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  1. Does anyone know of a good fillable character sheet?  There's the old character creator, but it's not up-to-date or doesn't allow custom entries, and then there's the official character sheet…….but I can't find anything else.  

    What does everyone else use?  I'm just finding that the official pdf simply doesn't have enough space on it….nor enough blank spaces for custom content/additions.  I've tried googling it, but nothing really comes up.  Is anyone working on one, or know of the location of a good one?

  2.  It's statted out in Into the Storm.  Oddly enough, although the little fluff piece written about it mentions it being used as a whip, it doesn't actually have the whip profile (3m range or flexible).  I wonder if I can get my GM to hand-waive that.

  3. All great ideas!  I like the idea of the Shock whip myself.  Although it doesn't really address the issues with armor.  Of course......the daemon binding is a great idea, and one that would actually fit.  Seeing as the Seneschal (me) already has a Dark Pact going, with one of the addendums of trying to corrupt the Crew.  So a daemon whip could be pretty awesome.  Will definitely use the rules from Black Crusade for making one.  


    Until then, I think going for Shock is a great idea.  Isn't there also an "overcharged" Shock as well.  I swear I remember reading about a more powerful, but Unstable, Shock upgrade.  I'll have to check my books....

  4.  Alright, so there's a PC in the group I'm playing in that has an Arch-Militant.  After last night's session, she has become really enamored with her Mono-Groxwhip.  Even wants to make it her main weapon.  However....it's usefullness/effectiveness is greatly diminished once you start coming up against armored or tough foes.  So here's my post, and my question.


    1.) Have you ever had, or you yourself, tried to have a character focused around whip use, and how'd it go?


    2.) What ways can you think of to make whips as useful as say, power swords and their ilk?  The whips from Iron Man 2 come to mind, but I'd like to tap the RT community for it's creativeness and see what people have come up with, or maybe unique archeotech/alien tech.

  5.  You're right in that it's 1 magnitude per hit for most weapons.  However, as evidenced by multiple different rules....some weapons inflict a different number of hits or damage.  Psychic Powers, flamers, weapons with blast quality....all inflict additional hits.  I like the idea of basing it off of the psychic power rules (since that's what Navigator powers are) and then counting their Psy Rating based on what level they have in Mastery.  I'll definitely be pointing my GM in the direction of this thread.


    Has anyone actually had experience with something like this before?

  6.  Pretty straight forward question really.  Has it been officially established, or what's a good guideline, for what a Nav's Lidless Stare would do in magnitude damage?  My group has the possibility of coming up against some Hordes, and the question came up of my max'd out Stare.  I contended that It should do a decent amount (as in more than a heavy flamer) due to an increased coverage area (in comparison to said H. flamer) as well as higher damage, and outright killing potential.  So I come to you for help and clarification.

  7.  Alright, so for the most part, I have the process of Acquisition down.  

    The difficulty of the test is based on scale, availability, and quality and you roll against your Profit Factor.  I get that.  Now, from what I understand, the population of where your are can modify the availability of the item.  And a successful Commerce check can modify your Profit Factor for that item.  My question however, is what about other modifiers.  I could've sworn that I had read that both the Peer talent, and Good Rep talent, also modify your Profit Factor, as long as you're acquiring the item through that faction.  What about other traits?  Etiquette from Noble Born, Honour Amongst One's Peers from Child of Dynasty, Exalted Lineage from Magisterial house?  Do any of these apply as well?  Or to the Commerce test?

    Now, I'm sure I can't be the first to ask this question...or get confused by the interaction of everything.  Can someone point me to some definitive answers or the appropriate page numbers?  

  8.  Alright, so my question is a simple and forthright one....that I just can't find the answer for.  So, on pg. 16 of BFK, it states that any damage dice that roll a 10 cause one Critical Hit.  This is fairly simple to interpret, yes.  

    However, when you go do the table to look at the stats for Nova Cannons......none of them do d10's just 2d5.  Now, normally I'd say, okay, so essentially to crit you have to roll two fives (giving you 10) but then further on pg. 16 is states "As noted above, damage dice rolling natural 10's  causes Critical Hits."


    So my question, how can you crit with a Nova Cannon at all, if you're doing 2d5, and require natural 10's to crit?

  9.  It makes sense, but since you're going "beyond the books" it's really up to what you and the GM agree on.  You can read some more on True Names of daemons in Daemon Hunter, since there's an alternate rank who's sole purpose is to piece together a daemon's True Name.  Lots of good fluff in there about them.

  10.  I would say that we've covered about the entire spectrum when it comes to how to handle in-game income.  However, other questions have been asked.  How do you handle income for created char's?  

    Since we've had a good bit of input from GM's, what about the players out there?  What have you encountered?  What's worked for you and why?  What's something the GM has done that you didn't agree with?  Did you come up with an alternative?

  11.  That's not actually true.  The threshold increases by two if you're utilizing Sublime Arts....which if you're a psyker, you don't need to use.  What you're talking about is the passage on pg. 168 that states, "Arcana that duplicate an existing Psychic Power are treated as the same but has its Threshold increased by 2 for a sorceror."  This passage has to be taken in context, since it's talking about non-psyker sorcerors.  If you have a Psy Rating, and take the power as a Psyker power (through the traditional Psy Rating talents) then the threshold isn't increased.  Only if you're taking them as Arcana's are the Threshold increased by 2.  Hope this helps clarify.

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