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  1. I play a Black Templar apothecary, that has focused on melee combat. He has good WS and Ag but poor S and T so he is more of an skillful combatant than a brute. He also has rather good scores in Int, Per, WP and Fel so with his skill sets acts as a secondary leader and advisor. He also likes to use inspire wrath and litanies of hate to spread his hatreds so he acts kinda like a chaplain too (not that I'm going to take that speciality).
  2. It indeed seems many different occasional books tend to fall apart. My barely used Mark of the Xenos book is going to be a paperback very soon. My other FFG books are fine however.
  3. Okay! Just throwing it out there. Originally we started having GMPCs because our games, over the years, shifted from combat heavy to roleplay heavy and most interesting roleplaying moments happened between PCs and things got rather boring for the GM on the long run.
  4. Question: What stops you from rolling a character? My group plays several RPGs and the main GM always has a character of his/her own and it is never sort of an NPC its a full-fledged PC.
  5. Sounds like a rather bad idea and not at all Blood Angel -like.
  6. borithan said: Frankly, in my version of 40k neither this or the Stormraven exist. The Thunderhawk is the Astartes' transport aircraft and air support, and that's the end of it. Same for me and I'll add librarian dreadnoughts to the bin as well.
  7. It looks really odd, nosecannon is rather stupid looking and I kinda get an overall orky feel from it. Its not space marine -like.
  8. The purpose of the Black Carapace is to maximize usefulness of the marines power armour not to act as armour. Its an interface between marines nervous system and his power armour. Black Carapace can be fibrous and resilient to hold the connection ports and neural links in place and safe but if it is rigid and inflexible wouldn't the marine just break the "carapace" by moving and flexing his muscles.
  9. Sound like a good plan, firing from windows would definitely work. If the players witness the shooting they might storm the building and prevent the humans fleeing even more likely so if they have jump packs. This might spoil your plans and reveal the humans plot too soon. Tau bodies left behind would need to be resent or they wouldn't fool the players especially if one of them is an apothecary willing to examine the bodies. Of course you could use livng prisoner(s) excecuted on the scene.
  10. Overall feeling from the demo is positive although I would have preferred to see some other first founding chapter than Ultramarines and I didnt like that all marines were without helmets. The demo glitched on me when I needed to drop the cannon, couldn't activate the button. I had to kill myself with grenades and try again, the button worked on the second try. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. I would say that appropriate sized human could wear Tau armor for most parts but as the Tau have hooves for feet the human would have to improvise there. If I recall correctly Tau also have four fingers so human made gloves would be needed. That said nobody would probably notice an extra finger in the chaos and if the human fired from some sort of cover his legs would be unnoticiable.
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