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  1. Yeah, I'd LOVE to get terminator armor.....but there's a Deathwatch crossover, and I think the DW Marines would have a problem with it
  2. So the Malleus power armor is just best quality power armor from the DH core book? Not even as good as the Ascension rules ignatus power armor? Wow, talk about disappointing.
  3. Anyone able to dish specifics on the non-astartes Malleus Power Armor, and the rosarius in the book?
  4. That was pretty much my thoughts on it as well after reading through all of it.
  5. Thank you very much. Wait, it doesn't require two hands? Makes sense....it doesn't double SB I guess. Kinda like a super Force Axe then....unwieldy, but not two handed.
  6. I don't know if they were. He was pretty clear by saying that Nemesis Daemon Hammers are said to be given to non-astartes. That's pretty clear to me.
  7. This is true. All of which were 1H'rs. I was hoping that the epicness of the Daemonhunters might have a 2H version of it. Not to mention being the most up-to-date rules on forceweapons to hopefully finalize the debate on whether they retain their GQ or BQ when in the hands of a Psyker.
  8. Ooooh. Availability and Req is not an issue, since we get one acquisition free. Any chance of shooting me the info for that?
  9. Man, no love for the non-astartes Force users, lol. Thanks for answering my question though!
  10. Did they cover the stats for the Force Halberds and such? Anything for non-astartes? I've got an Ascended Templar in DH that's possibly looking for a 2H Force weapon. A Force Halberd sounds pretty badass.
  11. Yeah, having gotten Unnatural Int from a BQ Cortex implant, I can attest to the usefullness of Unnatural Characteristics. The big ones you see a dramatic effect in are Str, T, WP for psyers, and Agi....but the others much less so. Unnatural Int is nice for the +10 to skill tests, and Medicae, but doesn't have nearly as dramatic gamechanging effect. There are very few Opposed Int Tests, and Int bonus only applies to a hand full of things. One of the safer Characteristics to gain Unnatural in without breaking things.
  12. I believe he asked about Frenzy being useful when you have other talents like LA, because you cannot combine the two. I have found Frenzy to be beneficial in only certain circumstances. Mainly when fear was an issue.
  13. That's the way I was thinking of it as well. With the higher the quality being harder to detect. I've got a few more of the details hashed out, I'll add them up later today. Also, instead of trying to really nail down all of what is possible with forgeries, we're just going to keep it more in general ideas, where when the time comes to make something, the GM will simply assign a difficulty. That way, we're not getting bogged down too far in the details.
  14. I was also unsure of how to handle the Scrutiny tests. If a forgery is passed, it means that it looks like the original. So how do you balance the whole Scrutiny vs. Forgery, or do you leave that to the Quality of the item. Like, if I went for a Best Quality, Very Hard, it would have a -60 to my test, which is hella hard to make........I'm just not sure how to handle all of it.
  15. Alright, so after having seen that you can use Trade (Copyist) for forgeries, I decided to give it a try. I assumed that there would be rules for it, at least in the IH Crafting section. Boy was I wrong. There really isn't any rules for it, and it's driving me crazy. I have a Noble with it in a current game, and we came up with the idea that I would use that to start insinuating myself into the underworld to give myself a cover....but we can't really find rules on the whats and hows. Here's what we've come up with so far, but it's only the barest of a start. Quality: Best Quality, -30: Confers a -30 to the person attempting a Scrutiny Test in order to discern that its a fake. - I was throwing around an idea of having to pass an awareness test or something in order to REALIZE you might need to check it to be fake. In essence something like: "You receive the ID, make an awareness check. You passed? Something just doesn't seem right about this ID, make a Scrutiny check now." Good Quality, ??: Common Quality, -0: Base quality of product. No bonuses, no minuses. Difficulties: (Based off of the table in IH, however, I have no idea what to populate each difficulty list with. In IH, the examples go from pretty simple like engraving, to "top of the class" like Modifying power armour. However, I'm not sure the equivalents for doing forgeries. Anyone have ideas? Easy (+30) Routine (+20) Ordinary (+10) Challenging (+0) Difficult (-10) Hard (-20) Very Hard (-30) I'm thinking that for the difficulties, it's tied in to what they'll be used for. Like the security protocols that they'd have to be able to pass through without much trouble. Easy being just a visual inspection (kinda like an ID check at the door of a club,) whereas Very Hard would be a full ID check or something. I may have to tie in Tech-Use for Difficult-Very Hard in order to incorporate the tech side of the Administratum and such. Not sure really. That's where you guys come in. I need ideas, lol! That's all I've got right now. Again, really have just barely scratched it. Oh, and costs. Both for the raw materials, as well as for the services.
  16. As the adept in question, let me say that no, I was not summoning or invoking the daemon. I had added that little bit to give Saldre, the GM, some leeway in regards to RP'ing it, since we're going by a PbP. When we had went over the Dark Pact, and he asked how I wanted to handle it, I had explained that whenever I used the Lores, it would be like a voice in my head, feeding me the information. I went on to give the example of something like Bob from the Dresden Files. They were still just Lore checks.
  17. When using a Psychic ability, you don't HAVE to use all of your dice....but you must at least use one. How is it your Psyker is rolling 9 dice at Psy 4? Your Psy Rating is how many dice you have available to use.
  18. If your Psyker uses it right, this power is simply Gold. At Psy 1, it's good. At Psy 4, getting several degrees of Overbleed, it's KILLER. Edit: My bad, didn't realize the necro. Was just perusing the House Rules section.
  19. Great additions Tricky! Glad to see how quickly you're advancing this, very impressive indeed. Makes Generating a character quickly and....fairly painless. I can't wait for the RoB stuff to be added
  20. Yes, on the sheet you can see what was purchased, however in the actual Generator, there's no box showing what has already been purchased. I think it might be a nice addition to have a 5th box showing what you've already purchased, as well as the xp cost....with the ability to double click it again to remove it from "Purchased."
  21. NVM, I got it working. The only downside I see (and again, I could be missing something) is that once you make a choice in the generator, there's no real way to see the list of choices (in regards to talents) you've made without exiting the generator and looking at your sheet. So if you come up with an off amount of xp, you can't really say where it came from or went to. Other than that, it's coming along nicely, and some really great work has been done! I can't wait to be able to use it!
  22. Looks like it's coming along great! I'm having a hard time manually putting in my rolled stats though. Also, there are Chapters, but not RoB Chapters/Successors. Is there a plan to implement these?
  23. The problem I have, is that based on a lot of what's been said, the HB Devastator has less ammo on him, then the other Marines. That just doesn't sound right.
  24. I've put up a couple of threads in regards to the disparity between the income table, and the costs of all of the iconic gear for the different career paths. My focal point had been the Force Weapon required to become a Templar, but the same applies to the Tech Priest and his augmetics as well. Essentially, the general feel was that it was up to the GM to grant these things....because unless everyone plays a noble, the monthly incomes will never be enough. Edit: Sorry, let me link to the relevant posts: Here and Here
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