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  1. I'm OK with the difficulty. If anything, it's too easy. TN 4-5 is entirely doable. You're going to make sure you have an assistant, and spend Void, right? So... 5 kept dice or more, if you have any business doing ambitious crafting projects. And this is a roll that should fail, regularly. Why? Because it's just a downtime activity, meaning it takes a day or two. Looking at p. 248 of the core book, that's a downtime. A full month is described as "an extremely long time-skip" - but it's a pretty reasonable time frame for forging a katana. So yeah, let the check fail a few times.
  2. No. Wanting to kiss the pretty girl is biology. Wanting to kiss her to the point where you find it hard to focus on anything else, or not think about her for a while, is being compromised.
  3. Generally, yes. The intent is to simplify, not to make your life harder.
  4. Seems a sensible solution.
  5. Just underscoring what @Myrion just told you: range 0-1 is the distance to the weapon, not the range of the weapon.
  6. My guess is that it's to give (mechanical) identity to the Mantis.
  7. That's almost exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you for writing it out so much more clearly.
  8. It's also much easier to make them 'not available to normal Shugenja' that way.
  9. These answers are only My Best Guesses. I make no claims to knowing. But here goes: 1. Yes, but only once (obviously). 2. I think so? I don't see why you couldn't use an offering like that. 3. I would say immediately, being frustration/intensity as you focus hard on writing the Ward. But if someone could tell me I'm wrong and why, that would be useful. 4. They are often used as traps. They are designed with activation conditions, which can be triggered by anyone. You can 'prepare' an invocation to shoot Fires From Within at the first living being to enter a room, for example. Please note though, that (as far as I understand), all decisions must be made when the Ward is written down. And that you can only have a single prepared invocation at anyone time (unless member of a special school of Yogo shugenja). 5. I *think* there's only one roll, with composition substituting for theology and otherwise using the normal rules, including the normal TN. Not sure though.
  10. Not (sufficiently) familiar with either, sadly Maybe I should read up on C++
  11. I have used range bands. They work better in L5R than in some games (assuming you don't think about them too much). I think they work better in ArM5 tan in L5R5. But in either case, IME, the less attention you pay to range bands, the better they work.
  12. I'll have to second this. Range bands are getting popular, and as far as I can tell, they are "design for designers". In practice, they work a lot less well.
  13. That actually sounds interesting! I don't know enough about japan before 1447 or so
  14. I would like to add my voice to choir of those recommending against it. If you look at a school, it's really just: A pile of points (+1 to two rings, some skills, some techniques and some gear) Access to groups of techniques, usually 3 groups. A unique "school technique" at ranks 1 and 6. And only at those ranks. Remember, the curriculum is not binding, it's only advisory. Now, many of the rank 1 "School Techniques" (mentioned in 3. above) are very powerful, leading schools to be what's often called 'front loaded'. Essentially, allowing people to take the first rank of many schools would either give them access to a great number of rank 1 school techniques, generally better than other techniques available in the game OR Not give them access to said school techniques, in which case, what would be the point? So no, I really can't recommend this, from a mechanics point of view. PS: I still really f***ing hate this stupid editor that these forums are forcing us to use!
  15. This can be abused if you have the time: Realize that you only barely succeeded, tear up the first Ward (unless you're a Yogo), and write up a new one!
  16. ... yeah ... by adversaries ... not the other PCs, obviously ...
  17. Not really answering the question, as I don't have the Path of Waves yet, but! At the indicated point in the text, I started cringing, thinking that "that would be really bad for the edge!"
  18. Ah. I would have to opine that 4e was much better than 3e. But 3e was only really an improvement over 2e. In fact, my group never adopted it, staying with 1e. Makes sense?
  19. As far as I can tell, it was invented for that document. It does not appear to be mentioned in the 4th e atlas.
  20. There's also an argument to be made for having a cheap/disposable off-hand weapon, for destructive parries.
  21. ... and must be in Fire stance, so Strife also counts as successes, IIRC.
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