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  1. hey_yu

    TIE Interceptor?

    The Tie Interceptor is one of my favorite Imperial ships. The ship is fragile with 3 hull and less action economy compared to 1.0, I miss you PTL. That being said with a high initiative pilot, ahem Soontir Fel the ship is a good arc dodger with the ability reposition with a Boost and Barrel Roll, Soontir's ability gives it the much needed action economy as well.
  2. I was 1.0 player and getting slowly back in 2.0. Just wondering what is the typical initiative bid now. Thanks
  3. I'm primarily a 1.0 player slowly getting back into 2.0. The new Hyperspace format for the IMPS seems pretty challenging right now. The LGS I play at for their tourney is Hyperspace. Just getting folks opinion on improving the following list for a decent competitive build: (67) Darth Vader (3) Passive Sensors Points: 70 (42) "Duchess" (5) Hull Upgrade Points: 47 (76) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (2) Hull Upgrade (4) Dauntless Points: 82 Total points: 199
  4. I remember we had 200 plus page thread for the Assault Gun Boat. FFG finally delivered it to their customers. Kudos to you FFG! With the release of Clone Wars factions we can now petition FFG for something epic in X-wing Miniature gaming universe! Let's throw out some epic Jar Jar Binks crew card and/or pilot ideas for FFG! now is our time to create a 300 plus thead of pure Jar Jar Ness! Mesa sooooo happy!!!!
  5. This prepopulating squad name occurs consistently when I edit or create a squad with the name populated then back out from saving it. Followed by creating a new squad.
  6. Not sure if this is the same case for you or not. I'm using Android Version 1.0.3. When I create a new squad, sometimes the name is pre-populated with my previous squad name. For some reason this inhibits me from saving a newly created squad. I tried deleting and replacing the squad name and I'm still unable to save. I've worked around this by editing an existing squad and saving it. It seems to clear the squad name for next time I create a new squad.
  7. Using Android Version 1.0.3. Right now when I choose a modification for a ship I do not see Engine Upgrade as an option. Not sure if this was reported yet. Thanks
  8. I was wondering if there are any other L5R LCG web site resources out there besides FFG website and cardgamedb.com. Thanks
  9. The blog from the person who won the Canadian National. You can get their two cents: https://spaceowlsxwing.blogspot.ca/2017/09/i-won-thing.html An excerpt on why they went with it: The meta seemed right for Kanan Biggs. The four TLT shots are strong against Nym and Miranda and bypasses Selflessness and Draw Their Fire in Biggs lists. Contracted Scouts are a tough matchup, but fewer of them run Boba Fett.
  10. Of course, Howl's there to help with the rolls in combat phase.
  11. I was wondering if folks are having issues with swarms working with all the releases. I understand they can compete to certain degree and may do well in tournaments at times. However, I think the glory days of swarm are out (several waves ago) with the preference of 2~3 ship builds. I believe swarms are not as durable with the past couple of wave releases. They use to have volume of ships and decent agility for durability despite 3 Hull. However, bombs, alpha strike, higher damage output has put this out the door a bit, 3 Hull doesn't cut it as much anymore. Blocking to deny action economy is a bit out the window with all these new upgrade card combo to provide action economy. Also, the two ATK dice is not as effective despite the potential volume of fire. I'm trying to get some swarm lists working. I could use input and suggestions. Right now, my latest Tie Swarm list uses Snap Shot for extra potential damage output: [20PT] “Howlrunner” Snap Shot [16PT] Black Squadron Pilot Snap Shot [16PT] Black Squadron Pilot Snap Shot [16PT] Black Squadron Pilot Snap Shot [16PT] Black Squadron Pilot Snap Shot [16PT] Black Squadron Pilot Snap Shot Thanks
  12. The magic for me started fading after the release of Wave 8. The boost in the action economy, alpha strike, bombs, more cost effective ships (beefier in health and movement) , etc.
  13. Thanks for your input. I'm still playing around with list 1. Right now I only have 4 Tie Bombers and really don't plan to buy anymore. Two of the four Bombers are from Imperial Veterans. Yeah, TLT is boring. I went with it to give folks for a variety of lists to fly against. Yeah, I was thinking Kylo might help out. Though Operation Spec can do well with Rexler and I agree their are better ace pairings then Rexler with Chiraneau. Though I went with Rexler for something different and the potential of extra damage.
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