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  1. You did this? Love you man.
  2. I love to play with the custom cosmic stars expansion from bgg.
  3. Hmm, my concerning isn't actually about the super-cybertron-ultra-mecha-godzilla unit (lol!) which has no chance against 10 Bowmen in this game.That was just a small missing thing in the game. But as you already said, i'm not really statisfied from the system itself... The friends which i'm playing with actually like it. For me it's not a true battle system, the actual battle is missing for my opinion. It's just points counting. But i don't think that ffg will do something about that because its hard to change the game rules afterwards, neither in an expansion... Maybe i'll try a modified Cosmic encounter battle system. Just got a great idea during i wrote this post.
  4. Haha, exactly. A non binding promise can be everything from a non aggression pact to the first born child or a cold beer. For example: "If you give me 3 coins, i don't attack you for 5 rounds" or vise versa.
  5. It looks like you have very peaceful friends. I agree that on a 2 player game the easiest way to win is by coin if the opponent plays passive. But as the number of players rise as harder is to get coins because you have to pay attention to far more things. It's a bit like Poker. -That's just my opinion from the games i played till now and i had just one economic victory. @ pulsar: We just played once with this rule and we were really excited about. It doesn't imbalance the game in any way but gives more strategic thinking about movement and Army positioning. @ criticism: I more and more think, that the battle system isn't that really convincing. There should be a better way to fight and win a battle. E.g. it should be also possible for a single, strong unit to win a battle against a bunch of weak units. That is not possible if the player with a large army always just opens new fronts.
  6. Not yet. We are still discussing the best solution. Imho it would be great to have some land tiles with more water squares on it and then apply an alternative rule to the navigation-tech like "just one move per round on water" or "limiting the movement to the coast". But these rules don't make much sense without more water... In most of our games the land tiles formed just one square wide rivers and in the rarest cases larger seas. In addition to that we also thought to limit the movement on hills but give some defense bonus to Armys of e.g. 2 combat Bonus Points. (works good for us, but can be more or less) Our House rule to that: A unit has to stop when it enters a mountain square. If a player researches the engineering-tech (II-tech) his units can move one additional square if they have enough travel speed left. As soon as a player researches the Flight-tech, his units can move normally. If it comes to a Battle on a mountain, the defending side gains 2 Combat bonus points. (They don't stack with the number of armies on the tile. One army gains 2 Combat bonus and 3 armies also get just 2 bonus points) this makes the game a bit more strategic and more like the vg.
  7. I played this game a couple of times with friends and we all agree that it is too easy to cross water - especially at the beginning. We think that it might be a strategy boost to the game when the Navigation tech would allow just one movement above water or something similar.
  8. I like all of your ideas. Can't wait for an expansion which add more map tiles and new leaders. I also would like to see something that extends the "build" part of the game. E. g. build roads oder other buildings which don't produce anything but gives some bonuses or something like that.
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