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  1. One of the set of cards that someone made for tactics they gave every conventional tank reload, and in warfare the .30 cal and .50 cal are very similar. M2s are vastly superior I know they did it for balance, just hate how weak they made them, standard body armor is no help from .50 Cal fire.
  2. I know something else that needs to be done is also to make Warfare point values for units on dust models, but if we make a good system for that it will make costing conventional vehicles easier.
  3. It be cool to get towed arty/AAA units as well but I know that be a unlikely thing. I don't think the gun teams would need a gun shield etc, just let them use the same rule snipers and observers have to improve the cover.
  4. Nice to see I am not the only one who think the .50 Cal and .30 Cal should not be so similar. I also agree with Jowinus that there's thing I dislike about the linked cards. I hate tanks having the reload skill, a tank loader can load very fast especially with the smaller shells used during the time period. As for the tank pivot, newer MBTs can do it pretty quick, but WW2 tanks would be reduced by there track and shifting of gears. Another big thing is that tanks are still in major use and still beat Walkers, in the Dust Tactics Zvergrad book, the SSU beat the Axis in an open field engagement, both vehicle types offer different benefits, they just need testing to determine their cost, but the a ks and half tracks shouldn't be costed more, having to find a acceptable model will often stop the average player from fielding them. The Bolt Action stuff is nice and they have a good assortment of vehicles to choose from half tracks to armored cars to tanks. I also agree with Warboss Krags armor values maybe jump the medium tanks to 4 and the Panther to 5 to represent Armor advances they incorporated across the board.
  5. I been hoping for gun teams, I would add mortar teams to that line up as well.
  6. I am looking forward to my SSU getting here, I expected the book to take a while so I pre-ordered all my stuff in two waves from Miniature Market. After reading through the Zverograd rules they mention the next Operation, Hades. I imagine it will be the SSU Infantry3 units and maybe the heavy SSU Walker/tank after reading Nikolai description and his IS-5A Karl Marx. What points values are you guys using Craig and what ranges for the SSU weapons? I am guessing 16 for the MGs, 12 for the Submachine guns, but it be nice to see what others are using.
  7. I would have expected a heavy allied victory, what he use the paratroopers for.
  8. Sounds like things are going good, glad the heavy didn't ruin your event.
  9. The close deployment helps the zombies, it'll be an interesting game.
  10. Sorry was pretty busy yesterday do you want ideas for both the Allies and Axis? Army concepts really depend on the players, are they experienced wargamers or newbies?
  11. Having worked with the Abrams tank for the last 12 years on and off (when not being an infantryman) I don't like the heavy walkers being to air drop, but after trying it out with my buddies it caught them off guard the first time but didn't make such a big impact on later games. I only have 1 squad of Brits, so maybe spamming them effects it more, but like Russ said earlier placing your squads spread out to extend there denial area. Hopefully they fix it so the squad can't act.
  12. I wonder if that's the issue, Cambers wrote the core, someone adds on and so on. But it's the feel I get, is it a horrible game no, I enjoy it I just don't understand the simple typos and heavy play testing by veteran gamers and rule lawyers would have fixed any of the other uncertainy. I know when someone writes they write in a manner that makes sense to them but that's why you have someone not involved with what you do read it afterwards to make sure it conveys the same meaning.
  13. I think I understand what your saying Warboss Krag, I have mainly lived in smaller communities so usually the only war games if any are what are normally considered the largest games which are some of the worst when it comes to editing and format. Also from my other experiences with FFG, they tend to do this a lot as of late because Deathwatch and the other 40k RPGs are full of errors. Some of their older stuff Decent and Tides of Iron aren't as bad though.
  14. Someone taking a HAW isn't the end of the world, it's not going to leave that player with many units and players who can take advantage of the battle builder can ignore it and kill the rest of his force, etc. Just make sure your not playing on a huge board and you don't help people beat him, (seen guys do that before it turns people off from games) he needs to enjoy it as well and it'll be a good challenge to see who defeats his list.
  15. If the SSU is in that's great, can't wait to see what they are capable of hopefully the Warfare book for them doesn't take long.
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