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  1. Thanks) Not played in skirmish yet
  2. Hello, I suspect a right answer, but... What is Commander Discs purpose? Where we use them? Forum search is empty.
  3. Ok, may be it will be Greyjoy. And it will be realy cool for me and favorably for ffg, as I know, there is many fanats of this guys. In the continuing of new terrain: what new token, places and other things might be added in the game? DragonWhimsy said: -1 doublesided mapboard (side A is Blackwater Bay (also suitable for all future naval battles), side B is the walls of King's Landing (which would be suitable for any future siege scenarios as well). Yeahh, nice. I doubt what we will ever see a naval battles, but fights on seaside looks fresh and funny. May be we will see dynamic landing on the coast from boats. In this case we have not start disposition and form our "squad" around commanders on the fly. Iron payment(sorry, do not found... is it right term?). You will get some moral or token for the each destroyed construction or unit. May be we will taken some dragons anytime... and may be we will taken some magic horn soon Other ideas?
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