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  1. Thank you for that excellent explanation. Based on my other thread about Servitors, I will not make you one as a result of your cogent response. Anyway, I don't know how to make them so you'd probably just have to wear a cardboard box with arm holes and tinfoil on it and look depressed.
  2. Thank you for that excellent explanation. Based on my other thread about Servitors, I will not make you one as a result of your cogent response. Anyway, I don't know how to make them so you'd probably just have to wear a cardboard box with arm holes and tinfoil on it and look depressed.
  3. Hmm… The answers fit because they're grim and nasty. Thank you for your time and assistance
  4. Thanks. I believe your explanation to be true because it is unjust and cruel. It's not for nothing that the "splash" of every book isn't "You live under one of the most fun, just, and happy regimes imaginable." :-)
  5. Servitors come up in the fiction all of the time: • floating servo skulls; • the creepy floating cherubs; • the a varieties of servitors: former human pseduo-undead merged with technology slaved for a specialized task (singing, doing some navigation thing, being a murder servitor) So: • who ends up being servitors. I was hoping it was mind-wiped real criminals, but I have a bad feeling that it's not; • why do they need servitors? is there something about the biological parts, particularly the brain, that is necessary; • they seem to be able to persist for some time. Are they "undead"? Are they cyborgs? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  6. I posted this in Only War (even though I haven't seen it) because it's the latest version of the core rule set. So, a character has a pistol, and a meele weapon, and they're skilled/trained in both: 1. How does the pistol work in combat? Is it only usable at opponents you're not engaged with? An opponent closing with you. In meele (the guy's 2 feet away but you're trading blows. What bonuses/penalties apply? 2. Assuming you have 1 worked out, or they just have two meele or two ranged weapons, can they make two attacks? They shouldn't be able to, because while they're both ½ actions, but you can't make the same 2 ½ actions in your turn. I'm sure it works, but not how. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  7. I've read a number of books about Space Marines. So, they're supposed to be not just warriors, and not just superhumans, but the equivalent of knights in the 40K universe. In the fiction some of of the chapters seem to be like the rest of the 40K Imperium, even a bit worse - we're incredible, superior to anyone .who needs our assistant. The only people who matter, really, are other Space Marines. Doing horrific things to normal people, not even able to speak civilly to anyone under them. Others seem more like the idealized Arthurian knights - they're abilities just give them greater responsibility - they're knightly when the speak to even civilians, and while they will do things that hurt normal people, their goal is to protect them and avoid that where possible. The general problem for all space marines seems to be Hubris/Pride - any of these chapters can end up making bad decisions because of it. So, is this correct? Do behaviroal standards just differ by chapter, or are some chapter just unable to comply with standards, or are the nobler chapters heretical? I'm curious - is there a World-of-Darkness like mechanic for their Hubris? That is, to do cool stuff, they have to become more prideful, but as they do so they're gradually becoming more monsterous, where they're randomly capturing citizens and turning them into servitors. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  8. Great job. Please get hired by FFG and have this published officially.
  9. I'm just being facetious, and I'm sure this is a misunderstanding, but based on my reading of 40K fiction: 1. the Gellar Field protects a starship as it travels through the void/immaterium. It's pretty powerful. If it's breached everything goes to hell. 2. every person, except for nulls, has a connection, however tenuous, to the void/immaterium. During their lives, they shape it with their emotions. When they die, they return to it. Psychers can do much more with its energies. So, given 1 and 2, as soon as you turn on a Gellar Field on a starship, everyone should drop dead (cut off from their soul energy / sliver chord /whatever) and no one should be able to use psycher-like powers. But this isn't what happens. Just curious where I'm off.
  10. Is there a Glosary to the W40K universe? I can find glossaries of abbreviations for the tabletop game, but not something that would list "servo skulls" or "servitors" with a brief description.
  11. Can you send me you conversion instructions ? I'm just waiting to buy the OW game
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when we’re talking about “converting” W40K, it’s two pieces we may or may not be “upgrading” mechanically: core rules (e.g., shooting, combat, psychic powers, whatever); and character creation and advancement. 1. How would you convert character creation and advancement to Only War or Black Crusade? Aren’t they missing the core “careers” of dark heresy, or do they use a different approach (e.g., specializations or something). I've heard that the later systems are more freeform, and many powers/talents, whatever can be trivially converted (X gives you +y to leadership if Z). 2. Is there a rule set that is sufficient to cover the “core rules” part? I.e., does Only War or Black Crusade cover psychic powers, politics, "social" combat, etc.?
  13. This was a very helpful thread. So, here are my questions now: 1. for those who have stuck with the RAW mostly, what "standard" fixes/house rules have you made. It's my experience that most games have a "standard" set of house rules people implement to fix or simplify problem X; 2 what's the easiest way to get th hardcover Dark Heresy books I don't have? Not the adventures, but the "core." Books. I own Dark Heresy Core, Deamon Hunter, and Disciples of the dark god. When I check the others on Amazon, the prices are bizarre and out of my range. My books don't need to be new. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  14. At least according to occasional postings on this board and my own experience, it seems that there are parts of the DH line that could be improved (e.g., "Ascention" being broken). Since the release of W40K Dark Heresy, it's been reported on the board that subsequent rules iterations have become increasingly elegant (e.g, the core mechanics of each major line are fixed/streamlined version of the previous line in addition to line specific stuff). So, it seems to me, people (you guys and gals), could have done one of the following: 1. ignored it and just used the RAW 2. used the random eratta / house rules postings 3. converted the game over to a later system with some converison rules 4. done something else I'm not aware of In previous pings, i've gotten references to #3, but they're mostly of the "you could use Rogue Trader, and somoeone once posted something about it but I can't find it." I'd love to know for those who haven't done #1 what they've actually, successfully done so that I can just do that. There's an option 5, where someone converts it over to some generic system, but I'm not sure that's relevant here. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  15. RT makes sense, but don't the books from Black Crusade on have better mechanics/rules?
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