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  1. Me and my son love this game and play whenever we can. The stange thing is we never really play with the 'best deck'!!! We like to play every quest 3 times - but we do them themed until we are successful and then record the results which we compare later. So first we will do the quest as dwarves - my son is quite strict, he will only let us use cards fitting in with a dwarf theme, heroes, allies, etc. Once complete we do the quest again but as Elves, then finally we do it as 'Men'. This may sound rather bizaar to most of you hardcore players, but we really enjoy this challenge. I have every quest released and we have done them all in this way except one! That was the Battle of Lake Town - we did it in 6 attempts with the dwarves but had to give up with the others. As a rule we find the dwarves are usually successful in fewest attempts or the lowest score. We play every quest cold with no preview - so sometimes with the dwarves we re-draft between attempts to best use certain mechanics. I thought I would share our unusual approach in case you are interested. Because of our approach we tend to get some good play time out of cards that perhaps very rarely get out of other players boxes. I love playing and I also love the drafting side of this awesome game......
  2. I would agree that the Undead are a strong team. I can also see that the Dwarves and Dark Elves are challenging to win with consistently, but to suggest that the Orcs are weak is quite shocking. I use the Orcs as my favourite team in our group and I have a massive win percentage..... I do have both expansions, but always love playing the Orcs....
  3. We have had the same problem with quick games. Once someone is on top it's hard to reverse. We house rule to 10 dominance - which usually allows for a regroup and stops players leaping in too early. I like some of the new card ideas - perhaps we could have a 'print on demand' release??!!??
  4. Hi everyone - just loving this game! Me and my son have a different understanding of multiple Icebreakers. Just as an example let's say the runner has a 4 strength Icebreaker that can break Sentry subroutines and 1 strength Icebreaker that can break barrier subroutines. The Corporation has some barrier Ice strength 4. My son would use the 4 strength Icebreaker to beat/equal the strength of the ice - then use his 1 strength Icebreaker to break the subroutines. (He wins alot!) 1) Is this how it should work? 2) Are all installed programs in the rig allowed to be used on different parts of each encounter? 3) Or should it be that the Icebreaker that matched the strength of the Ice is the only one that can break the subroutine? 4) Is there ever a situation where Icebreakers can have their strength added together to beat a piece of ice? (for example 2 copies of the same card or 2 cards that are of the same subtype) Thanks in advance for any replies!
  5. I use a plastic 9 litre 'Really Useful Box' - the one that comes with 2 x 7 section lift out trays. There are 6 card size sections and one larger section in each tray. The card sections nicely hold unsleeved cards with no problem. The sections do also hold sleeved cards from a size point of view but you just have to be a bit careful when extracting them. I print card size descriptive inserts to use as dividers or headers for each section. The larger end section is used for the tokens and threat counters etc. With the release of the next cycle I will be adding a second box. I do this with my other games - I have 2 boxes for WI and 3 boxes for AGoT.
  6. Just a quick question - if Unexpected Courage is played on Eowyn can she commit to the same quest round twice? (putting 8 on the quest) We haven't been playing this as it seemed a bit unreal! We do allow other heroes to attack or defend twice - so perhaps we are playing this wrong.
  7. We mostly play this great game as a two player - and with a bit of fine tuning on our decks we usually find a way of completing the quests. We have really struggled with A Return to Mirkwood and have just managed our first victory. We mostly struggle with the threat - the killer being the raise of 4 each round for the player guarding Gollum ( +1 for normal end of round threat raise and +3 for player guarding Gollum.) I was just wondering - are we doing this right? Is the intention that the player guarding Gollum raises his threat by 4 (1+3) or does it mean instead of raising your threat in the refresh phase by 1, you just raise your threat by 3 if you are guarding Gollum?.
  8. Thanks Don - the Dabbler is great!
  9. Thanks for your quick reply and all the links. I have all of the chapter packs - but we haven't used them yet - still experimenting with the expansions.
  10. I have started playing this excellent game with my son. From time to time we come across text boxes that say 'if it is Summer.............' or 'if it is Winter........'. How do you know if it is Summer or Winter? Is it something to do with plot cards or Agenda cards? Please help!
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