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  1. FYI In the french "Ravage Magazine" of September/October, there are rules for a Tannhauser solo mode, with a new hero (played as a coach/trainer) : Sergent Killgore, the "mascot" of Ravage Magazine. I have not tried the rules yet. Killgore will be created in miniature (the green is in progress). See the character here : http://editions-thermopyles.fr/ravage/index.php?page=killgore Some years ago, Ravage was the magazine that published the mercenary Wolf.
  2. Whaa I like very much these packs !! My ideas aren't so good. I will try it just like this.
  3. Hi, I'm thinking about another epic hero /beast that could "equilibrate" Asteros. As there is a map with the oupost in Gévaudan, the "Beast of Gévaudan" from the french legend came in my mind. I'm developing its stats without weapons (but large claws), clever, very rapid and 5 lines of life. For the miniature, as there is no definitive representation for it in the legend, one could choose whatever beast he wants to play with. For example, a dire wolf, a sabertooth, a lion, a werewolf, an hellhound, a great bear....The picture on the character sheet should be enough dark to be used by everyone : for example, only two eyes in a black forest. Have you other ideas ? I will post the stats when finished
  4. Hi Doc, You and Miah made a very interesting Indiana Jones character !! I will try it but with a customisation of Monterey Jack from Arkham Horror (BTW, It's a pitty that you do not have time for Ikarus )
  5. Hi Doc, Plageman, Just an idea. I play Ikarus Faith with tokens I made my self but there are not very cool. So, if you have time, it would be nice to have cool tokens, character sheet, ... for the V2. Plageman made the description of the equipments here : http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=48&efcid=1&efidt=356196&efpag=0#358091 Thank you
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