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  1. Playing a game last night, we ran into questions when "Curse of Monkey God" happened. I've been looking all morning, but no dice. Is there somewhere in the rules, FAQ or some other official disclosure that answers the following questions: Can a hero attack another Hero? Can a hero attack another Hero while both are in town? When a hero cursed by "Curse of Monkey God" loses all their life, do they die or just return to the state they were in when the curse struck? Situation: You have two heroes. During the first hero's turn, the second hero dies before he has his turn. The first hero then ends his turn. Does the dead hero get his turn as normal or does he have to wait until next round? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. In regards to the components from the Pegasus expansion, are there any recommendations on what to include/not include to make Exodus the best Exodus possible?
  3. We just brought Exodus into the group and it looks like exactly what we needed to rejuvenate BSG. Pegasus was just too easy for the Humans to win, though I did love the expansion. After reading the rules, we are using everything Exodus has to offer, but what happens to Pegasus? The rules aren't clear with what to do with all the cards/characters/rules/Pegasus itself from that expansion. It has suggestions at the end if you want to use both, but I want the "truest" sense of Exodus possible. I know its a modular game, where everything is optional, but is there a clear cut way to play Exodus with regards to everything in the Pegasus expansion? If not, what is the best way to play them?
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