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  1. Anyone have any good ideas for this uber-sniper character? I've tested 2 or 3 versions as of yet and every single one has been severely underpowered. Right now I'm fiddling with the idea of a new weapon-type: Sniper, 7 (possibly 8) dice, unlike Heavy weapons, sniper weapons may ONLY attack on overwatch. I made Freya's special object to be that evil-eye thing from Field Ops, it allows her to make an attack against any enemy model on the board negating LOS. -At the end of a turn, if Freya is still on overwatch, she may either Place the "scope" token on a character card, or Attack an enemy whose card has the "scope" token. (possibility: remove the scope token whenever Freya attacks) I like the game mechanic thus far, only is has proven to be very very ineffective. Ideas?
  2. This has been the main problem I've had with Tannhauser's revised edition, over anything else. I just recently came back to the game and I'm finding it hard to be as fun as I think it should be. Maybe me and my friends just roll really well on shock rolls and not on attack, but it seems that in most games- no characters die (especially in 3 CP games), one or two at best. I'm trying out a new house-rule that you only roll 3 dice for shock. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any good remedies for it? I know that Deathmatch mode is a good remedy for it, but I find that Deathmatch mode is really just a contest of who has the most combat packs.
  3. Not overpowered! His mental stat would probably be 5 at the highest, and must win a mental duel as the attacker to place "mercy" tokens. In fact, in order to keep him from being useless I was thinking of adding an extra die to his roll if he has not yet used mercy on them and subtracting one if he has attacked them while they have a mercy token. Also, I haven't finished their rules, but you would either place one or two mercy tokens. one would be removed after the target's next activation. two would be removed one by one at the refresh step. This would keep things from needing 100 mercy tokens and the guy from being overpowered. (though I still don't think he would be, a simple HtH weapon and overall CV 4 doesn't make for a very good attack). Keep in mind he's a pilot, not at all like Mizu or Itami- his stats are rubbish compared to them. He's a support character like Irina, think stats and combat ability around those lines. As for the Kamikaze attack, that mostly just alters the game board. Sure you could put it over a much needed token the opposing team wants, but you have no say as to when the actual tokens and possible damage are placed- the dice do. ex: bringing in drop-troops in Warhammer 40k. I'm thinking the ability will go off on the roll of a 1 or 2, so a 1 in 5 chance each turn of it actually working. I figure most games are around six or so turns, that should work nicely. It will either come in at the start and give the shogunate a nice boost, or come in too late to do anything. Thank you for the aircraft Idea, I know it wasn't very good. basically just took a hero away from the shoguns and makes the other team start with wounds. I'm leaning towards, he can exit the game board via any entry point and blah blah blah. I don't like regular attacks, though. Almost every character I make inflicts automatic wounds with special abilities. My reasoning: Epic Characters. Natalya is slated to heal and Asteros is made to never take damage. 95% of attacks are meaningless to those characters, or at least Asteros. I want the ability to field such characters in Deathmatch or any mode. If the plane does CV6 5dice, it's going to deal a wound to most all characters except for those mentioned. An automatic wound will still only deal a wound to those characters, but will also hurt Asteros. But now you get my reasoning for him not being overpowered. Mercy tokens don't last long, and that's IF you get can get it to work. It was never my intention to make them lasting, even if he doesn't attack or anything. He would surrender but then the people would be all "Um...why is he still completing objectives?"
  4. Alright here's everything on my list. Gegengheist Gruppe (Jurgen Wulf, Gen. Mauler, Dr. Bathory, Krieger twins ((all at some stage of development)) Scientist trooper, Jetpack trooper ((not even started, but star wars snowtroopers with some mods seem to fit the bill))) Trevor Bruttenholm for BPRD Mercenaries: Disguising Spy Mummy and here's what I'm REALLY looking for and wanting help with, customs for the Shogunate! I want to take a small step away from the whole, tradition and honor thing and make characters focused on the horrible things done in the pacific during WWII Unnamed Male (Kiriyama in homage of BR?) - This guy is pretty sketched out already. His model is the Disciple of Ragnos from Star Wars minis. This guy is a jerk, and the Capt of an elite aircraft squadron known as the Killer Bats (thought I'd keep the anime theme). Due to the Shogunate's dwindling war resources, he has fought all over the place; instructing his troops to **** and murder during the occupation of China and sinking ships in Pearl Harbor. Special Object- Kamikazi. He can call down one of his aircraft to crash somewhere on the game board and place lots of volatile rubble and rubble and hurting anyone underneath. I'm thinking a random roll each turn to make it come down after declaring where- so it becomes one of those "Uuuhhh, should I go through there?.." moments. (and when you finally think it through to go, that's when it finally explodes, falls, etc) Combat- Wakisashi: (just a HtH weapon) Surrender: If beat target in mental duel place "mercy" tokens on them. A character with mercy tokens cannot attack him Merciless Strike: If attack target with mercy tokens, does HUGE damage Stamina- Wakisashi Smoke Grenades Kansai Land Mine Command- Wakisashi Airplane: (I'm thinking) you can roll a die up to three times before the first turn and consult a chart to see if you deal automatic wounds to any opposing characters. For each die you roll, this guy misses a turn. (so if you roll three, he could come in on the fourth turn) ??? IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS PLEASE Tokyo Rose (Sorceress Himiko?) I suppose she would have more bonuses against males than Miah's mercenary lady and use the Heroclix Kabuki mini. Also use mental powers if she is the himiko lady. Radioactive Zombie Mutants (troops) The Manhattan project had some unforeseen side-effects....
  5. no suggestions, looks perfect! very kickass.
  6. To be fair, hass horbinger is pretty hard to hit with any faction.. I would bulk up on shin agents, if you have two available to you. Seems to me that all the best Reich tactics involve staying off of the opponent's paths, but that's the exact opposite of what you would want to do against the shin. I forget the rest of their stuff, don't really play shogunate. maybe pick the packs that maximize their attacks. kill off everything but hass and then just gun him down with pistols later.
  7. I know, I was just saying too. maybe they'll see it. a bit off subject, is the celerity included with Mizu Kage a bonus token for her or a misprint?
  8. Do you happen to have a polished Vicar anywhere, Miah? I'm trying to figure out a way to make it SUPER awesome. I love taking actual weird soldier factions and tossing them into an alternate universe, like the TOY Streltsy and whatnot. I'm looking for a different model too though, I'm dying to make a witchhunting character or faction and Vicar would fit the bill but I don't like his axe. anyway, I'll shut up- on to business. Jeal De'Mason Ver. 1.2 - While unplaced on the board, Jeal does not gain or lose a primal token during that turn (the first turn, uncreated game abilities, etc) (additional rule to Skinchanging) - In order to replace Jeal's human form with his wolfbeast, you must have at least 2 primal tokens. (additional rule to unarmed wolfbeast attacks) - Also, every roll of a natural 10 counts as 2 successes. -Jeal's Movement attributes in wolf form are now 9,8,8,7 This is the most important rule, I don't think it overpowers him, at all really- but I am still not 100% on it. - While in wolfbeast form, Jeal may not be removed as a casualty. Instead, he uses the following attributes CV 6, SV 4, MV 1, Move 4 or 5. CP may no longer be spent on him for any reason and if further attack successes or automatic wounds are inflicted- the opposing team that caused them gains CP on a 1 for 1 basis. (He might also lose the ability of a 10 equaling 2 successes- but I'd rather leave him just as nasty in order to play off of opponent stupidity- besides, now he must attack the closest enemy and only has 4 or 5 movement.) Whenever Jeal returns to human form, remove him as a casualty. errata: - skinchanging may also be used as a declared action in wolfbeast. Regeneration in the stamina pack also substitutes as a possible declared action. As far as Jeal's movement is concerned, these actions work the same as attacking. You have to move into HtH with the closest enemy (if possible) and can use the rest of your movement to move wherever you can/like. If not within movement range of an enemy and using one of these alternative actions, you can move wherever you like. (this just makes things more complicated, I know- but I like it. The Union has enough simple characters) BASIC STORY PLOT Jeal's ancestors were a lineage of mystics in their homeland of Africa. In the Americas they became practitioners of voodoo, delving deeper into the black arts and the mysteries this new world they were forced into had to offer. The De'Mason name used it's powers to strike back at their captors. As deeper wisdoms only known to the natives were uncovered, the name became associated with howling, terrifying beasts. In such a way, Charles De'Mason wrought havoc upon the confederacy during the civil war before he died, and although scorned by his mother, Jeane De'Mason, his grandfather's unnatural practices fell into the hands of a young Jeal. A series of uncontrollable horrendous acts led to the incarceration of Jeal, where he was taken to Area 51 for study. He was given a choice, combat fatigues or an electric chair. It was a desperate move to rely on such a creatures abilities in the war effort. And he was immediately dispatched to the one unit thought to be able to control him.. the 42nd.
  9. Once per activation is used too much, it should be as much as possible- but instead only grants +1 success or +1 on a roll of ten. roll of 10 would be cool because it would seem like having to pass a stealth test to actually backstab. Might underpower her stamina pack a little bit, but meh.
  10. Forgot, pretty important, skills are: HtH, Athletics, Sneak, Archaeology Also, DnD uhallowed werewolf mini looks pretty good too. stumbled upon it while trying to digupstuffforVicar Reinhart
  11. This character would basically be a mix between Doc Savage's Liz Sherman and Warhammer's Konrad Von Carstein. The models I have used are the Heroclix Ultimate Falcon (with wings cut off and a home-made pistol) and the Reaper Werewolf model (the good one- but a Blitzhund from that one game would be sweet too). Jeal De'Mason would be a mystic inspired character. His ancestry were mystics back in africa who became practitioners of voodoo and other rituals in the Americas. Blah blah blah, native american stuff, blah blah, Jeal De'Mason is a werewolf. Faction Loyalty- UNION Human form stats: CV- 5,4,4,3 SV- 4,4,3,3 MV- 3,3,4,4 MoveV- 6,6,5,5 Wolfbeast form stats: CV- 6,6,6,6 SV- 6,6,6,5 MV-2,2,1,1 MoveV- 8,8,7,7 Wolfbeast special rules: - The only action that can be taken in Wolfbeast form is declaring an attack, it must be made against the nearest enemy model if possible (you may choose if more than one), if not possible, then all movement must be used to move as close as possible to the nearest enemy - Wolfbeast form may only use Ability tokens - CP may only be used in Wolfbeast to shake wounds and for counterattacks - When shaking wounds in wolfbeast, a CP shakes up to 2 wounds - When making an unarmed attack, rolling a success on a die lets you roll that die again, results are cumulative, you may not roll more than 10 dice this way. -When a declared attack action is cancelled for whatever reason, add 1 primal token. - When making an attack or shock roll, you may remove 1 primal token to negate ALL negative modifiers for that roll. SPECIAL: SkinChanging- At the start of every turn Jeal is in "human form" ,and the human model is on the table, add 1 primal token to your character sheet. At the start of every turn Jeal is in "wolfbeast form" , and the wolfbeast model is on the table, remove 1 primal token. If at the start of a turn Jeal is in human form and you have collected 5 primal tokens, do not add a primal token, your action this turn must be used to change in wolfbeast form. At the end of a game turn in wolfbeast form, if you have no primal tokens left- replace the wolfbeast Jeal with the human model. You may change to Jeal's other form as an action in either form. COMBAT: Colt 1911- Weapon, Pistol Knife- Weapon, HtH Savagery- Ability, In wolfbeast form you are treated as having the null mental characteristic STAMINA: Colt 1911- Silencer- Hardware, When you attack with a pistol your target may not counterattack Regeneration- Ability, As an action you may move up your health indicator one row. Only usable in Wolfbeast. COMMAND: Colt 1911- Voodoo Doll- Occult, discard when declaring an attack action to target any model on the game board for the attack. Unearthly Howl- Ability, discard at any time during the initiative phase to force your opponent to fail the roll. Any CP spent are lost. Only usable in wolfbeast form. So, let me know what you think or what have you. Basically, Jeal is based around the ability that he "can" one-hit kill any character in the game, so everything else sucks. He also adds HtH to the Union at the cost of extreme uncontrollability. Some things that are subject to change are his stamina #'s in wolfbeast and the 10 die limit on his attacks may be changed to 12.
  12. Good point, never noticed that. Still, I'd use house rules to let the ability destroy them anyway because he's a buttface poopmonster. Besides, I'd e surprised to see Yula live long enough to destroy just the axe.
  13. what I've noticed about Asteros is that he is based solely on the fact that his team is incapable of reinforcements in the 3CP deathmatch and basically gets no CP is games less than that. Still, I use house rules and abitrary game balance. such as: New player with Asteros vs. experienced player= no change (new player still going to lose) otherwise I have afew mainstay Asteros rules. Asteros' team cannot choose bonus tokens (seeing as that's an optional rule anyway) and/or that he is worth -2CP instead of 1. Each faction has ways of dealing with him. Union: heavy guns, use their core team (Tala, John, Barry). Give Tala's extra ammo to Barry or John and pray you get continuously lucky. Tala: Combat, John: Combat, Barry: Combat or Stamina, Trooper Alpha(s): Combat and/or Trooper Delta(s): Mental (trooper delta's mental pack won't do anything to Asteros, but remember you have a whole team to contend with.) Matriarchy: use their core team with lots of healing, Zorka's stats will actually be stronger than Asteros with Irina. Give Zorka the electric truncheon ASAP and have as many healing voivodes as possible along with Irishka. Zorka lacks Asteros' power but is much better than him if you manage to keep her team alive. I'd use Irishka's stamina or mental packs to get stamina bonus or even more voivodes. Zorka: Stamina, Irina: Stamina or Mental, Irishka: Stamina, Voivodes: Healing and CV boost Reich: I would stick with the anti-asteros squad I thought up (I don't quite remember what it was), but always use Hass Horbinger with mental pack. Also try out a HORRIBLE combination with Hass Horbinger with mental and x2 Strosstruppen with mental. As long as the Strosstruppen are at full health, they'll take the 2 wounds from Hass' reichdoktor ability but will almost certainly then heal the wounds with their attack damage. Yula can also be a good idea, get lucky on her attacks and you can leave Asteros naked. Shogunate: Haven't ever played as them yet but I would suggest Mizu with stamina as a mainstay, unless you have a certain tactic planned out. With her stamina Asteros cannot even touch Mizu other than bullrushing. Iroh I would say is also a mainstay, but his pack would depend on what your tactics are, I'd use either Combat or Mental. Iroh: Combat or Mental, Mizu: Stamina Right now I am also working on a Werewolf character for the Union who is VERY difficult to control, but could quite easily tear Asteros AND his team to shreds... so long as he can manage to stay in beast form and get lucky on dice rolls. If anyone has ever played as the VC is warhammer fantasy, this guy is basically Conrad Von Carstein.
  14. I can see where you guys are coming from when you say that fire grenades also have the smoke effect, I have no argument this time- I'll just continue to play my way silently. But let me brush something by you all: If fire tokens also have the effects of smoke, is there ANY point of taking Delta's other packs? No. I don't care what anyone else thinks, no there isn't. So I will continue to play with them only doing fire damage. As for people saying they're unbalanced, I don't believe so. I've used fire grenades plenty of times and had them used on me plenty. In the last game I was playing Matriarchy versus Union w/ Asteros (w/ combat) in CTF and won. Fire grenades f*** you up sometimes, but that's all that guy does. Gorgei moved through 4 circles, he took at least 3 wounds but because of a CP to stamina and a CP to shake- he only took 1. A CP to Irishka worked just fine, she must've moved through at least 6 circles and didn't take one. I've seen Zorka take a wound from fire, but I didn't and she must've moved through 8 circles. We were playing Gevaudan and they had put the fire on the red path on the very first turn- guess which entry point I was using? Pair of voivodes was decimated as soon as they hit the table and another was trapped in the corner by the gas tank. As far as strong characters like Barry and John entering one space and shooting somebody, I think that's the point of the fire grenades. Does the person stand a better chance of moving through a few circles, or testing their luck against those guys? And it's not like that character is all by themself, either. The guys I was playing against figured that they would just trap Irishka and then gangbang her anally with Barry's big black Flash gun A6A and Hoax and Delta. Didn't happen that way. Sure she was trapped and Barry could do what you're saying, but Gorgei and Zorka charging through fire with Irishka shooting mines over their heads put a stop to that **** before it even started. I can see fire grenades being a problem for the lower defenses of the Reich, but many Reich characters have OOP attacks- why would they EVER be anywhere near somebody with a fire grenade and if they are- why are they not in a position where they can escape it in 1 or 2 moves? And THEN, most of the other Reich characters are melee- so if they are right up in the Union's face like they should be- Delta is going to have to burn himself as well or retreat and f*** up their field position (probably just to be chased down and disemboweled by a charred and VERY pissed off Strosstruppen next turn). As i look at this stuff more, I think you guys are right about it screwing up LOS and all that- The fluff text describes it as having been accidentally developed during tests for the M15 grenade. But still, I'm going to play it my way not only for game balance- but for the balance of Delta's packs. I'm just going to deal with it like an actual phosphorous grenade. Sure it produces "smoke", but that "smoke" is burned up instantly and serves as fuel for the fire- not for nerfing LOS.
  15. Yeah, Hass has some weird abilities. Especially his stamina pack, if you happen to figure that out- let me know lol. Hass attacks off path oh, nevermind- I get it. lol, mid-sentence. Get him injured to his last row to mess up enemy rolls really bad, then from that point on reflect wounds onto friendly characters and put him right up in the enemy's face. Still, I don't like that setup. I've found that in any tactical game if you buy a unit with the purpose of being hurt or killed (even for an ability), that's exactly what they do. Also, I figured out why asteros is the way he is- 3 point games. His team cannot summon reinforcements without special tokens and your team can just send up troop after troop as cannonfodder. I've still been trying to think of more anti-asteros tactics but can only come up with the Reich. Eva is a great choice, probably better than Yula. I was playing a game with her and kicking ass, but then I noticed that she is supposed to roll 5 dice on melee attacks, not 4. Then she did even better. A good roll with Yula will destroy Asteros' equipment, but take Eva on the other hand- With Heizinger's bonus she would roll 6 dice. Add a CP to make CV 6 and she'll have 4 successes. We'll assume she won't live long enough to roll two 10's in one roll, but assume she gets a 10. That's five successes and Asteros rolls only 3 shock. Use Reichdoktor, if you must, and that's 4 automatic wounds. The shocktruppen can take it from there. For Union I can only think of smoke grenades. John and Tala w/ combat. Disable the opponent's attack and then force Asteros into 1v1 with John after Tala gives him extra ammo. If you're lucky, one of those rolls will have 7 successes. Barry can get 8 successes, but it's not very likely and he's not immune to smoke. Ramirez has lots of smoke immunity but can't help against Asteros. I guess you would just take 2 troopers Alpha w/ combat and hope for the best. I've been wanting to make a bonus token for Persius' dagger. I'm thinking it should: Persius' dagger is still lodged deep within the minotaur. As a bonus token, instead of taking up an equipment slot on a friendly character- It takes up an equipment slot on Asteros' sheet chosen by Asteros' player. Maybe add some cinematic effect to it. When Asteros attacks someone in HtH, instead of a normal counterattack they may take Persius' dagger, if they have room for it. In a later turn they can discard it while adjacent to Asteros and make some sort of test and... I don't know, inflict 2 automatic wounds or something. Maybe they have to make a mental test, then a stamina test, and then a combat test. If they pass all three then they inflict woundage You know how movies are, the big badguy already has something lodged in him and he keeps coming- or the good guy's weapon is broken and they make one last desperate attack, or both.
  16. Uuuuuhhh, alot of my work involves cutting and pasting and scanning, but I do have character pictures modified onto backrounds. They don't look too bad considering they have nothing to do with the art of tannhauser. Token quality varies, and probably half of them are ripped from various tokens of yours, Miah. Miniatures require "some" conversion.. Dr.Bathory: Heroclix Bulleteer and Wonderwoman(the one with her hair in a bun). Cut off their heads and put wonderwoman's head on the bulleteer's body. You will then need to find or make a stiletto knife and a surgical bonesaw to put in each hand. Use greenstuff to make her officer cap, apron, face mask, collar, belt pouches, and the "dracula-flaps" on her gloves. I haven't finished her yet, but the bulleteer model and the picture I am using look astoundingly alike. Sigmund and Simon: Heroclix Beastboy (his waist and legs), Heroclix The shadow? (some kid wearing a hoody and red cape holding two pistols), Mageknight royal pikeman, Mageknight (same fig as pikeman but has sword and shield instead of pike), and Mageknight swamp creature thing x2 (they're big and brown frog-type things). Both torsos of (the shadow?) will be used, I cut the capes down slightly differently to make them look different. Cut off one left arm for Sigmund and one right arm for Simon. I think both heads were modified from the royal mage-knight guys. Keep the shadow's legs for Simon, and use Beast boy's for Sigmund's. cut the arms that are left from the shadow models around the elbow and attach the royal mageknight's gauntlets. Cut off the swamp creatures' hands and cut them down to 3 fingers so they are not so big. Use the removed claws and attach them to the end of the gauntlets. Take the now 3-fingered hands and put one on the respective shoulders and then another on the hip of the opposite side. Use green stuff to widen beastboy's legs, make simon's cap, ties for both, chest strap for both, ringkraken for both, collar for both, plates on the gauntlets, and folded up sleeves for the missing arms. Now these guys took some converting, but like Bathory- they look amazingly like the picture. Mauler: Heroclix Bizarro (his head), Heroclix The muscle? (I don't know, it's some SUPER beefy guy wearing a black tank, green pants, and is bald with a lightning bolt on his head). Exchange the heads and use green stuff for Mauler's neck contraption, suspenders, and to thicken the other guys pants. That should be it and look pretty darn close. Jurgen: Heizinger Kommando: Dust Tactics Axis Recon Grenadier. I used the model holding his AR at his hip. Cut off the helmet and gasmask apparatus, smooth it out, and cut off the tops of the shoulder armor. Voila! Kommando! I just tried to upload some photos but, epic fail. Anyway. Character pics are pretty decent, I also custom made some Streltsy troopers and other than a slight color and quality difference they look exactly like they should. Other than that, everyone would be better off making their own tokens. My best tokens are either ripped from Miah or Doc or scanned from actual tokens, the rest involve Microsoft Paint, which can only crop squares. *face palm*
  17. Right now I've been working on quite a few Tannhauser editions and have successfully made Kommando from Bloodrayne and a "Nika Volkova" (a sister character to Gorgei. I'm very close to finishing the "doppelganger" Krieger twins from Bloodrayne. I'm wondering if anyone might have any ideas for tokens to help me. I'm running out of ideas. They are basically hero-class voivodes. First, they have a few special rules (dictated from the characters in the bloodrayne game): -When one of the twins is wounded, the other twin model/card takes the wounding and the attacked model is unaffected. -they have 3 health rows instead of 4 -they have 3 token slots each instead of 4 (They must also choose the same equip pack) -When one of the twins dies, the other is allowed one more activation and then is killed as well. Other than that, they function as normal separate heroes (not like Hoax's invisibility), they get their own movement and action. They have only acouple of skills due to them getting 2 actions. Special Item: -Razor-Swastika-boomerang-things/ Weapon, HtH: Counts as HtH but works like a grenade without exploding. 4 spaces and last 2 can be on different path? If they need to be stronger, the swastikas will have a stunning effect like they did in bloodrayne. Combat pack: -Joint Attack: A single stronger attack, will probably have a defense ratio capability of damaging. Why? Because I hate Asteros and Reichdoktor and Iroh w/ combat is just not enough. - I got nothing right now Stamina pack: -Adjacent wounding ignoring: Like Oksana and her voivodes but not as strong. Also very crappy seeing as it forces the twins not only onto the same path, but into adjacent spaces. - I got nothing right now Command Pack: - Got nothing. These guys will only be playable on my Gegengheist Gruppe faction. If anyone has any other ideas, here's a recap of what is left for me to make for the GGG. Dr.Bathory "the butcheress"- Special item is a weapon (surgical tools) that inflicts negative status effects instead of wounds. She will also make use of Miah's surgical kit and can bring daemites to the playing field. Daemites will attack any model indiscriminately and any model suffering their last wound to a daemite becomes a daemite possessed who work in the same way but are much stronger. Brigadier Gen. Mauler- Only has one pack, like Oksana. His 4 tokens will make him quite difficult to kill for a normal hero and a BEAST in HtH, and his movement stat is going to be TERRIBLE. His special token will allow him to bust through walls and make new paths on the game map by lining up rubble tokens adjacently from space to space. He will also be unaffected by rubble tokens. Basically he **** up the game map and tries to survive long enough until he can catch enemy models and throw them all over the place. Jurgen Wulf- Above average stats. Has 4 tokens and may pick any combination of 2 of them. People familiar with the game might recall that Jurgen was in posession of 4 pieces of the devil Beliar: His teeth, rib, hand, and an eye. So far: Hand: For unarmed attack rolls roll 2 dice and take the mean of the two #'s, rounded up or down- this is how many dice he will roll for his attack roll. Teeth: Jurgen's fire breath, I'm not sure how this should work Rib: I'm thinking spend 2 CP to gain a second activation, unless you guys can come up with something better. Eye: Not a clue..
  18. Yeah basically. If Stross ain't at full health he's dead, but if he's at full- he stays there. I suppose it's not too hard to inflict 1 wound to a trooper, though- so this setup shouldn't be too nasty.
  19. As far as Oksana's voivodes are concerned, yes they are different than the normal coils. If you read the flavor text it says that they are an upgraded version and therefor stronger. Very sad that they aren't that way for all characters with them, but whatever- if you ask me, it's the matriarchy that is targeted for being overpowered most often.
  20. Those are some nifty rules, I kind of like them- but I think you will find that they will make Zorka's team MUCH stronger. Tesla coils are basically like knives for most characters, they're just junk thrown in packs to fill up all the tokens yet not overpower one pack over another. Zorka's team is all about the nasty Zorka being supported by her little buddies. Her little buddies are what make her REALLY nasty, making her stronger or summoning reinforcements or healing her and infinitely healing voivodes, throwing down mines, accompanying Zorka's attacks, etc. By making tesla coils so much better for her supporters and keeping them alive, teams such as the Reich are going to have an even more difficult time taking her down. Sure they damage Zorka when they die, but no more than the guns of the Union would. I don't know if you've ever played the 1.0 rules. If that game was unbalanced, it was the matriarchy. Tesla coils ignored 1 wound per attack and super T's ignored 2. Saving grace was the Union's insta-kills.
  21. No, I haven't done it. Just took a Necromunda scenerio and modified it for your need to put your friends into competition. I would say use 5 tokens and perhaps a map with 4 entry points, even though the 4th wont be used- it will still have a token nearby. The more tokens the better- to a point. I think 5 would be the magic #, seeing as the other 2 will require some running. Also, 5 tokens does not encourage 2 winners. With 4 tokens, your friends might still work out a deal to kill you and have 2 tokens each at the end. With 5, it's much more likely for one to betray the other. Also, You might try 6, to accomodate the tokens for your own team. And yes, you are right about how the tokens work. I don't think there are many tokens in the sets for this, maybe make it an artifact race? Use the Book and parchment from Daedalus, A gold token from Wolf, the syringe and a color-coded tesla thing from Novgorad, and a document from Yula or Oksana if needed. Or perhaps you could use crate tokens (If you aren't using them on action circles) or Asteros' equipment tokens. Or just use anything else: popcorn, pennies, etc. I don't have a link or anything either, but I would reccomend the Catacombs map. Daedalus would work as well, but at least everyone sharing spawn points could attempt to run in different directions in the catacombs.
  22. Artemus Maximus said it all. I play a game called Necromunda, 3-way matches are hard but not impossible. Try this: A map with at least 3 entry points, each entry point is tagged for 2 teams. 1. Reich + Union 2. Reich + Matriarchy 3. Union + Matriarchy each player's team is split up into 2 groups, one for each entry point. Group 1: 2 Heroes/ Group 2: 1 Hero and 2 Troopers (one group per entry point) This will be a VERY bloody match, make it harder to manuevre from one point to another with barricade tokens. Place a token to collect (much like flags) near each entry point and perhaps one in the center of the map. Have this game last a certain # of turns (perhaps 6) and it ends after the last turn. Whichever team carries the most tokens at the end wins! This setup will effectively hinder the matriarchy by separating Zorka from her supporting characters, and separate her supporting characters from their protector. This setup will also force your friends into competition in at least one entry point. This setup, also, while having a "plot", will probably be more kill-happy than a deathmatch.
  23. I can't believe I never thought of it before.. Hass Horbinger and Strosstruppen, all with command pack... Super-strong stross buffered with Reichdoktor and the enemy CP crippled. Sure, they take 2 auto wounds for those extra successes- but they heal for each wound they inflict.... *shudders*
  24. And Katsuyori, think about Descent: Journeys in the dark. Descent works the same way, where a character can start and finish movement with or without an action at any point in their activation (but after having declared what their action will be). Such an activation is called an advance and is written in the rules almost as simply as I just stated. When the rules declare an outline for an activation, it is a 100% must. A person can -Advance -Run -All-out attack -Order (or something very similar to that). You MUST do one of the following, because there is NO point to standing still. You wouldn't not do a guard or dodge order, even when apparently safe, unless you wanted to be an ass to your teammates because your characters are all neck ****** deep in a nest of enemies. You wouldn't stand still in tannhauser unless you want to be an ass to your opponent. If your character is too much of a wimp to stand up against whoever you are playing against because you ****** up tactically and you have no CP- too bad. Have some balls and fess up to your mistake and take it to the face. I know it's just a game and I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ****** overreacting and trying to take out frustration on something totally unrelated, but at the same time.. It's a game, why can't you allow your opponent a SINGLE attack against you when you **** up and they have every right to? I apologize for my internet etiquette. I don't mean to argue, it's just that there's 2 **** pages and a subject that I think the rules CLEARLY cover and i have NEVER had a problem with. I see what you guys are saying, but I think - AT BEST- the rules state either way 50/50% I see that when it states "can move and take one action" it refers to a vague outline, but then it takes that vague outline (of the broad term of acting and the various ways of moving) and then declares in direct sentences what a character performs. I sincerely believe that following the pattern of rules that it would also bullet "Neither Move nor Act" because otherwise there would be no point to saying "without moving" under "Act" and "without taking an action" under "Move". Sure you can Move without using the full value, even reduce that value to 0- but the latter is "without moving". And I could see Miah's skipping activation, but like Katsuyori I also like to be very prudent about words. The rules state you MUST signify that a character has been activated, and ONLY makes mention that a turn ends when all characters have been activated or put on overwatch. All I'm saying, is that if you should want to do nothing- you should be under that "on overwatch" category. The only difference. Totally off-topic, today I beat my friends who were using Asteros!..... It was capture the flag... And I didn't even bother trying to put wounds on him... And I was matriarchy... But hey! I was using the starting point on the red path, and guess what ******* path they put a fire grenade on before I had all my voivodes out and 1 of 2 was trapped? And hey! Was loving how Irishka's meteops target circles and not characters and how any character currently standing in makes it detonate! Take THAT Hoax!
  25. eh, just adding my opinion. And we've never had ANY such problem or have had to institute any such house rules to fix or argue over broken gameplay. @Miah and Katsuyori: A VERY valid arguement, but one that I think branches into a different subject. your pg. 10 reference: When his turn to activate a character comes, a player MAY choose to activate ANY character on his side who has not been activated yet and is not on overwatch. My pg. 11 reference (same section, but under marking activations): When a player finishes activating a character, he MUST place an unused objective token facedown on that character's character sheet. This placement indicates that the character may not be activated again in the current game turn. WHEN ALL CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED, OR ARE ON OVERWATCH, THE TURN ENDS, AND PLAY PROCEEDS to the Refresh Tokens step (see page 10) You draw attention to the "player may choose" on pg.10. Which is stated very cleary. But it also references "any" which could, and may refer specifically to "may choose any character". And if we are going to pay close attention to such words as can, may, and must. The same section states that an activated character MUST have an objective token placed on it to state it's activity this turn is over and only after it is activated. Also, it states that in order for play to proceed to the next turn, all characters must be activated or on overwatch. I still disagree with Katsuyori though. If you ask me, if it's just vaguely outlining what a character can do during an activation- it would also state "Use no movement and take no action" or rephrase "Move without taking an action and/or without moving." and it wouldn't say "performs one of the following". Like I said, my group has NEVER had any such problems playing the way we do. In a narrative sense, in my book: overwatch portrays a character carefully on guard or exerting all effort and adrenaline to even the odds on a faster opponent (or something like that). It promotes a more fair gameplay if you ask me. If one player wastes a command point to get the drop on an enemy, then the target should also have to spend a command point for them to "hide" behind something that isn't really on the map (seeing as LOS is the whole point of the pathfinding system). "command-point wasting gameplay" might be more tactical, but think of it this way- How many times have you heard people complaining and whining about how useless overwatch is? And it seems to me that more people agree with the way you guys play. I'm just putting out there a way of playing that is 110% supported by the rules and 110% effective. Even if you want to talk narrative, anyone "standing still" on a battlefield (especially around an extra trigger-happy enemy) is dead, dead, and dead. If I was to personally play that way, I would instead give the overwatch player 2 free attacks on such a target to represent them being extra wary and the other person doing extra nothing. Also, if that character is "hiding"- how come a character NOT on overwatch can attack them??? Wouldn't a charging person be less aware of his surroundings and the position of an enemy he didn't even see? I guess this is just my opinion, but isn't overwatch supposed to be overcoming of initiative and portray watchfulness? Wouldn't a faster, more perceptive soldier spot where an enemy is hiding or moving before one who is running around and ducking in and out of cover themself? Sorry if I sound angry and ****, I'm just really irritable. Someone VERY close to me passed on VERY recently and I'm just trying to get my mind off it.
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