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  1. No worries, just have to be careful with wording these days. Regardless, it's right to be concerned. Local game stores are hurting pretty bad right now, and I can't imagine that is helping anyone upstream. With Asmodee calling the shots and continually changing policies to the detriment of the consumer, the whole hobby/board game industry could look VERY different when this is all over.
  2. Maybe we keep racism out of the Armada forums and use actual names. The economic impact of this pandemic is going to be extensive, that has nothing to do with being civil.
  3. I would absolutely adore a Battlefleet Gothic remake inspired by the Armada ruleset. I love Star Wars as much as the next guy, but I've been a Warhammer guy for nearly as long as my Star Wars fandom. Plus, 40k space combat uses squadrons MUCH less than Star Wars. Since squadrons are my least favorite part of Armada, a game that focuses more heavily on the actual capital ship combat would be sooo much more my speed.
  4. You are absolutely correct, potentially poor wording on my part. All I was really trying to say is that Slicer Tools is far from a perfect answer for dealing with squadrons, especially Aces. There are a TON of ways to generate tokens, so if all you really need to activate is Jendon and Maarek, Slicer Tools isn't going to hurt you much. If you're looking for more, then upgrades exist to solve that problem too. That said, the particular example you presented is very common for new players. When you start playing Armada, the sexy commands like ConFire are way more tempting. Once you learn the game, you rarely start a game without at least one Nav in the stack... at least that's my experience.
  5. This approach is super meta dependent. I've always disliked squadrons and tried to find ways to compete without them, so Slicer Tools was amazing for me. After a month or so, the folks that loved squadrons just started taking insurance. Skilled First Officer, Support Officer, and Wing Commander start showing up when a meta makes good use of Slicer Tools. Not disagreeing, just pointing out that there are a fair number of ways around Slicer Tools that squad-centric admirals will absolutely use, even if they aren't the most efficient upgrades.
  6. It's the second part I doubt they will release. I have 4 VSDs, so I really don't want another miniature. Sell a cheap pack with just rules and cardboard and I'd buy one sight unseen, plus likely buy enough for 3 more VSDs. Same is true for Interdictors (own 3) and Neb Bs (own 4). The Pelta fix can come with a mini, I only own 1 and they are very pretty. Regardless, I guess we all want the same thing this time around? If they ever went that direction, I'd be ecstatic!
  7. You're absolutely correct that FFG has acted differently than other companies, but it's still not far enough in my opinion. Corellian Conflict was a solid start, but it didn't revive old content as much as replace it. It brought in some Aces and some objectives that replaced others, but it didn't take unused ships (or objectives, for that matter) and make them better. I feel that the future of Armada lives or dies on the content within RitR, but even then we aren't talking about the same thing. A title that makes the Neb B better doesn't actually change what's wrong with the Neb B, it just gives you a workaround. What I'd love to see, and what I got the impression @ShoutingMan was talking about, is a rules/card pack that comes out saying "Listen, we know some things got out of whack over the years. This is just a re-balance." Not version 2.0, just tweaks to bring all the content in-line.
  8. Unfortunately it's not all that profitable to fix old ships, which is a balance problem across all of gaming. You could look at GW's model with rose tinted glasses and say "Just release a book with better rules for weak ships!" (a new codex), but the reality is that they have little incentive to make the old ships you already own good. If you could spend $20 on buying updated rules, then they miss out on the $100 you'd spend on a new wave to spice things up. I might be oversimplifying, but it's what I've seen after nearly 20 years of miniatures gaming. Seems like it's only profitable to keep moving the goal, forcing you to buy the new hotness. The other alternative would be to "finish" a game...
  9. I assume you feel this is a bad thing? If I get free MCR out of it, I suppose I could bring my complaints into this thread... I hope this is a positive sign and we don't end up with an "On The Boat" for 100+ days situation. Personally, I am WAY more excited for the campaign than I am for the SSD. New squadrons and (more importantly) new objectives just might be enough of a shake up to raise the game from the dead around here.
  10. I'll sign off for the day after this, I think we're at least in the same book now, if not on the same page. Just have to point out that those announcements were just shy of 3 months ago (March 28th, as far as I can tell). That's an eternity in internet years... Not surprised it's starting to swing back. Heck, I went a good month without even coming to the forums because I knew there wasn't anything happening. I was sort of hoping something would have been sitting here to welcome me, but it's more of the same. Think I'll try to just forget about Armada until GenCon, looks like we're SOL until then.
  11. You're not wrong, but saying exactly this instead of "You know you can use the SSD in standard games" and tossing a little dis at the OP would have been the better approach, in my opinion. ...and at this point, about the only life on this forum is "Give me more, FFG", isn't it? Didn't our article predictions thread hit a week with no posts and was still safely on the front page? We've got so little, we'll see more "Give me more, FFG" posts until there is something to talk about.
  12. The OP's point, as I understand it, is that not everyone is getting or even wants an SSD. For THOSE people (I'm one of them, but this is obvious by now), this wait is even worse than it is for everyone else. Not only are we waiting a very, very long time, but we're not even getting something we deem valuable or necessary. It's not the SSD that bothers me, it's the fact that the entire game got put on the back burner for that one model. That is exactly what I read the OPs sentiment to be, and I agree. I may be wrong, but I think you may be missing the point as well. Edit: I'm not trying to be rude about this either. Everything I say is born of pure frustration. "The community" seems to have an attitude of "Hey, this will all be worth it, we'll have the SSD!" I get why that attitude exists, but it's presumptuous. I'm happy to be proven wrong, but I don't have confidence the SSD will be good for the game, and the game has effectively died in my area because of the wait. Apologies if I'm coming off mean or combative, I truly do not intend it.
  13. I'm not sure why I keep bothering with this, but here I am... You know that's not the point, right? You know that not everyone wants an SSD, right? I have zero desire to play with or against that thing. Flyers, Super-Heavies, and Titans don't belong in standard games of 40k, Colossals don't belong in standard games of Warmachine, and SSDs (plural, because you know there will SSD on SSD battles) don't belong in standard games of Armada. Every miniatures game just HAS to release that giant model then try to shoe-horn it into a smaller game size, and it's super exhausting at this point. Edit: It's a gorgeous model. I'm happy it's coming, we all want different things and I know it's popular. My problem is FFG put all the Armada eggs in that basket, then dropped the basket. Delivering no new content for 500+ days because of the SSD production issues has strangled Armada.
  14. Eh, that used to be true, but I'm out of that boat for now. When the game was lively around here and I enjoyed playing it above any other game, then the radio silence was frustrating. Right now Armada is on life-support (in my area) and no one really cares to play (including me, honestly). They need to release a product to shake things up, or maybe an errata to knock down some of the more annoying selections. At this point, only an excellent release will save Armada in my mind and in our neck of the woods. Personally, I highly doubt the SSD will be that catalyst, but the new campaign might.
  15. Exactly where I'm sitting too. I know I had a big "I'm going to focus on the positive!" moment, but it only lasted two games. I am really hopeful that the new content: Actually comes this year. Is GOOD. I mean REALLY good. A good release could suck me right back in, where another delay or a poor "patch" could put my collection on eBay.
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