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  1. Wow! It's cool, skeletons are as simple as wonderfull idea. I figure they're used like Voivodes.
  2. ??! said: Sorry, but I think you are wrong about the rubble. The Revised rules state on page 15: "A moving character who enters a Movement modifier circle must pay a modified movement cost at the time of entry." So I'd say a character with 7 MP can't end his 7th circle of movement in a circle containing rubble. I'm really sorry, I've a mistake.
  3. ??! said: Maybe it's another question somebody should ask FFG, they'll rule it one way or the other. Oh my God, don't make it please... I like to konw your opinions to value and disccuss them, I don't trust so much in the "official" answers.
  4. I read all the answers another time, and now I'm convinced that Mr. Sadler knows the rules of Tannhauser less than us: I think not only he never played to Tannhauser, but he never read the rules analysing them. The last example is the answer about Hoss' Prescience: the general rule means (in example) if a character has 7 movement points, he can end his seventh movement on a circle with rubble, because come in the circle with rubble is different to cross it, only to cross the rubble a character need additional movement point/s. In light of that, Hoss is able to use Prescience to come in a cirlce with rubble: I beleve in that not because it's my opinion, but 'cause of it's written. A lot of Mr. Sadler's answers are absurd (not only strange). I trust in the Miah's answers much more than these. PS: sorry for all my eventual gammatical mistakes, but I hope to have been clear.
  5. Moebius said: Is it? every faction has workarounds for that, be it grenades, out of path mental attaks or whatever... Also take into account that it affects your own team as well. Having oksana equip that token would mean that voivoves do not repair each other which is an added handicap versus the normal oksana set up. I would not squeeze 4 voivodes in a path, it makes them vulnerable to area effects but having them in pairs is also a good bet, a -4 to combat is usually enough to drive the success objective up to 9-10. mmm... I don't know.... mmm... I must think about that.
  6. Nobikaigan said: We use that ability as only -2 once... It is way too overpowered if cumulative I think. The -2 is enough to make it worthwhile for at least half of the voivodes you are fielding! I think so too
  7. I've Oksana (finally). She may have an equipment of Voivode, so all Voivodes under Oksana's controll share it. Now: if Oksana has Stroboscopic Lamp, is the CV -2 penalty cumulative for each Voivode on the same path? In theory it's cumulative (more Voivodes, more flashes in the eyes), but it should be unplayable... I figure four Voivodes on the same path, oh my God: CV -8! Only the grenades can make damages. Which is your opinion?
  8. I think it's like search in a create, or leave/take objects on the ground (in your/adjacent cirlce): the character who acts may leave/take/exchange his equipment from the ground, creates and allied characters.
  9. Moebius said: Now that we are at it, they should release a 2.1 version correcting everuthing appearing int he erratas, after all its all online, I am not talking about reprinting anything. Sure: this is the first step, the importantest. There are too "if" in the rules, too "maybe the rule means that". But how can we ask to FFG to give us news about errata corrige? In which way? Do we ask to who?
  10. All you said right: the promotion, the price, new board maps, a demo to introduce the game. I think the pdf rule book 2.0 should have to be free, I didn't see a core box with new rules in a market: all have the old version, and the retailers prefer to sell the old boxes in the storage (OK, this happens in Italy, maybe in USA/France/Germany/ecc.. is different) The rules should be clearer, without misunderstandings or contraddictions, and the release of new material (new figure expansions and new settings), without cleare rules, creates confusion and more difficulty to end a game without lot of questions if the mach has been correct.
  11. GOOD GOOD GOOD!!! Thanks for all your works, they're awsome!
  12. I do like Otar, but it isn't too comfortable... open and close... open/colse, open/close... oh I've fogotten this token out, re-open and re-colse, I need another rubble token (open-close)... The worst is to put away, but it's a well organized method. This is my box: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  13. Miah999 said: I agree, Asteros must have a empty circle to move to after each Bull Rush, so two people standing single file and adjacent would still block his movement. The only other interpitation is that you make all the stamina tests at once, if he wins them all he can move through, But I don't think that's what is ment here. It's as I think
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