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  1. Thank you Buhallin. I agree that the rules as written are kinda unclear - it's not explicit that the progress bypasses the location and the location starts as active... that said... Caleb is the boss!
  2. This is my first time at GenCon and I know that some companies offer the ability to preorder for GenCon. Does this include FFG?
  3. Thanks Narsil! Sent an email, hopefully I get in in time!
  4. I have seen this kind of thing with other companies, it's hard to prioritise what is (usually) a loss leader like this when human resources are already pretty thinly stretched, but at the same time, it really is super important, especially to the hardcore fans who tend to get others into the hobby. Hopefully FFG will get to it soon. I know there are a ton of other tournaments getting going now as well. I think LotR:LCG is a bit niche by comparison.
  5. Sadly I don't play at Fremont although I do play with Kevin at work. I live in the Southbay so frequent trips up to Freemont in the week are a bit tricky. I hadn't realized there was such a great community there so I may try and head up more often.
  6. Freemont one! Hopefully at least one of the two gets it because I have never had a chance to attend one before (rural england wasn't too keen on these!) and I've been waiting avidly for 6 months for this event!
  7. Have game stores hosting been given info? GameKastle in the Bay Area applied to take part but (as I understand it) has had no confirmation...
  8. I know that not all the monster figs are currently available but will the others be coming? and will a complete set be made available?
  9. Seems like this is being ignored but I will add my name to the call for an Android version.
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