an action so she can use "Smoky Velvet" to give another investigator the "Witch Blood" action. So it is the combo of two abilities that let's her give people an action they already performed. Why do you find it anti-thematic?
  3. Fenyx


    Is Tibs still around? Or should someone else start up some Stats gathering?
  4. Gah. Thanks Julia. That scared me.
  5. P.S. I feel like EH won't suffer from expansion fatigue the same way AH did. So, although I would have been fine with more AH expansions, I hope that they continue with EH expansions for awhile longer. P.P.S. I'd also be fine/interested in print on demand GOO and GOO card only expansions.
  6. If that is the case then I really hope they really get into exploring the game design space they have with GOOs. Syzygy and Hastur have dipped their toes in the water but I want them to do moar!!
  7. Fenyx

    Um, oops?

    From everything I've heard FFG is really good about replacing damaged parts. (I had a friend dump tea over Mansions of Madness the first time we played it. o_0) Go here follow the Compnent Defects section; https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/customer-service/ Good luck!
  8. *resurrects a dead thread* I just pushed out a new version to dropbox! It contains some font size fixes for tablets by Gnathonic. (Which he sent me 2 years ago but am only just getting around to now. Sorry Gnathonic!) I'll push it out to Google Play soon as long as no one notices any problems. (P.S. If anyone notices any problems let me know.) I've also moved the code to GitHub (https://github.com/Fenyx4/arkham-companion) and updated to to use Android Studio. I don't plan on doing active development on this again. But it is open source and I am now all set up to check pull requests and get them in production quickly if they are good quality. Enjoy!
  9. Michael McGlen London, UK 1 Tommy Gun Asset Jenny Barnes The Caribbean (Space 8) 1 .25 automatic Asset 1 Fine Jewelry 1 Ship Ticket Dexter Drake Tokyo, Japan 1 Binding Spell 1 Arcane Assistant Asset Wendy Adams Eastern Russia (Space 16) 1 Elusive Condition 1 Clue Let me know if you want their crippling injury and psychosis stuff too.
  10. Uh oh. Lots of people on boardgamegeek reporting the problem: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1585000/missing-inv-ao-cards
  11. Wait you already have it? I'll, um, run out to my FLGS and buy it to check if I too have this problem. Y'know, out of the kindness of my heart... Seriously though that really sucks. FFG is usually good about replacing damaged parts. (I had a friend spill tea over half their Mansions of Madness set and they replaced all those parts.) This is the first time I've heard of missing parts but I imagine they'll be good about replacing them too.
  12. That shows up in the "Additional Rules" section of every expansion. Supposedly since it doesn't show up in the errata if you are just playing with the base game then you can choose to face the Epic Monster first... But that wouldn't be my interpretation.
  13. Quick answer; yes. Now I go dig up the rules... be back in a sec.
  14. Yes! There is a FAQ in the back that says so. (Not at home so I can't grab the actual quote.)
  15. Sweeeet. Can't wait to try it! I'm honestly surprised FFG hasn't done any Ancient One only POD expansions.
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