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    malefacus got a reaction from carolina_bryan in Why no SW Coop LCG?   
    I am a old time and avid Board gamer. I've been following FFG since DOOM the first edition. I love coop. Never played card game for all I knew were PvP games. A couples of months ago I tried LOTR LCG not expecting much. Oh gosh I was so wrong. It's one of the best coop experience we can put on the table. We play it A LOT. 

    Add to this that Star Wars is really our thing. I am so sad there is no such coop card game story driven with heroes at the core for SW.
    Now I know they did it for Arkham horror wich is less my thing. Do we have any news? Any rumors? And hint at a possible SW coop LCG?

    What do we know? Please give me hope.
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