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  1. thanks guys,Major thanks for this i havnt played yet and am comming from at-43,and plan on buying the game today.so i guess once i play a few and get the rules,i will try this.thanks again i appreciate everyones help. john
  2. thanks for the quick reply oh and i am jealous dont really have anyone play against.thanks again john
  3. Johnnyboy3


    Hello,does anyone know if the skulls on the axis armor from the laser grenadiers in the box art is painted on or are decals?just wondering would like to add these or somthing like them thanks john
  4. its probaly been poated here before but i have been buying the minis,and am getting ready to buy the actual game,was just curious if there are rules with out the tiles.thanks and again sorry if this was posted before.
  5. awesome what store you guys play at ? what days do you guys play? are you any where near abington? i am thinking i of trying to do a anima day at battleground games,to try and get intrest.its a great game and would like to see it played all over massachusetts.maybe i could also come out there as well i am just not sure where that is.thanks john g
  6. any players here in mass playing,would really like to get some games going maybe some tourneys. thanks johng
  7. Hello, went to a kind of release _ demo day at adler hobbys in hollis new hampshire yesterday,what an awesome little game i dont know why i waited so long to try this.models are great rules are fun art work amazing whats not to like. anyway just wondering if there are any players here in massachusetts as well a few of us are starting to play and are looking to see if there are others in the area. thanks johnny
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