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  1. andy3


    is their going to be a reprint or are their any stores that still sell copies of grimm? this looks like a RPG that i would enjoy.
  2. wish i had your painting skill. i dont paint mine due to lack of skill.
  3. i dont think its weird, or i am weird to. i saw this announced and without reading any further it made my must have wishlist on BGG. cant wait.
  4. andy3

    monster cards

    Tony P. said: Pick up some of the expansion packs with new challenges, events, and encounters for the base set and this will never happen. this will happen soon. all thanks for the answer.
  5. andy3

    monster cards

    i searched my manuel to and didnt find anything about it. maybe somebody can answer this for sure?
  6. andy3

    monster cards

    yesterday we played runebound for a very long time and we ran out of green monster cards. after looking in the manuel and finding nothing my question is: doe we need to reshuffle them or are the green cards depleted until the end of the game?
  7. on one of our first plays, me and a (girl)friend made it a kind of race game. the first to visit all gate locations won. since then, if we play with new players or have to explain the game to people, the first thing that we explain is that it is a sort of travel game. you should see the people their faces when they hear this.
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