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  1. My friends and I were playing the base game last night and we ran into a little quirk that doesn't seem to be clarified in the rules. I was hoping someone here might have some insight into what is correct. The scenario is that a player loses a battle in which they used their last house card against a player that used her Melisandra of Asshai house card. The question is, does the winning player resolve Melisandra's ability before or after the losing player gets all of their cards back? Rereading the rules it states that any immediate effects apply right when the players reveal their cards, but I didn't see anything saying exactly when you resolve any "If you win this battle" abilities. My opinion is that the cards would be applied right after the "Battle resolution" step in the rules, and thus be before the house cards are discarded/redrawn. I am a little biased though, since I was the one that lost said battle =). Thanks for your input!
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