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    Tenebrae reacted to Kitsune Sachiko in GM and Player Resources   
    Hidden Shrine is my website. It is basically based on my campaigns I run - so when I run a new L5R campaign I will add more to it.  It will be a while because the group I play with are doing pathfinder at the moment (and there was a big break between me RPing too).
    I have a new campaign in mind which will be set in Naishou Province, But I'll post any maps or other material here and on my site for people.
    Also I may map Botsu Mura before then - not gonna lie. I like the concept of a swamp village. =P
    On a side note - my Takauro maps were for an introductory adventure which was the Falcon's Hollow Pathfinder module, but heavily converted. Some third party adventures do work in L5R with a bit of.... work. =P
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    Tenebrae reacted to Magnus Grendel in Taoist Blade Question   
    A big question is "what sort of campaign are you planning to play?" - if you're going to be playing L5R as a combat-heavy D&D-esque 'dungeon crawl', then perceptions on what's good, bad, and broken will be very different to a Game of Thrones style 'political drama with occasional duels and assassinations'.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Magnus Grendel in Taoist Blade Question   
    Indeed. It depends entirely on the situation - duel vs skirmish, for example, and whether in a skirmish you're facing minions or adversaries.
    For the sake of an example, a Kiho-enhanced sword is deadly as all heck, but you don't activate the Kiho for free.
    So in a duel, you need a prepare action to draw the sword, then an action to activate the Kiho, then an action to thwock someone with it.
    Even if it's not going to be challenged as cheating - and it might in some settings - wasting an action in a duel just standing there communing with the elements is risky. Because whilst a kiho-enhanced sword is scary, you know what's scarier? A double-handed finishing blow from a totally mundane weapon. The fact that both mirumoto schools make you use the sword one-handed instantly reduces its deadliness from 7 to 5, and the abilities take this into account.
    Don't get me wrong, the Taoist blade is a really, really strong combat school. But in a duel rather than a skirmish, the family's other swordsmanship school (the Niten master) has probably got the edge by some margin.
    You also start with limited access to Shuji - which you can work around by titles if your GM awards you them - which can be an issue in formal situations - and a slightly lower Honour than the Niten Master (48 vs 50). The difference isn't huge, but it does mean an Honour rank of 4 instead of 5, which could hurt a starting character as techniques like Warrior's Resolve (which lets you recover fatigue based on your honour rank) will be less effective.
    Finally, you gain Void and Water rings from your school. That's not 'bad' per se - but most Bushi schools give you a bonus to Earth for a reason, as it's the one ring which contributes to both Composure and Endurance, and allows you to fight in a stance where you are immune to dirty tricks and critical strikes, and characters with a low Earth ring tend to be a bit fragile for that reason.
    Shuji are very useful in intrigues. Essentially they're the 'social' equivalent of Kata/Kiho, and if you're trying to 'beat' someone at court then turning up their family secrets (ancestry unearthed), starting nasty rumours about them (whispers of court) and so on can make a big difference. It's also worth noting that a lot of 'leadership' techniques where you can enhance either the rest of your party or even a mass battle army are also shuji (Rallying Cry is a good example). Courtiers Resolve, the strife-healing analogue to Warrior's Resolve, is also a shuji, and is very useful in any situation where strife is a big deal.
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    Tenebrae got a reaction from neilcell in Jade Magistrate Mechanics   
    It really should!
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    Tenebrae got a reaction from Diogo Salazar in Jade Magistrate Mechanics   
    It really should!
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    Tenebrae reacted to Myrion in Jade Magistrate Mechanics   
    I can see an argument for Otherworldly and Tainted, if you call it the power of the mortal realm kicking out anything from other realms. I'd make kami immune to Jade (but otherwise still otherworldly) and maybe give that ability to beings of Yomi and Tengoku too, in that case.
    But it really should target Tainted.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Diogo Salazar in Jade Magistrate Mechanics   
    I would disagree on that, for what their job is supposed to be, I would say the Crab and the Scorpion really do their assigned job to their best of their conditions. Specially the Crab.
    My sarcasm mode and comments, which at this point I think you haven't noticed is due to the fact that the rules and the lore contradict themselves regarding to Jade Strike. In the rules, Jade Strike only affects Otherwordly beings (even though has a side bar mentioning about targeting non-Tainted beings and failing) and in Beneath the Light of Jade it is shown that Isawa Tadaka actually hurt Kuni Yori with a Jade Strike. So, that means that Kuni Yori is an Otherwordly being, or the rules are wrong and we should have received an errata by now, or (most likely) the Robert Denton III wrote like this because Jade Strike worked on Tainted beings since 1st edition and forgot to check the mechanics and whoever was supposed to review it, forgot it either. The sad funny implication of all this, of course is, that somehow being the Elemental Master of Earth makes you the only Shugenja able to target Tainted creatures with Jade Strike.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Daeglan in The Celestial Realms - New RPG Sourcebook   
    I wish they would do what evil hat would do. If you  by the print book you can get the pdf for a significant discount even if you bought it from your flgs. 
    They could do a print+pdf bundle very easily on their site. 
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    Tenebrae reacted to Tonbo Karasu in The Celestial Realms - New RPG Sourcebook   
    This isn't an especially unusual policy.  Normally it's to do with helping out FLGS - a certain proportion of people won't buy the hardcopy if they can get the PDF on the same day.  Given some of the shenanigans that have happened (direct order exclusives, I'm looking at you) I like that they're doing something for my local game store.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Suzume Chikahisa in Is it time for a Clan War miniature game resurrection?   
    Wargames require alot of upfront investment, and in the case of L5R any miniature line will have to face competition from historical miniature lines.
    That's almost certainly one of the problems the original Clan War had and these days is probably even worst with Torii/Kensei, Bushido, Test of Honor, and Warlord Games having their own lines.
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    Tenebrae reacted to AltitudeMatters in Now Available: Paper Blossoms, a Character Generator   
    Hah!  More or less.  Probably closer to 2 hour increments. 😄  I believe 80% of the data for the CoS release last year was done on a domestic US flight.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Diogo Salazar in NPCs and Group Skills   
    Yes, I like to use these NPCs sheets for generic characters whenever I need to roll something quick. For established NPCs I prefer to build them as characters.
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    Tenebrae got a reaction from Myrion in NPCs and Group Skills   
    Generally, yes. The intent is to simplify, not to make your life harder.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Nucreum in Online L5R Name Generator   
    I made a small name generator for L5R. If you need names for NPCs in a hurry for example, it can be useful.
    More tools, bugs to report, suggestions? https://nucreum.com/l5r
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    Tenebrae got a reaction from Lifthrasir in Readied weapon   
    Just underscoring what @Myrion just told you: range 0-1 is the distance to the weapon, not the range of the weapon.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Diogo Salazar in Duels, Earth, and Air   
    I meant for the purposes of the tournament  duels. If you go by the rules on Courts of Stone, such ritualized duels are wearing ceremonial kimonos. Hence my take on lots of damaged clothing.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Myrion in Duels, Earth, and Air   
    Also, something that hasn't been picked up on, I think:
    Rising Blade, or in fact many other techs can indeed be used on the Finishing Blow. Since it has a low TN against compromised targets, it is in fact a particularly good choice for it!
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    Tenebrae reacted to Magnus Grendel in New GM. What's broken or OP?   
    Makes me think of the GW Kharn novel.
    "You killed him. Remember?’
    Ruokh’s eye twitched. ‘That was a fair fight,’ he growled.
    ‘It was to first blood,’ said Dreagher.
    ‘I only hit him once,’ said Ruokh.
    ‘You decapitated him.’
    ‘There was a lot of first blood,’ admitted Ruokh."
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    Tenebrae reacted to Myrion in New GM. What's broken or OP?   
    The game really wants you to use narrative TN adjustments and similar effects - and is indeed sorely lacking in guidance for it. That's cool for creative GMs and tables with good communication and a lot of creativity, but it is not great if you want the rules nailed down.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Myrion in Well of Desire, is it too much?   
    Yep, you're slightly mistaken
    The custom of refusing at first, before finally accepting, is still there and not changed by Well of Desire. Well of Desire is about whether or not they ultimately do accept or not.
    Normally, a gift can be refused and it is, at worst, a loss of glory for the offerer, because their gift was so bad. At best everyone gains glory, because the gift was a true sacrifice and the recipient could truly have benefited, but honourably refused.
    With Well of Desire you can ensure that your gift is perceived as fitting by everyone else, causing a loss of glory for the target who refuses such an obviously suitable gift.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Myrion in Deflective Defense Kata   
    Sure, that's fair. If your campaign doesn't involve skirmishes or mass battles, then all the kata that are about those conflict types become worth much less (or even entirely pointless). Campaigns with no skirmishes at all are at least somewhat unusual though, as are ones with such a high density of duels.
    Keep in mind, duels are somewhat rare, too.
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    Tenebrae reacted to Magnus Grendel in Deflective Defense Kata   
    I think we're on the reverse. Mostly skirmishes and intrigues, with only three or four duels. We've not had a mass battle yet (The Hare Clan nearly did but they talked their way out of it), but Sins of Regret is coming up and has a nice one at the end.
    As you say, it's very much campaign-specific. To be fair, the same argument can be levelled at skills, too. A lot of campaigns will have players asking "wait...there's separate skills for fashion, and for art, but there's no separate skill for 'riding'?" whilst other campaigns don't so much as think about Trade skills as anything beyond "the class with 'skulduggery' in it"
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    Tenebrae reacted to Myrion in New GM. What's broken or OP?   
    I mean, I'm sure you can do it that way too - it's just more effort than it's worth.
    If you keep it mostly as theater of the mind, with a simple map - it has worked just fine for us.
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    Tenebrae reacted to sidescroller in New GM. What's broken or OP?   
    See? This statement right here. Range bands don't work. 
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    Tenebrae reacted to T_Kageyasu in The Celestial Realms - New RPG Sourcebook   
    I wasn't surprised when the Crane book, I mean Courts of Stone, didn't have the Sparrow Clan. Sure, the Sparrow are literally the most down to earth clan in the empire, but they originate from a Crane lineage and train remarkably long winded storytellers fitting courtly roles. Maybe they should have been in Path of Waves for their lower position among clans? Here's hoping they are in the Dragon Clan book, for philosophical differences with the rest of Rokugan Proper.
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