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  1. Only if we get an Imperial version of Han and Kyle.
  2. I think the panels look great. It helps set the scale of the ship, it's wedge shaped but not an actual Star Destroyer. It would be hard to tell the scale otherwise. They also act as additional armor plating I would think. I'm not sure why solar panels on a corvette sized ship are more unbelievable than having them on fighters anyway.
  3. Hey guys. Fly casual, post casual.
  4. I need to brush up on my Imperial Officer quotes. "You may fire when ready." "Intensify forward firepower, I don't want anything to get through." "Good. Our first catch of the day." "We only need to keep them from escaping."
  5. Free upgrade, no drawback, no unique limitation. Interesting. Well, this officially means every single tie advanced will have a system upgrade. There's literally no reason not to. Agreed - that's sort of disappointing to see. I would have preferred a slightly more powerful upgrade that HAD a cost...or maybe a similar upgrade with a serious opportunity cost or disadvantage or something... As it is, there is nothing balancing this out - sure, the Advanced needed a fix, but...this way...as noted, it's just a card every TIE Advance will always be taking. Kinda...lame. Maybe. The only opportunity cost would be if they eventually came out with a second title for the TIE Advanced, and by using this one you couldn't use the other. But still, there is no reason to go without any title (that we know of yet). Why should it have an opportunity cost? The Advanced is the most underpowered ship in the game. Why chance that the opportunity cost would be too much and they would end up including a fix that doesn't work in an $80 box? The change to the Advanced needed to be huge and drastic with no chance that it would be ignored by the player base.
  6. It is indeed a beautiful ship. It's beyond anything I was hoping for. It's just... perfect in every way. This really speaks to X-Wing's popularity that they are confident that an original ship to the game will sell for $80-$100. And they couldn't include an assault gunboat as escort. We need that for wave 7!
  7. I am beyond impressed FFG. I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor here. I feel like every major hole in the Imperial's arsenal just got fixed in a single release. The Decimator was a pleasant surprise, but no one could have ever predicted that you would be allowed to design your own ship and add it to Star Wars canon. And it's so beautiful and deadly looking. Wow. I mean seriously, WOW. Ozzel and Palpatine! Now just put in Piett and Thrawn and I may never stop my eyes from tearing up. And that doesn't even touch on the TIE Advanced fixes. You took the least used and least effective ship in the game and made it very interesting indeed while finally giving the Imperials a viable mid-cost ship that isn't fragile. It was so badly needed. I LOVE Interceptors but an alternative was needed. Between this and the excitement of a third faction I couldn't be more thrilled with this game right now. You guys keep hitting it out of the park which is impressive given your overall lack of experience in the miniature gaming arena. This is really THE game as far as I'm concerned. Just well done all around. I can see myself playing this game years from now. And seriously, who designed the Raider? It's awesome. You guys have got to post the full "behind the scenes" on it's development.
  8. There's more emotion in the first 10 mins of JJ's first Trek movie than there is in all of the original Star Trek movies combined with the exclusion of "Wrath of Khan". Honestly "Wrath of Khan" is the only truly good movie of the bunch, the rest we liked just because they were Star Trek in spite of what we were actually viewing. VI made good use of the universe, a rarity for a Trek movie, but it felt like the actors were phoning it in, and the traitor was totally predictable. The Star Trek movies for the most part just flat out sucked. I say that as someone who has watched all of the shows except Enterprise. Having said that I'm still disappointed with "Into Darkness" echoing the ending to "Wrath of Khan". The whole point of the reboot is to do your own stuff, so do your own stuff. But all of that doesn't really matter. The new Trek movies were a reboot. JJ was SUPPOSED to change things up. That's what you do in a reboot. SW:TFA isn't a reboot, it's a direct sequel. Everything we've seen so far shows he is honoring the OT, more than Lucas ever did for that matter. So what reason is there to complain at this point?
  9. The imperial equipment in the trailer was not old equipment that pirates were using. Both the Stormtrooper armor and the TIE Fighters were new equipment and well maintained. If anything only the Rebel equipment looked run down. I think that's a HUGE clue that the Empire is still in control of a large part of the galaxy, possibly even still the galactic government. People need to get the EU out of their heads when thinking of this. We know NOTHING of galactic affairs after RotJ. Not even the most basic thing. Other than the Alliance and the Empire still exist in some form. Everything you think you know, you don't. As for ships from the new movies being used in X-Wing, of course they will. The Prequels weren't used because space combat was a minor part of those movies.There isn't even really an iconic ship you can point to that is shown throughout the prequel trilogy so we have no real attachment to them. Now count the amount of spaceships just shown in the teaser trailer. Spaceship combat is obviously going to be a much larger component of the new trilogy. And the ships don't seem that technologically advanced over the OT either. So there's no reason to make a separate game for it. But more importantly it's a lot easier for FFG to decide not to support an era of Star Wars that was fading out at the time the game came out than it is to decide not to use stuff from the era only now beginning, that will be the core of Star Wars for the next 10 years. And why wouldn't they? The fans they are specifically targeting with their game lineup is OT fans and fans of the 90's EU. Those fans on average are not passionate about the PT. But the Sequel Trilogy is going out of it's way to win them over.
  10. Um, you mean the Yuuzhan Vong ships? Weren't they basically B5 Shadows rip offs? For my sake, I'd have to join L0STHER0 in wanting Serenity. And, it's totally been done. (h/t Reynolds Vs Solo) I feel the need to watch Firefly once again. Look at what you did. Those cards are hilarious. Awesome.
  11. It's good to know that as a community, we not only fly casual, we post casual too!
  12. You know something went wrong with this game when it's about armies supported by dragons... and it's set in the Forgotten Realms instead of the Dragonlance setting. As for dragonriders in the Napoleonic setting, I'm going to have to go read those books soon. Hopefully those are turned into a movie, and eventually games. Silly WoTC, you HAD a dragonrider setting and you pissed it away. Now that might become the in-thing and you'll seem like a "me too" if you try to make use of it AFTER any Peter Jackson movies come out.
  13. I love dragons. I mean just look at my name. But being familiar with Wizkids as a company... I must regretfully pass. I soooooo wish FFG were the ones behind this. On the other hand I don't... I love X-Wing and couldn't afford both and still get into Armada.
  14. This theory sounds reasonable, there was a very large lull after wave 3. I remember when this forum used to lament how much new stuff Attack Wing was getting while we were getting nothing. I think that's why Attack Wing got so much traction was because of that lull. Now everything has turned around, we're getting the more interesting releases and so far it's all far better balanced. Sometimes patience is a virtue.
  15. Bringing order to the galaxy and looking good doing it. Where is that stress token from? I love how it keeps the look from the standard version but looks so much more vivid.
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