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  1. You guys think I should remake this with the hurt 2 heal 1 rule, maybe with two categories for the different expansion sizes?
  2. mi-go hunter said: Curse of The Dark Pharaoh - 9 Dunwich Horror - 12 The King in Yellow - 11 Kingsport Horror - 12 Innsmouth Horror - 12 Black Goat of the Woods - 3(Hurt) The Lurker at The Threshold - 12 (Heal) Sure the Lurker is a semi-guardian of sorts, but with a few houserules he can be fixed. He's the most interesting herald though, with all his dark pacts and power. Not to mention those lurker gates and all the other elements incorporated into this game are very thematic and fun to play with. And Black Goat is a little........bleh. hahaha I like that you gave the same reason twice for BGotW. I don't mind if you guys vote more than once, I'm just trying to see everyone's opinions on the expansions. Also, I probably should have split it between big and small boxes. Didn't occur to me. =/ I think it's safe to say I won't be buying BGotW any time soon. Close tie for the lead though... hmm.
  3. avec said: In the spirit of mindless fun: Curse of The Dark Pharaoh - 10 Dunwich Horror - 12 (Heal) The King in Yellow - 10 Kingsport Horror - 9 Innsmouth Horror - 10 Black Goat of the Woods - 9 (Hurt) The Lurker at The Threshold - 10 Thank you, finally. If you wouldn't mind, can you list why you like/don't like the ones you voted for? (Not just you, but anyone who votes.)
  4. Shub-Niggurath said: Which expansions do you already have? I am assuming you have already bought the 2 you voted on. I voted from what I read about them all and how interested I was in them.
  5. I think I'm a little confused. This was just supposed to be a way to find out everyone's favorite and least favorite expansion collectively by the use of the forum game lol. As in you heal your favorite and hurt your least favorite and whichever one had the most numbers I was going to look into buying. I guess I should have explained it better. I didn't mean it literally.
  6. Thanks for posting. I have yet to buy any expansions and I'm tossing back the idea of which one to buy so this helps a bunch.
  7. Sdrolion said: We also imitate the old "final boss kill" noises from the SNES Final Fantasy games if we face the AO in battle and beat it. The first time we fought the AO, I made sure to put on every single piece of intense movie music during the fight including: The Pokemon Theme and Fight song, Indian Jones, Kill Bill, The Matrix, Back to The Future, and finished with You're the best around from Karate Kid. We stood up the whole time and almost broke a CD rack in the process.
  8. I'll do the first one since it seems some people (13 views worth) are not participating in such a fun and amazing game. Curse of The Dark Pharaoh - 10 Dunwhich Horror - 11(Heal) The King in Yellow - 10 Kingsport Horror - 9(Hurt) Innsmouth Horror - 10 Black Goat in The Woods - 10 The Lurker at The Threshold - 10
  9. Not sure if forum games are allowed, if not feel free to remove this but i thought it be an interesting way to see everyone's favorite expansion. Heal your favorite, Hurt your least favorite. Only vote once please. Curse of The Dark Pharaoh - 10 Dunwhich Horror - 10 The King in Yellow - 10 Kingsport Horror - 10 Innsmouth Horror - 10 Black Goat in The Woods - 10 The Lurker at The Threshold - 10
  10. mi-go hunter said: and Jenny Barnes always flirts with the Dean to give her a retainer. I don't think you're crazy... in fact you are completely sane compared to me! haha good to hear, and I thought her and mandy thompson were a little suggestive.
  11. I was just wondering if you guys add any interesting rules to your AH sessions that make the game more fun? Two of mine are: 1. When you have Ashcan Pete as a character, you have to talk in the third person with Ashcan Pete as your name. Ex. "Ashcan Pete's gunna go to the General Store." 2. When you're playing as the Doctor, you have to constant remind people you are in fact a doctor and make doctor puns. Ex: "Person 1. I'm going to the hospital instead of getting that clue." "Doctor. Suture self. Trust me, I'm a doctor." I'm interested to see what you guys come up with. Also to ensure I'm not a crazy person.
  12. I took a look at the site, and downloaded and printed the Cthulhu case. I have yet to play it but I've heard good things about it and would love to see this site take off. I'd also be willing to contribute to writing for a new case if anyone had any ideas. I've recently been reading Lovecraft's works and will probably buy more soon. Any news on the status of the site, pertaining to new cases and what not.
  13. Once I do a play through with some friends I'll post in this thread how it went and if it's worth playing.
  14. I think I've finally wrapped my brain around how to play this game and I'm just posting here in case someone else is having trouble. The vignettes act as "gates" that you can go to(and move your player piece to) in order to go down that lead to uncover some details about what's happening in the story and possible unlock more. I was thinking that each player took a vignette sheet and went their own ways but instead they act as more of a game board type thing.
  15. Hey all, I was reading and re-reading through the arkham investigations rules and case books and I feel the game basics are still going over my head. For those who haven't seen it yet, it's a fan created expansion that adds more of a story concept to the original game. Here's a link: arkhaminvestigations.barkingdoginteractive.com/ I was hoping someone on this forum could just explain the basics of the game play. For something to go off of, I'm looking at the Cthulhu, Dread Sleeper in R'lyeh case investigation. Say I was going to play it with three players, would each player get a different vignette sheet (as in P1 gets A-H, P2 gets I-P, P3 gets Q-Z) and we each have own paths to follow which will eventually cross? Also, I don't understand the significance of the destination paragraphs, unless it's sort of like the normal game where you go around town attempting to uncover leads which uncover more vignettes? To me it seems like a very very confusing version of the old Goosebumps books where you would pick you're own adventure. I'm hoping someone can just give me a quick run down of what basic order they follow when playing the game. -GB
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