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  1. Why not use some form of the Dual Shot mechanic in addition to the horde rules? For every two in a Horde, it's a dual shot....which would allow only one soak of their toughness? Or, if that makes them TOO weak, make it for every 3 or 4. That way you still get the feel of how 'ard a Space Marine is, but also give the needed effect for concentrated fire.
  2. Having never done ascension, I can't help you with anything related to that. However, I can tell you that if you have a high WP/WP Bonus then telekine far outstrips any other discipline in damage. Also, pg. 168 of Radical's Handbook: " Every time you successfully manifest an Arcana, you gain a number of Corruption points equal to 1d10 minus your Willpower bonus."
  3. In that I agree. I've actually got it all planned out on how to get my Force Weapon...I just need to see if my GM will agree with it. Here's my idea. With the insanity points I've gained at Chargen (12) I need to spend a decent amount of time meditating to lower it before I hit rank 4. Now, instead of just going off into my cubicle and spacing out, I've come up with the idea of going the Way of the Blade. In my next afteraction report, I'm going to be requesting to be sent to Lathe for some much needed r/r (I sustained Crit 2 damage our last encounter) so that I can "try" to find someone to teach me Trade, Armourer. I want to use that as my meditation (although I actually have the talent meditation.) While there, I was going to use the time to root out any legends (SLore Legends) about old Force GreatWeapons....preferably a claymore....and see if I can piece them together. If there aren't any, I was going to train and train to be able and craft one.....or have a TPriest craft one, with some form of understanding between us. (Might even use the TPriest in our party who's a Heretek, and he'll be leaving the group soon due to moving away.) It's only a semi-half-formed thought at the moment, but I thought it had potential.
  4. From what I can find, as well as my poor math...you almost have to combine monthly stipends, bonus gelt, AND looting/granting shiny things it seems. For instance, a basic Force Sword costs 3500 Thrones. And is should be attainable by Rank 4 (the first rank you can take Templar.) If you go off of pure stipend you would need.....well, several YEARS to pick one up.
  5. Oh, I hear ya! It just feels wrong stripping bodies for loot in DH...but must needs ya know? I'm digging all of the ideas though! Both threads have come away with some good ideas, all sticking to pretty much the same theme. Essentially, if your team is having to loot bodies for anything other some new shiny, your'e doing it wrong.
  6. So the majority that I'm hearing, is that most people don't have a problem making sure their group is geared?
  7. That's actually a fairly elegant way of dealing with it, as long as you have the char types that you can do that with...as well as have agreed on the gear level everyone will be playing with. I would say that one of my group's biggest concern is dropping xp on talents that will never be used, due to not having the gear to do so.
  8. I posted this in the general forums for players, but I wanted to get the GM's thoughts as well. As the title asks, what is the general thought behind the Monthly Stipend? I know it's for a month of gametime, but how long does that equate to in your games? My current group just finished a mission in game-time of 3 days...which was 2 sessions...and 600 xp. Is this the norm? At this rate, we won't even come close to being able to afford any more than the most basic of gear and such. Of course, our group having seen this pace, has become a bunch of loot monkeys....which just doesn't seem right. But in the end....must needs right? Also, what's the general guideline for gearing? There are some really awesome pieces of kit and gear...but when do you feel is a good time to grant your party access to them? If you go based off of the monthly stipend...most stuff is going to be and stay inaccessable. What are your experiences along this thoughtline? And also, what have been your solutions? What have you done when your party found itself with several different weapon talents? Did you make those weapons accessable to your players? Did you choke them out in regards to how many Thrones they had so they couldn't feasibly buy it? Please, share your experiences.
  9. As the title asks, what is the general thought behind the Monthly Stipend? I know it's for a month of gametime, but how long does that equate to in your games? My current group just finished a mission in game-time of 3 days....which was 2 sessions....and 600 xp. Is this the norm? At this rate, we won't even come close to being able to afford any more than the most basic of gear and such. Of course, our group, having seen this pace, has become a bunch of loot monkeys. Also, what's the general guideline for gearing? There are some really awesome pieces of kit and gear...but when can you feasibly find them? If you go based off of the monthly stipend....most stuff is going to be and stay inaccessable. What are your experiences along this thoughtline...and also, what have been your solutions and such? What have you done when you've found yourself with several different weapon talents, and no access to those weapons?
  10. Yeah, for a while a few of us were keeping it pretty active, but they're mostly an in-store thing now.
  11. The best place to look in regards to any gaming needs would be Heroes Only. One of the only gaming stores in Cheyenne...unless more have opened up in the last couple of years. You can get in touch with the guys there at heroesonly.net. Last I was there, they were a great group of people with a very wide range of gaming experience and interests.
  12. Maybe there's something I've missed....but why does a Psyker always react first?
  13. A lot of it depends on your GM. Mine has outright banned the BoM version, meaning all that's left is the IH version.
  14. I'd read about that before actually. However, I'm not sure if it'll be an issue for our group....since most of them are unlikely to even LET me heal them...unless its from the brink of death. It's yet another thing to think about though.
  15. I had been thinking about the point of purchasing a minor power for 100xp last night, and yeah...it didn't make sense. I'll just hold off until Psy 2. Thanks for the advice on that one I have checked with my GM as well, he said he doesn't believe in giving xp to someone who wasn't there, so that player won't be "bumped" to the rest of everyone's level. An understandable point, to help promote actually showing up for sessions. I think I've figured out what to do, thanks to everyone's help! Here it is: FLore (Warp) - never in question SLore (Occult) - I agree that it would seem to be useful in many situations. Possibly even our current one. Quick Draw - just too handy. I went ahead and dropped Meditation with the intent on picking it up after several in-game attempts to Meditate without the talent. Essentially getting the knack for it. In terms of mechanics, that would be right after picking up Psy 2 most likely. Thanks again for everyone who has helped get me this far! I look forward to posting updates of how things have went, as well as my continuing queries for the veterans on the boards!
  16. Alright, so after a good bit of thought, and warp searching, I've had to come to a decision. You see, my GM was going to allow the 300 xp that I spent gaining Living Nightmare to count towards Rank progression. At first, I was pretty happy with this, cause it meant that I could pick up Psy 2 now. However, I keep coming back to a couple factors. First, is that they're not supposed to count towards rank increase. Secondly, is that someone in our group couldn't make it to our first session, so this coming session he'll be a shiny new recruit. After going back and forth all week, I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and follow the book, and not count Living Nightmare towards Rank advancement. Which means of I 300 xp worth of Rank 1 talents and skills. This is what I'm looking at: FLore (Warp) - I just see this as a must.....since this is what I do. Meditation - I've got a hefty amount of starting insanity points that I need to work to get rid of. Meditation has no mechanic bonus to that effect, however, the GM has stated that self-reflection and meditation would be a good way for me to some points. That leaves me with 100 to work with. I'm torn between SLore (Occult) Minor Psychic Power - to go ahead and pick up Spasm Quick Draw - always useful Stat increase - I'm thinking INT since once I hit Templar, INT boosts go crazy expensive. What say you?
  17. Lol, I think if I used Shape Flesh to gain some of those traits my party would just up and shoot me. However, my GM has stated that if the party can come up with a good reason on why they would all take it, we can take the Cell Doctrine of Sanctioned Wardens. That way I have less chance of blowing up my head. That is until the Guardsmen with the Grenade Launcher decides to do it.
  18. I like the idea behind the Long-Las. I was worried when you were suggesting guns, since my BS is so crap....but the bonuses explains it pretty well. Very good ideas. I've been mulling over how to handle my psyker until I get to the iconic Rank 4. Some very awesome suggestions and ideas. I may take Biomancy instead of Tele just to reign myself back from being TOO ungodly. Biomancy has some great powers, between Seal Wounds, Regen, Agony (for those interrogations) Hammerhands, etc. Still a very fun discipline without getting too nuts. And yeah, the Hammerhands + Burning Hands combo could be a lot of fun. May have to burn a discipline power to pick it up.
  19. Yeah, that would seem to be it, lol. Anyways, we've been given a total of 300 xp (since I'll be painting up a suitable mini once I can find one.) I'm looking at taking Forbidden Lore (Warp) for my last 100 in Rank 1, and then Psy 2 once I hit Rank 2. For Psy 2, I'll be adding some of the Minor powers that looked good that I couldn't take first. We'll also be getting 500 or so gelt once we complete this mission, so I'm looking at gear. I've been reading through some threads about gearing, and several have mentioned kine blades. Are these in a supplement or something, cause I can't find them at all.
  20. NVM, I found it under the actual Talent descriptions. Psy 3 you get one discipline, and then Psy 4 you get 1/2 your WP in discipline powers. Which means in regards to gaining powers, my current WP of 52 is going to be as good as I can go....since that'll gain me 3 discipline powers. I'll be maxing at 67 WP. Unless there's another way of increasing WP.
  21. Alright, so I guess I'm a bit confused on how you get to 11 discipline powers by psy 5....with only purchasing 4. You get 1 discipline power with each psy rating increase, and then the ones you can purchase right? Where's it say all this btw? I saw the little blurb about getting 1/2 your WP bonus in minors....but not a whole lot mentioning when you gain discipline powers.
  22. So last night we had our first session. It was a BLAST! I had taken Weapon Jinx, Fearful Aura, and Healer. For our first combat, I was very underwhelmed. We were up against zombie guardsmen (essentially) which meant no weapons to jinx. I tried out fearful aura, but it didn't seem to bother them. I was stuck trying to plink away with my laspistol. 28 BS blows. Our second combat was inside a hospital on a Hive World, where one of the docs was running away. No need for powers here. Alleyway somewhat outside the hospital where we dragged the Doc. Nobody has interrogate or any related skills, and we needed answers. So I told the rest of the party to go stand watch at the end of the alley, and don't turn around (at this point, they don't know I'm a psyker.) I use fearful aura, and roll a 9. Rolling frost on the phenomena chart. Doc freaks and passes out. Tech priest turns around to see what the big booming voice and frost is from. He stares right at me, and rolls HORRIBLE on his WP to resist the fear. Uses a Fatepoint to reroll it, and just makes it. Epic Next fight is in a warehouse full of thugs. I use Weapon Jinx, get overbleed, and jam two guns. Ogryn shows up with a chainsword arm, and I jinx that too. Epic. So all in all, the power selection wasn't a bad choice. Both Fearful Aura, and Weapon Jinx really helped us out. Although I did feel the lack of options when there were no weapons to jinx. I'll be picking up another combat type power with Psy 2 I think. At the end of the session, we were givin 200 xp, with an optional 100 xp if we bring a painted mini to our next session for the sole purpose of using it in Dark Heresy (meaning can't just pull one from our 40k armies.) So....300 xp. Enough to break into Rank 2, and pick up Psy 2. Sweet Oh, and we picked up 4 Poor quality Autopistols.
  23. Gotcha. Thanks for that info Alright, so I've got everything setup for tonight's game, and am looking to the future of this char (hoping that he lives of course) and have come across an interesting question. Since I'm going Templar Calixis Psykana....is it feasible to try for Psychic Mastery of a Discipline.....or would it be bettery to cherry pick a couple from other discplines?
  24. Friend of the Dork said: Niqvah said: The Psyker in my group is at rank 8, and has been doing pretty good. 5 dice+power wells etc. makes him a very good psyker and he routinely heals the entire party with Seal Wounds. He had imperial navy background and started with an Iron Claw..... .....imperial navy background? I haven't come across this.
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