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  1. That's what I thought, but needed outside confirmation. Thanks.
  2. Just checking, but... If I'm using a weapon causing multiple dice of damage (eg Lascanon), and two or more of these come up 10's. Does this cause a single Righteous Fury, or one per 10 rolled?
  3. Looking good! Any chance of seeing this in a more download-friendly format? Like pdf maybe?
  4. The wolfpack raider is really just a Cobra with non-optimized set-up.
  5. When you're fighting over a desert planet Rogue Trader decides to nudge a ice-meteor to hit the planet. Not to provide water and make the place more valuable. Not to hit the enemy stronghold and wipe them out with the cataclysmic impact of a meteor crashing into the planet. But because "Nice place, warm and sunny. What we need is a swimming pool!"
  6. Yeah they are.They really aren't. Sorry.
  7. Also, it's going to be Limited Edition. ... to be re-released 3 years later in general edition.
  8. 1) The bonus does (sadly) not equal the magnitude. I wish it did, that would be a lot easier. 2) The bonus would have been capped at +60. So yeah...
  9. This happened in my group. My respons was to congratulate them on finally getting with the program.
  10. We had a blast with a completly and utterly incompetent NPC RT. The players were his senior officers (selected by his father, before the father's death). They effectively had to run circles around the NPC RT, They had to do things like convince him the things they wanted to do were his ideas and "make him" give them the orders they actually wanted. Much fun was had.
  11. Tenebrae

    OW to RT

    The other day, I was talking to a guy (yeah, that reliable) who's moved his tank crew whole-sale into RT. The Operator was shown how to Operate Space. The Sgt/Commander was given command of the raider. The heavy was given weapons control. No conversions needed or applied. Astropath, navigator et al, were NPCs.
  12. Since the total bonus can be as high as +60 and the first hit comes as soon as you pass your check, you can actually hit with all 10 shot, in certain rare circumstances. But! That's not actually why certain of these weapons have RoFs of eg. -/-/10. It's a forward compatibility issue. That special snowflake tyranid warrior prime with BS 83? Yeah, it can have that gun as well. And then those 10 shot might very well all be relevant. For non-tyranid weapons, there might also be issues of ammo use, for groups that track such (my current group does).
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