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  1. I am guessing Fantasy Flight is done making official content for the second edition. Is that correct? If so it is sad, because the co-op app was really fun. I was hoping for either more campaigns for the app or for more expansions. It seems odd to me given how many posts this community has. As in there's money to be made yet they don't release anything else. I also have not heard of a formal announcement for a 3rd edition. Thoughts everyone? And to be clear "Descent doesn't need any more expansions/DLC/etc" isn't the point of this thread.
  2. I am looking forward to getting this expansion. But shipping for $15? Really? Seems like shipping costs went up after Asmodee took over.
  3. I saw Heroes of Terrinoth announced today. I have mixed feelings about this. It's nice to see FFG giving Terrinoth some love. I don't like that Descent 2nd edition is still being ignored. Perhaps this is indicative of more content to come but I see it as adding (recycling) heroes and enemies, locations etc. for HoT in lieu of making new releases for Descent 2nd ed. What do you all think?
  4. I have to agree with Sidious: I too prefer physical content. Seems like Gloomhaven is the popular game this year. My group will be running thru Gloomhaven starting this Christmas break. Until Descent comes out with more 2nd edition content we won't revisit it. I won't be on board with a Descent 3rd edition. I've gone thru 1st and 2nd edition Descent and I feel 2nd edition is incomplete. Several heroes are missing from the conversion update. I was expecting more classes too. The app is nice but is not a substitute. If 2nd edition does not get more content I will not trust FFG to treat a 3rd edition any differently. Which is a shame because I was starting to purchase more Imperial Assault content but honestly IA is following a similar pattern of slowing down in content production. I realize the IA App came out recently and I've seen the old-as-time-itself argument of "The company is busy focusing on <insert product here> and therefore not Descent or IA." That argument is irrelevant to the point. They can choose to focus on specific products and I can choose to keep my wallet closed and open it for another company that continues to focus on a product that performed well. Look at all the posts for Descent compared to other games. This isn't one of the less popular games by any means. They need to invest more into it instead of asking customers to jump ship to another one of their products.
  5. You've missed several boats, friend.
  6. Seems ludicrous to expect a company to continue to pour resources into developing an app and then offer it for free. They offered the initial base for free so players could see if they like it. But further enhancements would obviously not be free. I thought it was very generous for FF to offer the base app for free. The net effect of more people buying the game and expansions is irrelevant; FFG invested resources into the app and therefore they charge for app addons. It's quite simple. And the opinion of "I'm not paying for it because digital should be free", while not grounded in reality, is your right to choose. I'm certain if you hold that opinion that you also never purchase PC or console games as well. Because those are also digital content. And whether those purchases accompany physical board games is also irrelevant: you paid for digital content.
  7. Out of everything I've seen this far for 2nd edition I am most excited about this. I am curious how the story telling will fare but the 2 hour randomized mini campaign looks awesome. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/30/delving-deep/
  8. Let's have more! - inebriated - high - bankrupt - paralyzed - charmed - silenced - schizophrenic (maybe this is hybrid class? ha) - euphoric - asleep - addicted (must drink potions or suffer health loss) - clumsy - tardy - beserked - hipster
  9. I see that this next expansion can be a sequel to Mists of Bilehall or a standalone. The Chains That Rust. I am liking the hybrid class card idea. I do wish we would see new hero classes. Perhaps those will come eventually. What do you all think of this new expansion?
  10. I get he's trying to be funny but this statement is so ironic.
  11. I’ve been playing Descent for at least 5 years now. I led multiple RtL campaigns in D1E and have led several campaigns for D2E. I finally got to play a hero character around year 4 because one of the other players wanted to try being an Overlord. This is a group of 5 people that I have consistently played with the whole time. Playing as a hero was very fun and a nice break from playing the Overlord. In that sense the app wouldn’t make much difference other than as a reference tool. We’ve used the iPad tablet to query references and track progress, but that’s it so far. On the other hand my wife and I rarely play because we’d rather be on the same team than play me vs. her. Unfortunately prior to the co-op there was no option to do so. The co-op missions were fun but short. So I plan to use the campaign app so she and I can play the co-op. And for the other group with 5 of us I will not use it to represent the overlord. And I feel nothing is taken from the game that way. Rather, I feel that the game has been expanded and added onto. There are more ways for me to play Descent with other people and different groups of people. It seems pretty awesome to me. I think it’s pretty ridiculous to get all up in arms because an app is being released to support a game. Emphasis on “support” as in not “replace.” At the end of the day if you don’t like the app then put your big boy pants on, get over the fact that it exists and don’t use it.
  12. I personally think this app will be awesome and I am looking forward to using it. Sometimes my friends and I have all wanted to play heroes and nobody wanted to play as Overlord for a campaign. This will allow us the opportunity to do so. I am glad it's not required to play the game too (How could it be? It is being released years after the core game came out) because people can choose to use it or not. Super stoked about this.
  13. Yes- the hard copy is in the box, or course. The way the statement was phrased I began to wonder.
  14. Surely you are referring to an electronic version.
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