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  1. I just recently purchased these to cover my character cards: http://www.printfile.com/4x5-6prpackageof100.aspx I like them well enough but they are just slightly bigger than I would like so I just bought (but haven't received yet) these: http://www.printfile.com/4x5standardphotosleeve.aspx From what I can gather these should be a little more snug than the first ones. I can update you in about a week once I get them and let you know which I like better. Maybe even post pictures of the two side by side.
  2. talismanisland said: even carry a sleeved Talisman card in my wallet to test various solutions as I find them. Love it!
  3. I am looking for a good way to store my Talisman. I like most of you have the core game, all the available expansions, and will be purchasing the new expansions as they are released. I think I found a solution that would allow me to fit everything in a single box with plenty of room to grow but it would involve not using ANY of the original boxes. Would this be considered a sin against all that is Talisman? I am very new to the game so I don't know what is acceptable storage protocol. Is it a crime to throw out all the original boxes? I sure feel like it would be yet I don't what all these boxes hanging around either. Do I just suck it up and ditch them? Or do I suck it up and use more than one of the original Talisman boxes for storage? What do you do?
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