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  1. Couple of mildly surprising rulings, and a couple of much sought after updates.... Withering Workout: Can be used on every player - Seems really strong. Not sure if it is ridiculous yet or not, but is definitely a powerful card. Rigorous Training: now reads "Response: Each time 1 of your players with the GUARD ability becomes downed, draw 1 card from your deck and then choose one card to discard" - Finally the card actually makes sense, in fact a reusable "Sprint" for them is extremely useful. Slab: Guard and Fend do combine together. - They have ruled that using Guard to apply the "Tackled Player Down" result to Slab does equate to being successfully tackled. And therefore triggers the Fend ability. This again makes him decidedly less sucky No Salary Cap Variant: Unless playing this variant, remove a number of Staff Upgrade cards that generate an awful lot of Fans. - Looks like they want to force people to win match-ups etc in the standard game rather than just hoard staff upgrades for the win. However, people can elect to play with all Staff Upgrades and therefore enable this route to victory. Answers the critics suggesting that Staff Upgrades are the most effecient route to victory at the moment. There are some other clarifications, but those stood out to me
  2. Any news on this? While I don't actually think there is much wrong, there are a few things that might benefit from clarification.
  3. The Pass skill does one of the following: 1) If the ball is in the middle, then you can put it on the player with Pass 2) If the ball is on an opponent, then you can put it in the middle 3) If you have the ball, then you can move the ball to another player on your side at that match up Obviously other skills can affect this (Dump Off for example) but if the ball is already on your side of the highlight then you can move it when the Blitzer successfully tackles an opponent....
  4. Have played 5 player, and while it does take a reasonable amount of time to play, the only thing to consider is that you are almost certainly going to cycle the staff upgrade and star player decks. Not a big issue but certainly worth considering. Towards the end, staff upgrades becomes less attractive as the really good picks go. But it was a great laugh. The energy levels were kept up well through out the game, and the final week was a real bun fight. Also you see a lot of highlights which gives people a lot to compete for. We also saw a lot of hghlights change players as injured players left match ups un-attended and then the slot was stolen by someone else. Highly amusing. Provided everyone is enjoying the actual playing of the game, I think it worked perfectly well... Have even put a couple of life point trackers from an old CCG starter kit in to help record Fans with more than 4 players.
  5. Really simple question.... When calculating adjacency for the purposes of summoning, can you only go via the arrows (all be it in either direction) or is it shared borders. I also assume that Norsca is only adjacent to the Troll Counties...
  6. Have just about everything crossed for..... 1) New Teams I would like to see Undead (either Undead or Khemri/Necromantic), Dark Elves, Goblins, Halflings, and then maybe Norse, High Elves, Lizardmen. They all have signature players that would make interesting team decks. The only issue would be making them sufficiently different to the existing teams. How do you keep Dark Elves different to Skaven - both are speedy and good with the ball, and happy to cheat There are also some staple blood bowl themes that would be tough to replicate/represent. Regen on Undead for example, although that just screams for a team upgrade. That and stuntyfor Halflings/Goblins. But I would love to see a Gobbo team with Chainsaw Loony, 2xTroll, Fanatic, Bombadier, Pogostick and then 6 Gobbos who will suck slightly, or a Halfling team with maybe 4 treemen and a bunch of halflings, but including an upgrade that lets you steal a player at a match up (Chef) or if too game breaking, steals a staff upgrade for the week. Like real Blood Bowl, there is an arguement that not all teams necessarily need to be equal in the matchups, but they might be able to generate a lot of fans, as everyone loves to see Halflings get squashed!!! and that balances the teams in relation to this game. 2) New Star Players Hubris Rakarth, Ramtut III, The Count, Nobbla, Harkon Heartripper, Prince Moranion, Ripper Bolgrot, Puggy Baconbreath; there are a lot of star players that are not currently illustrated in card form. Maybe even a seperate deck for the Undead/Dark Elf teams... but certainly more players for the existing decks. 3) New Team Upgrades for the existing teams. Some more cards to change things up would be cool. After several games you soon know what each team is capable of. Ultimately, extra teams would be great to keep changing things up.... and some new upgrades that existing teams can use to keep the play experience fresh.
  7. I have included below some initial thoughts about some house rules to further capture the feel of the blood bowl game. Let me know your thoughts fellow team managers.... House Rules: Injuries: Whenever a player is injured, roll a tackle dice. "#" (defender down) - Badly Hurt (discard pile) " " - Serious Injury (added to discard pile at end of next week) "X" - Dead (remove from game) At the end of a week, if you have less than 12 players on your roster (in your deck) then add normal team players that have been removed from the game to get back to 12 Campaign rules (ie, multiple full seasons... so multiple trips to the Blood Bowl) Star Players: All Freebooterz leave the team to try their luck with other teams next season and return to the star deck To reflect the fact that the Star Players are often going to switch teams to look for the best deal, roll Tackle Dice for all Star Players "X" - Star Player likes the choices of snacks in the changing room, and the cheerleaders are to their taste, and chooses to stay for the next season. Keep card in roster. anything else - Star Player decides there are better offers out there and returns to pool. Put back in star player deck If you have less than 12 players on your roster then add normal players that have been removed from the game to get back to 12 Team Upgrades: You maintain some of the flair that you have earned this season to give you an edge in the upcoming season. Pick one to keep... return the remainder to the stack of cards. Coaching Staff You can keep one of the coaches that has helped you this season. However the various sponsorship deals, wizards and apothecaries all think there are other deals out there. You may keep one that includes "Coach" in the name. Return the rest to the stack. Fans You keep 10% of your fans rounded down
  8. Dwarf Runners cannot be tackled when they have the ball (Stand Firm skill) So while it is true that the Blocker also has Guard, the scenario quoted above would not actually occur. In fact it is very difficult for the Dwarves to activate the Rigorous Training card, as they would only be either tackling a runner without the ball, or they are tackling star power 3 players, and therefore why not target the Guard. But as pointed out, that is a problem with that card, not the Guard Skill. The liklely scenarios for Guard to actually be activated, and therefore you gaining a use of Rigorous Training are: 1) Runner without the ball is targeted because the opponent just wants to remove 2 Star Power from the highlight 2) Longbeard and Blocker at the same highlight and you elect to use the guard on the blocker to protect the longbeard (some question as to whether this is the correct play... but that is not the issue being discussed) 3) 2 Star Power star player with the ball that needs protecting 4) Protecting any downed player who may be picked on to remove them from match-up (Very situational, as attacking a down player when there is an active one in play is rarely the right play in terms of Star Power, but could be good for other reasons e,g, Dirty Player skill or target is high star power when downed) Ultimately though, the card is not easy to reliably trigger and therefore would generally be a low priority pick out of the Team Upgrades (especially given the sheer awesome of some of the others). But the flaw is not with Guard... it does exactly what it needs to do. The other issue; interaction between Guard and Fend, just needs to be clarified by FAQ.
  9. that is the interpretation that seems to fit the card's intention. many thanks any news on an FAQ
  10. There is a Wood Elf Team card that lets you look at a Cheat Token and add any star power to that of a player being tackled. You then discard the Cheat Token but not replace it. So can you look at any cheat token in play and then discard it, or does it have to be one from the pool? Had an instance where a skaven player had used the Rat Ogre and elected to keep the cheat token on him, so the Wood Elf player then used it to help defend one of his players, confident that it was beneficial. Now, if the theory is that you can look at ANY cheat token then this is good play, however it then moves this from just being a defensive card in to one for tactically removing cheat as well. ie; either tokens you are confident are beneficial to the opponent, or ones that are on your player that might eject them from the match up and cost you the highlight/tournament. And I certainly have the impression that this is a defensive card, not a way to cheat cheat so to speak.
  11. Garry here, I'll be there. Not sure about Matt who had the Goblin deck. He is sorting out his diary should be fun... I assume you are bringing Empire
  12. I have a few things I like about this pack... 1) The Dark Elf Support cards look useful in the right deck and make me want to do something with them 2) The Chaos sorceror is a useful card, as any spot removal is good.... and even Chaos will be laying developments in the current environment. 3) The Orc stuff looks pretty solid. Skarsnik is very good in a self damaging deck. and the Tattoo is useful in any rush deck. 4) Some solid HE units, especially the Wizard. however, I am concerned with the following: 1) That Dwarves get further resource bump from playing developments. Losing Innovation was supposed to slow them down. But with the new runepriest they can reasonably easily power-up one key tactic without saving resources normally. 2) While the Empire stuff might seem low powered, I think that it fits TOO well in to the current decks. The ability to get multiple uses out of their 3 copies of low cost cards such as Long Winter, Forced March and Iron Discipline seems very good. And the Empire didn't need much more help quite frankly. 3) The waste of card that is the Chaos Quest 4) Light of Morrslieb. It doesn't protect decks from empire as they can now get enough uses out of their low cost movement cards to still move the extra developments, and you HAVE to have enough cards in hand to play multiple developments, requiring additional allocation of resourecs to the Quest Zone or Mining Tunnels, which it further pushes over that card over the edge. Order decks can almost not bother with putting anything in the quest zone as they will see enough cards via Mining Tunnels to cycle through the deck.
  13. It obviously applies a constant effect "Units in a zone with no developments receives -1 HP" So if I recruit a 1 HP unit in to a zone with no development, is there an action window in which I can sacrifice that unit as a cost to an effect before the game state says it has 0HP and therefore damage equal to it's HP and therefore has to go to the Discard Pile? FAQ 1.4 suggests that you resolve all Forced effects and all Constant Effects before actions can be triggered. So by my understanding not. Also what happens if resolving an effect removes the last development in a zone while the Throne is in play? I would expect that all units in that zone instantly get -1 HP, and where applicable are sent to the discard zone, again without an opportunity to trigger abilities that require a sacrifice to set off. My current deck idea would REALLY benefit from being able to still sacrifice stuff (e.g. Slave Pits) but I think that it doesn't work
  14. Good enjoyable tournament against some very entertaining opponents. Not a huge surprise that the Empire deck won but Dwarf and Orc/Skaven rush gave it a run for it's money. Two deck mill Dark Elf decks and Chaos re-animator/sacrifice deck played out for the lower honours Looking forward to Regionals
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